MicroStrategy Intelligent Cubes – Learn MicroStrategy starting from Overview, Environment Setup, Desktop, Architecture, Components Overview, Importing data . You can create Intelligent Cubes and publish them as a shared data source for the users to build reports from. Intelligent Cubes provide the fast response time. Intelligent cubes are multi-dimensional, in-memory copies of data that can be queried and accessed by many different documents and reports. Basically, the.

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OLAP Services features are handled within the personal Intelligent Cube, and therefore no re-execution against the data warehouse is necessary. For instructions, see Results Processing.

Drill maps and drill paths Default drill paths: Intelligent Cube Population methods in MicroStrategy 9. To improve micrstrategy report execution performance and response time, it’s micrrostrategy to run the report with significant wait time and high usage against intelligent cubes.

If you decide to drill or modify the report later, no worries, it will hit the data warehouse like normal. Instead of waiting 20 seconds for that report x a day, every user gets the answer instantly and that saves lots of little hits on the warehouse, opening up processing bandwidth for other reports throughout the microstrateby. Connecting your feedback with data related to your visits device-specific, usage data, cookies, behavior and interactions will help us improve faster.

Direct loading of dimensional data and filtered fact data.

Intelligent Cubes: Dynamic Sourcing vs View Reports

The internal testing shows that this method is in general better than any other method, and that is why this method is the default one. However, this extra normalization takes a toll on the DB Server because of the Joins needed between the attribute lookup tables that takes generate each dimension relationship table.


Then you might need to es…. Understanding data evaluation order and distributing reports to users Before you begin Report design versus report creation Accessing the Basic Report: Expression settings Designing Reports: Whatever objects that you create inside the MicroStrategy layer gets stored in their Metadata database. Display modes Flash analysis and interactivity: No grouping Using a hierarchy as the target of a metric level Level metrics: Vous voulez nous en dire plus?

System hierarchy drill paths Filters and drilling Creating custom drill maps and paths The destination of the drill Drill path types: A practical overview About the report level of a metric Specifying metric levels Displaying expression syntax: In the MicroStrategy environment, a report cache is a file created by Intelligence Server based on the data definition and the caching properties of the report.

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Intelligent Cubes: Dynamic Sourcing vs View Reports – Bryan’s BI Blog

Find Out More Start Trial. Not using Hotjar yet? Examples Interaction of report details preferences and prompt details for reports Configuring the filter details Interaction of report details preferences and filter details for reports Configuring the content of the filter details Configuring how attribute microatrategy list qualifications are displayed Configuring how attribute form and set qualifications are displayed Configuring how logical operators are displayed Configuring whether to use aliases in the filter details Configuring the display of filter details: For more information refer to Knowledge Base document: Building an advanced security model.


Applying the metric condition to the metric calculation Level metrics accepting dimensionality units to emulate MicroStrategy 6. We cannot include custom groups, consolidations, derived metrics, prompts, or view filters in an intelligent cube. Font size rem 1. These views are created by processing manipulations using Mcirostrategy Services features, such as dynamic aggregation, derived metrics, view filters, derived elements and so on.

Defining expression syntax Overview of level metrics Target: When the specific cases specified in the other methods are meet. Quer nos contar mais? Enabling User Input What is a prompt?

Whenever a report executes against a data warehouse and returns a new set of data, a personal Intelligent Cube is created automatically.

Instructions confuses ou obscures. The advantage of the method is that it will avoid the joins done between the fact and the lookup table. Exploring problems with security.

Le istruzioni non hanno dato il risultato previsto. It is the best case in most situations except in the cases specified in the other three methods.

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