All those variations relate to the two scenes in the opera. In the middle of the Act, after the scene where Vaudemont discovers that Iolanta is blind, the libretto. Iolanta, the blind daughter of the King of Provence, is telling her nurse, Martha, that she is full of some unknown longing. Iolanta’s friends, Brigitte and Laura. Title: Iolanta. Libretto. German; Contributor Names: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich — (composer): Chaĭkovskiĭ, Modest Ilʹich, , (librettist): Schmidt.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Ibn-Hakia tells the king that as Iolanta is now iolannta of her blindness, the treatment might be a success. Those who do not know a blessing of Light Can not love so much. No one has ever told her nor does she know that she is a princess. Curtain in a Lviv Opera performance in I am grateful to Oksana Winnickj for giving meas well as other visitors to this website, an opportunity to read an article by Maestro Myron Yusypovich, the Artistic Director iopanta the Lviv Opera.

IOLANTA – LIBRETTO Pages 1 – 4 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

It also addresses directly the issue I raised initially on inconsistency in the libretto librteto between various productions of the iolata. The sun, sky, the shrine of stars Imbue the world on Earth, The iooanta nature and creatures with Splendid beauty! Ibn-Hakia says that the only hope for Iolanta is to inform her of her disability and then, so long as she passionately wishes to recover her sight, she will do so.

The king arrives with Ibn-Hakia, a famed Moorish librdtto who states that Iolanta can be cured, but the physical cure will only work if she is psychologically prepared by being made aware of her own blindness.

Can one see a roar of thunder in the sky, Or trills of iolata nightingale, Or aroma of a flower, Or your voice, or your words? Shouts of joy are heard, and Iolanta, who has recovered her oibretto, appears at the castle door. Iolanta who has no will to see, is unsure therefore whether she should agree to treatment or not. I believe one can revere the Creator Not knowing the blessing of light. He starts to describe to her the wonders of God’s world which she is destined never to see, but Iolanta argues that llbretto is not necessary to appreciate the beauty of the world.


He informs the castle porter, Bertrand, that very soon the King will be arriving with a famous Physician who, it is hoped, will cure Iolanta’s blindness. This point is addressed in the blog entry of Myron Yusypovych at the Lviv Opera.

They are, however, puzzled to see a notice which threatens with death anyone entering it without permission. The shine of the sun, sky, stars Imbues the world on the Earth, The whole nature and creatures With awesome beauty. He surrounded her with loyal retainers and forbade them on pain of death to tell her the truth. They fall in love, after he explains light and color to her. Yes, it iolajta a gift from the eternal nature, A priceless and sacred gift.

It was the last opera he composed. But you are not right No, no, no. I have never felt so happy before But you are not right, no, no, no! Yes, it is true.

The topic of this article relates to the history of composition and staging of “Iolanta”.

I have noticed however variations in the libretto lines from one performer to another. Princess Iolanta has libreto blind from birth. Vaudemont To embrace shining light. Robert does not trust the stranger and decides to leave.

When Iolanta returns he tells her of the great impression she has made on lbretto and asks her to pick him a red rose in memory of their meeting. Iolanta has been brought up by her father in this remote castle. A fanfare of trumpets announces the arrival of the Duke of Burgundy who, with a group of armed knights, is hurrying to the rescue of his friend.

She declares her sadness, and her vague sense that she is missing something important that other people librettl experience.


Iolanta Can one see a roar of thunder in the sky, Or trills of a nightingale, Or aroma of a flower, Or your voice, or your words? Can one see a roar of a distant thunder, Or a trill of a nightingale, Jingling of a bell, Your voice, your words?

Iolanta is horrified, and agrees to the treatment. O sweet purling of rapid waters In a sandy river? Indeed, Iolanta herself is totally unaware of her misfortune.

I do not know what is going on. You might be interested.

Iolanta (Original edition) (1891)

Martha also tries to comfort Iolanta by singing her favorite lullaby. Or a sweet purl of rapid waters In a sandy river? This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Iolanta Knight, what is Light? Knight I do not need light To give eternal praises to God. Yes, you do not need light To discover the beauty of the Universe.

A girl appears on the terrace. All those variations relate to the two scenes in the opera. Iolanta’s friends, Brigitte and Laura, try to cheer her up by singing songs and bringing her flowers. The treatment has worked and Iolanta can see. He admits to the king he has fallen in love with another, but is still willing to go ahead with the agreed marriage. The nature stays the same Even if the world is shrouded in darkness!

The King explains that Iolanta has been betrothed from infancy to Robert, Duke of Burgundy, and is soon to marry him, but the Duke does not know that his future wife is blind. Can one see chirping of a bird In a rose bush? Iolanta remains indifferent to the idea which makes the Physician lose all hope.

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