◇During normal operation of the ION / ION meter, hazardous voltages are present on its ter- minal strips, and throughout the connected potential. PowerLogic ION Used at key distribution points and sensitive loads, ION and ION meters offer unmatched functionality including advanced . Download: PowerLogic™ ION / ION Meter User Guide – PowerLogic ION/ION,PowerLogic ION RTU.

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Watt-hour pulsing Bottom red LED is user programmable.

Power Management University

Use PTs for higher volt ages. You can disable the password via the Security Setup menu. MasterDNP V3. Meter Batter y Considerations.

Schneider Electric Weather Radio Ion7550 Users Manual PowerLogic / ION7650 Installation Guide

Pin 7 – Reque st to Send- Pin 8. Data Rate —bps. Isolation 5, VAC for 60 s. Wire Use wiring that is appropriate for the application. D-Ou tp metwr t Digital Outputs. Before installing the mete r, familiarize yourself with the steps in this guide and.

Burden 35 VA max. You ca n disable the pass word via the Security. This equipm ent generates, uses, and can radiate radio freque nc y e n e r g y a n di f n o t i n s t a lled and used in accordance. T ransformer on Ic Normal or Inverted Normal. Ino7650 transdu cer Model. It can be used for Alarm notification.


Available Options 0 to 20 mA scalable 4- 20 mA or 0 to 1 mA. Wye Star wiring for PT primaries and secondaries. Isolation to Ground max. Wire the Ground Terminal Connect the terminal to a good earth ground with a 2. ,eter formation of ice.

Analog Outputs Meter Orderi ng Option: SH RS Shield ion765 connected to chassis ground. Press the ESC Escape button to r eturn to a higher me nu or discontinue a. Do not power up meterr met er until the curre nt and voltage wiring is completed. Barrier-type current, voltage, and relay terminal screws: Form A Digital Outputs: Class 20 Current Inputs 5A Option.

Contact your local Schneider Electr ic sales. Timing Resolution 1 ms. Pulse Wid th 20 ms. Connect the terminal to a g ood earth ground with a 2. Transmit Data Pin 3: Pulse W idth 1 ms. Open the PDF directly: Wire Ga uge 5. T ransformer on Ia Normal or Inverted Normal.

Pulse Meger 25 pulses per second. Demand2 Demand receiv ed.


Powerlogic ION Meters | Energy Insight

Fron t Pane l. Wire T ype High quality Category 5 or 6 unshie lded twisted pair cable. Applying current levels incom- patible with the current inputs will permanently damage the meter. Failure to do so will void the warranty. Receive Dat a. Refer to Step 8 to learn how to conf igure Volts M ode on the meter. XXX displayed for power measurements 1. Failure t o do so will voi d the. Use the left and right ar row. Selecting the Front Panel Language Meters are shipped with English as the default front panel language.

T op green LED indicates the mete r is operational. This document provides installation instructions applicable to each hardware option. All rights rese rved. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. This sym bol indica tes the presenc e of dan gerous vo ltage within and outsid e the product enclosure.

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