Interplater hd85 thermal pdf. Thermal analysis and design enae d principles of space systems design u n i v e r s i t y o f maryland nonideal radiative. Service Manual + 68/85 Plate Processor InterPlater 85/ HD Polymer Service manual Plate Processor+ 68/85 .. Cleaning of developer heating element. Thermal Plate Processor Raptor 85/ Interplater HD 85 G&J used/refurbished. Glunz Jensen Interplater Plate Processor Model Perfect Condition.

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Level out the processor lengthwise by placing a spirit level on the left 4 and right 5 tank side. Introduction about this manual general this manual covers the spare parts for the platewritertm system.

Lift the exit table to vertical position 1. A-6 V AC control devices. The filter s are placed underneath the processor in the right side and mounted in a drawer thermql for easy access. For CTP Online processors the height and input height may have been changed in order to fit the setter height and thus not as illustrated.

Repeat 2 and 3 for the gear end of the brush roller. A-8 Sensors and control devices. Note the position of the outlet nozzle 5.

Please note that processor without rollers, brushes, and heat sink model 68 weights app. X3,A to F10,1 Yellow: Processor must stop when the switch is deactivated. Long-handled bottle brush and thin wire i. Always read the Safety Instruction Manual part No before installing or tjermal the equipment. All disposal of parts from the machine must be made according to local regulations with special regards to following parts: Cleaning agents Never use cleaning agents containing chlorinated solvents, acetic or phosphoric acid.


When cleaning the tank, make sure to wash off all residues around the developer heating element. Installation and adjustment of brush rollers are described in chapter 3 in the processor service manual. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Incorrect storage may very well result in unsatisfactory processing quality etc. B9″ to gum replenishment container 2.

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If the processor is equipped with a wash water recirculation system the wash section will fill up automatically when the processor is h85 into stand-by mode. Plates and chemicals are very sensitive materials and correct storage is vital to obtain a satisfactory production result. Apron, rubber gloves and eye goggles. Before operating the processor you may need to perform a rewiring to match your local supply voltage.

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The processor measures the plate size to determine the correct amount of replenisher for each plate. The parameters to be configured are: Make sure the fenders are properly secured with 2 screws each.

Some of the printer parts are listed in the cross reference list later in this manual. Dismount the cover 4 and pull out the impeller 3 and the impeller housing 1. Make sure to lift the processor out of the holes 3 when lifting it down the pallet.

Interplater hd85 135 thermal pdf

Set control panel access level to “Service”. Always ensure that the new fuse is of the correct rating according to the diagram. No adjustments or modifications are available on these units.


F17 Transport motor M1 4AT, 6. Rollers with dents or other marks must be changed. For intetplater information about the cooling unit please consult the cooler unit manual.

Thermsl diagrams 4 pages cover: Recycling Passport with specifications of components and materials used in this processor is available on www. X3,C to F10,N Red: Drive side first to lock them.

Wash T Wash water recirculation system.

Maintenance General This section contains special service information such as fuse list and roller adjusting procedures etc. Press the upper roller into the bearing by pressing the roller key upwards 3. Clean the inside of the cover, the impeller and the impeller housing in warm water. Always ensure that the new fuse is of the correct rating according to the label. This is done when installation interplzter the processor has been completed. The boxes need to be removed from the pallet before lifting up the processor from the pallet.

A-4 24V DC distribution. Installation of setter interface See the setter interface manual. A1 Main power distribution. Installation hours for off-line machine:

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