My Internship Report on SMBL Shikarpur Road Sukkur Branch by qazi_salu in Types > Research > Business & Economics. INTERNSHIP REPORT. ON. HABIB BANK LIMITED PAKISTAN. PREEDY GATE BRANCH BANNU. SUBMITTED TO: SIR AMAN ULLAH AWAN. DIRECTOR. In Government of Pakistan announced the privatization of HBL to Agha Internship Report on Banking Business Activities of Mercantile Bank Limited, Internship start and finish dates: 5th March – 30th April

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Employee is not professionally trained enough.

The borrower should have an account with the bank. Merchants and goldsmith were ancestors of bank. Here professional regards in all from clerical to managerial work.

HBL Internship Report

It covers transactions like customer transfer, documentary letter of credit cards, collection, FOREX confirmation etc. Limitation of Study It is to admit that the study attempts only those ,which are closely relevant to the purpose of the study.

AOF is the most important documentation when a customer walks in for commercial banking and wants to develop a relationship repogt us.

Letter of credits are issued by the commercial banks for the foreign payments. HBL provides various card facilities to the customers can withdraw cash as well as purchase goods from several merchants.

The cheques of those financial institutions that are not the member of ECC are cleared in the clearing section of the NRB. This encourages saving by giving various type of incentives to the savers.


NRB are 32 and they are listed in annex 1. Oj the most famous Italian bank was the Medici bank, set 0212 by Giovanni Medici in In case of DD four 4 copies of vouchers are prepared. When the word bank is used it is meant for commercial bank. Similarly the cheques of HBL are deposited in different foreign banks and this takes time to receive by the HBL, this is inward collection.

Internship Report on Habib Bank Limited – Assignment Point

Always banker should fix such an interest rate for its lending which should be higher than its saving deposits interest rate. In developing countries like Nepal, these remittances noticeably exceed foreign direct investment FDI. Most well-known banks 20012 the world have issued TC in different currency. The Retail Bank would continue leveraging the branch network gaining market share across untapped sectors.

The client submits the bill and the bank discounts it.

The total of deposits of Pakistani Banks was Rs. The need to regulate financial and monetary system increased enormously resulting in the establishment of Nepal Rastra Bank in B.

ICB Unit certificate etc.

HBL Internship Report by Rajesh Sekar in Internship Reports category on

Bangladesh Bank issues license to scheduled banks to deal with foreign exchange. Through this huge network of branches the Bank is providing all sorts of services that have become part of the modern banking.


Now slogan of intednship Banks is to serve their customers in the best possible manner. Advancing loans Bank also advances the loans to the merchants and charges the interest.

They are doing their activities and highly contribute to the national economy. Demand Deposits or Current Deposits Some people deposit their excess money in the current accounts and they can withdraw their money deposited in this 20012 at any time during the banking hours, so bank is not ready to give interest on it.

Afterwards the customer can withdraw the money. Description of the report 4. The RM should be the owner of the customer relationship, and must be to ensure the accuracy of the entire credit application submitted for approval.

Internship Report internshipp Media Marketing, Nepal. Thus for this the concept of nostro and vostro account is essential elements of collection.

Besides, the land and building are also mortgaged with the bank. There are some limitations in the study. We offer un-paralleled services to our clients on matters such as pricing, timing and optimal deal structure for all equity and quasi equity capital issuance. Financial institutions are iinternship organization that channelizes the savings of government, businesses and individual into loans and investment.

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