Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. P6 Analytics provides out-of- the box support for the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Work. Support for INPO AP Schedule Adherence. INPO AP, Work Management Process Description. • INPO , Guideline for Excellence in Procedure and Work Instruction Use and Adherence. 7.

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The review is performed by a group representing organizations affected by accelerated work scheduling. There is no immediate safety concern because a chain has been installed.

For example, a major pump FEG would consist of the motor or drive unit, inpoo pump assembly, support or auxiliary systems such as oil cooling or seal cooling components, support instrumentation, and power supplies. IF the activity is forced outage work, THEN incorporate it into the forced outage schedule in accordance with step 5. Yes Fully functional component may be susceptible to generic problem Design change not required to restore an existing degraded component.

Conduct on-line maintenance schedule scope meeting s with appropriate personnel from system engineering, scheduling, planning, operations, materials, and health physics. The equipment does not need significant support or operational impact ijpo to be deenergized or isolated. Restore general area housekeeping and materiel condition to asfound or better.

Because of this, stations should also strive to diligently reduce this inventory of deficiencies to as low as reasonably possible, without adversely impacting the performance of preventive maintenance activities. Benefits of a Short-Cycle Process? Not for sale nor for commercial use. Work should not be performed unless it will not interrupt or otherwise affect scheduled activities. Provide a cyclic, repetitive process that incorporates a methodology to manage risk.

The maintenance workload and resources are reasonably balanced, but there are times when certain crews are under loaded because of work scheduling, within the baseline schedule. Assemble required test equipment. The last principle recognizes that station resources of 9228 and people are a limited commodity and, as such, must be fully used to maximize the value of and minimize the cost of maintaining station equipment.

The traveler should be started by maintenance planners during package development and be added to as the package is reviewed and walked down. Postmaintenance testing PMT should also be included in this section. Verify the equipment identification is accurate. Specialized expertise or equipment inpoo outside the work 982 is not ihpo. Written criteria for selecting the short-cycle process work activity selection Written criteria are established to ensure consistency in the selection of work activities to determine which could be candidates for the short-cycle process.

  DTU P 06-002 PDF

INPO (AP-928) Conference

On-Line Material Condition Backlog The total on-line material condition backlog consists of all open corrective and elective maintenance tasks that will be worked with inpk unit on xp. Forced Outage Readiness The percentage of forced outage work orders ready to work including work packages, materials, tagouts available, and walkdowns completed should be monitored against the total number of forced outage work orders.

If non-stand-alone portions of a procedure are to be used, the work instructions should specify specific sections or steps 98 be performed and the ipo in which they should be performed. Reporting on performance indicators by the inoo owner is accurate and timely. This revision provides clearer definitions of work classification along with discerning examples —see Appendix H as well as defining why they are important and how they are to be used.

This step allows development of work packages with graded levels of content based on pre-approved criteria and package standards. Minor Work Criteria no operational impact: Issue workweek schedule to shop and operating crews for review. Fuel handling platform safety chain is missing from the north end of the upper platform deck. Evaluate the incomplete work items for any operational impact concerns.

Because of the broad and varied nature of the work in this grouping, some stations may choose to subcharacterize this grouping for more detailed assessment or management of the work.

To provide better clarity, a new Appendix H has been added to provide specific examples of how distinctions between Corrective, Elective, and Other maintenance could be made. Activities are closely monitored during implementation to ensure that the sequence and timing of the work are as scheduled.

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Yes Process indication important to system operation. Schedule control and schedule adherence does not require management oversight, and the schedule control and adherence can be managed at the supervisor and technician level.

For work on a Level B schedule, daily adherence to the schedule should be expected and monitored. HP has verified doses; please raise alarm setpoint to prevent spurious alarms. The collective behaviors of individuals determine the level of plant safety and performance achieved. Use the long-term maintenance plan to identify the specific preventive maintenance and surveillance tasks to be performed during the current cycle.


The second principle deals with the management not the elimination of risk. Capture clips and nuts on the inside of the bus duct are also missing. Monitoring bulk work at this level helps ensure that the schedule matches workload and resources and that support is available as required to complete the work.

Work will not interrupt the process flow of fluid, air, or electrical current to operating or standby equipment important to plant operation or safety. IF during the performance of this maintenance, it is determined that it will require more than toolpouch work to complete the activity, THEN the individual will contact the work coordinator.

The work management process is one of an integrated set of processes for the operation and support of nuclear plants. Safety system redundancy or safe shutdown capability will not be reduced. Types of activities that should be considered for a Level A schedule are as follows: Minor leak Broken equipment required for the operation of the station. There will be a reduction of safety system redundancy or safe shutdown capability.

Logic systems that can cause reactor trips or isolations reactor protection system, containment isolation, turbine control, electro-hydraulic control, engineered safety features, plant operations areas of the switchyard? Background In Januaryan industry work management working group, composed of utility representatives with extensive experience in work management, was established.

Operations Clearances Ready The percent of operations clearances ready to be implemented by the appropriate process milestone, based on the total number of clearances required for that workweek at the milestone? Does not meet specification for performance. Provide job feedback, especially for package quality and appropriateness of preventive maintenance.

A sitewide work management process improves plant safety, reliability, and performance by ensuring the right work is performed at the right time. This indicator will measure the ability of the station to deliver all work preparation expectations by the scope freeze milestone.

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