I will be posting translated fragments from the book “The imprisoned prophet” by Ioan Ianolide. He spent 23 years in communist prisons in. The last category is comprised of those prisoners (Constantin Georgescu, Tache Rodas, Ioan Ianolide) who openly refused re-education, and towards whom the. For two centuries humanity was captured by burgeois materialism. Although long ago had decayed the martyrs of French Revolution, but no.

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This technology is being experimented right now on humans, with their accord or not. They attributed to Romanians the Holocaust that took place in Ardeal while under Hungarian occupation and also misrepresented the deportation of Jews to labor camps in Transnistria. Two antagonistic rights to freedom that make confinement rule.

They thrived on ethnic and class conflict, turning minorities against one another and against the majority of population, incriminating people for belonging to upper classes or for being intellectuals.

There is a great confusion our soldiers have to face: Traiasca Legiunea si Capitanul!

The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

Humankind has lost the transcendence and the consequence is the psychological instability, moral degradation, political tyranny, destruction of nature, alienation and, kanolide, the atomic war.

Romania was actually the only state in the former communist bloc that opposed Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia. Progresismul e fenomen universal. Dar eu unul care nu am fost professor universitar si membru in comitetul central, eu cum de am stiut? I believe that this is the turning point, the corner stone. I believe that acknowledging the history is a basis for a better informed present, otherwise history repeats itself.

This site uses cookies. Moral elite and traditional values vanished. That will render a great deal ilan control that is not only physical—but also in spirit.

I believe that in a democracy, when the Government goes astray and shoots at people anywhere in this world or supports iamolide organizations that kill like NATO, we as civil society become responsible of their actins, because we have the democratic means to change things here at home. She challenged their authority and said that it is not ianolude truth, and she does not want to give up the truth for which so many people died in our Christian-Orthodox Church.

Romanians are Orthodox Christians and Christians are free people and respect other people right to self-determination. Today we have mainly a leveled Media Voice that appears to have just one view regarding current or past crucial events, with strict censorship and brutal selection only of some aspects of reality, misinterpreting them, or plainly falsifying them and disregarding of other that are crucial.


Today we actually assist at a new cycle of burning Bolshevik-like revolutionary zest. They even have accepted the advancement of the mark. Basically how about laws that defend the citizens and affirm their dignity and that promote free speech and liberty and not programmatic thinking.

I also believe that no matter what forces are being engaged in these deadly combat, nobody can actually keep the peace, especially with unconventional or with mass destruction means.

I will take as a point of reference three famous history maker agents. Here, between prototype and hands-on reality the Jews are squished, concentrated again like in a oven or huge birth giving uterus.

It can be confirmed by those who lived or still live in the communist block countries. And of course not to forget history. He is worried because he understands that the gates are opening for the arrival of the world tyranny, without opponents and without precedent. They all talk in the same Spirit about the computerized system that is used more and more against us and about the marking that has started with commercial products and evolving under different pretexts and excuses all ethical and rational of course to animals, then to peoples ID papers and then to experimental microchip implants.

Man hands over the world that God created to the dead spirit of hell. Americans have a great advantage they have the most powerful army in the world, an great disadvantages the greatest number of enemies. And still not quite there yet???? Otherwise the elementary intelligence is a duty. Exactly like in an authoritarian regime, it will use first mechanisms of persuasion, isolation, marginalization and exclusion, exactly by the means of manipulating of personal information, denigration, lies and than of course the breaches of confidentiality that becomes more and more legal.

As a result freedom and democracy become just abstract concepts, because here on the grounds we have started the witch hunting from kindergartens to nursing homes. Beyond these religious, racial and ethnic discriminations there are also other aspects of social inequities. Our national and international politics become just the politics of a few lobbies, they do not represent Americans anymore.

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Mary marked it as to-read Dec 07, We call them terrorists and we disregard the fact that our International Economic Politics mediated through Biiiiiiig, Huuuuge, at a Planetary scale huuuuuge agents like World Bank or International Monetary Fund actually destroyed national economies. Nu este o scuza valabila!!! Our phone companies make more and more usage of digital systems involving computer synthesized voices that will be able to provide more and more complex answers.


So the Government becomes iamolide great paternal figure, Janolide and soon the society starts to endear without even knowing and give in to the Image and Paternalistic Authority of the State. Jean Joury added it Aug ioam, Those are among the apparent benefits that will introduce the mark first as a great technological advancement and then as a commonly accepted social totem that would make impossible for anybody to refuse, especially when it will be requested for every commercial exchanges.

They promote their own interests and buy lobbies the modern terminology for ioah traitors in the host countries. And because we live in times of such great unlawfulness, I believe that we iioan more and more the manifestations of the God of Law from the Old Testament than Christ, the Loving and merciful God because we forget mercy for others. Totalitarian regimes and dictatorships use brainwashing techniques train citizens to perpetuate and sustain the ideology of the installed power by spreading-out confusion, fear and gross manipulation of persons and truth.

They have been disconnected for a while by a malfunction between the right and left hemisphere iannolide the brain, which corresponds to the Cold War period when they experienced common, symmetrical reflexes but never seceded in coordinating their movements.

He knew that the Communism will be overthrown, but he warned that what will follow will be even worse. The revolt starts from within the oppressed masses, and they are usually quickly extinguished, while the revolutions start from without, speculating the discontent of the masses. To me this is the one of the most endearing episodes in the whole New Testament, that shows Christ God and Human.

The explosion of technology took hold of humanity to a degree of a possessed one, and there was no one who would be able to control the phenomenon. Especially for a Christian who always needs to be aware at falls.

What do you see in today’s world? In Romania during the Revolution in they shouted at TV that people are being shoot on streets by Arab terrorists and yet no Arab terrorist was ever identified. Ixnolide is the new wave of a Corporatist World that we live in today.

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