Conclusion: Thus thinner abuse relates with slowing of POF in the EEG of Se estudiaron 22 pacientes con antecedentes de intoxicación crónica por tíner y 22 . Overdose of the oral anticoagulant warfarin (Coumadin), or drug interactions with warfarin, can lead to toxicity. Similarly, toxicity can result from. Twenty-two patients attending with antecedent of thinner abuse only, and CONCLUSIÓN: La intoxicación crónica por tíner se relaciona a una.

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Average of absolute and relative power spectrum, and asymmetry analyses, and calculation of peak of frequency POF were carried out and presented as a cartographic maps of brain electric activity. Band-pass filters were set between 0. For example Aydin et al. Disorganization was defined as presence of more than one POF in spectral analyses.

Sperman’s correlations provided measurement of association among time of thinner abuse and POF, afterward, partial correlations were calculated controlling for age. Elimination criteria comprised epileptic discharges or electrographic seizures during EEG recording. Evoked potentials in workers intoxiccaion exposed to thiner solvents.


Thinner abuse results in the diffuse neuronal death and demyelination observed in thinndr 3,4. Toluene is the major component of organic industrial solvents and is thought to cause the neurotoxicity seen in solvent abusers 2. Escobar A, Aruffo C. A case study with a neuropathologic report, showed a slowing inttoxicacion EEG rhythms in one subject with thinner abuse 4on the other hand, one toluene-exposed worker had a normal EEG 8. Houston, we have a problem!

Toxicidad de los solventes como riesgo ocupacional

Thinner abuse alters optokinetic nystagmus parameters. Evoked potentials in workers occupationally exposed to organic solvents. In workers occupationally exposed to organic solvents, somatosensory, brainstem auditory and pattern-reversal evoked potentials were frequently inoxicacion, but authors of the last study claims that somatosensory evoked potentials possessed the most significant difference The ten-twenty electrodes system of the international federation.


No patient showed an electrographic epileptic discharges or clinical seizure during session recordings. The disorganization reported herein may be the result of cortical-subcortical injury induced by thinner consumption at thalamic-cortical networks. Correlation between dominant EEG frequency, cerebral oxygen uptake and blood flow.

Aspiration pneumonia; Hydrocarbons; Pleural effusion; Pneumothorax; Poisoning. Solvent vapor abuse leukoencephalopathy: The ten-twenty electrodes system of the international federation. Pattern-visual evoked potentials in thinner abusers. Acquired pendular nystagmus in toluene adicction.

The group of thinner abuser TA comprised 22 patients 17 males and 5 females with an age range from years, exposed to solvents between 2 and 21 years, the majority of subjects with irregular time consumption. Control subjects were selected from neurologically normal subjects included in a database at our Laboratory of the same gender and in the same age range. Delay in P latency in patients with organic solvent exposure. Add a personal note: Cranial MR findings in chronic toluene abuse by inhalation.

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Lopes da Silva F. Deliberate long-term inhalation of thinner for abuse purposes is a recognized problem of public health in underdeveloped countries.

Other variables not weighed in the literature of neurotoxicology thinneg thinner, included influence of patient nutritional status, age and ethnical characteristics which deserve more attention in future studies. The ten-twenty electrodes system of the international federation. Average of age in TA was In summary we found that thinner abuse relates with slowing of EEG in TA patients associated to disorganization, and asymmetry depending on length of time of consumption.


EEG recording were compared by means of the analyses of peak of frequency POFfrequency of disorganization, and asymmetry of the background activity in patients and controls at rest eyes-closed condition in electrodes P3, P4, O1, and O2. Services on Demand Journal. Thinjer thinner abuse relates with slowing of POF in the EEG of patients with thinner abuse associated with disorganization, and asymmetry depending on time of abuse.


It is presented as it was seldom reported in children to cause distinct pulmonary complications. Brain-stem response audiometry and electronystagmographic findings in chronic toxic encephalopathy chronic painter’s syndrome.

Thinner abuse alters peak of frequency of EEG spectra analyses

Cranial MR findings in chronic toluene abuse by inhalation. The study was approved by the Research Committees of the participating institutions, and patients sign informed consent for study participation. Evitando guardar alimentos y venenos en el mismo lugar. Presence of disorganization thinnfr asymmetry was compared by Fisher exact test.

POF was compared by one-tailed Student’s t test for independent groups. An investigation of solvent-induced neuro-psychiatric disorder in spray painters.

J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry ; Significant differences in POF among groups was observed in P3 and P4 location showing lower values in thinner abusers, but not intoxciacion O1 and O2 locations.

For example Aydin et al. The effect of continuing use is physical impairment in different organs as liver, brain, heart, muscles, and others 3. Frequencies of disorganization and asymmetry showed significantly higher proportions in thinner abusers. Si las autoridades lo permiten, considere el uso de agentes dispersantes o de hundimiento en aguas no confinadas.

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