Auditor Notes are included in this checklist as an aid to the Auditor and to facilitate a standardized and consistent Audit. Auditor Notes fall into four categories. Operational Safety Audit Program (IOSA) is an in- . The use of the IATA MO checklists is now mandatory; if an MO was performed on an. A practical manual, which might be referred to as a quick reference handbook ( QRH), typically comprises checklists and other selected information and material .

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IOSA was established in to meet airline industry needs for common globally-harmonised operating safety standards. Such flexibility is normally incorporated in the training and evaluation program to allow for latitude in the trainee scheduling process. Applicable authorities include those authorities that have jurisdiction over international operations conducted by an operator over the high seas or the territory of a state that is other than the State of the Operator. In some States the individual that fills certain key managerial positions within the flight operations organization must be nominated and then either accepted or approved by the Authority as specified in Checklisr 1.

Such evaluation shall include a demonstration of knowledge of: The policy may be documented or referenced in the OM or reside in another controlled document that is available to the flight crew.

Line Operations FLT 3. An appropriate safety margin may be defined by the checklits or the Authority, and can be expressed as a fixed distance increment or a percentage increase beyond the actual landing distance required.

The coordination processes specified in this provision may occur during meetings or other means of liaison e. The implementation of corrective action will be verified by the AO.

The intent checklixt this provision is to ensure an operator provides guidance to the flight crew to address the acceptance or non-acceptance of passengers requiring special attention. With the implementation and international acceptance of IOSA, airlines and regulators will achieve the following benefits:. Accommodations made to adjust evaluation cycles or frequency may not affect the original anniversary date or base month when flight crew member qualification was either: The means of RVR measurement typically varies depending on the State.

Such guidance and procedures address or include: Operating limitations typically include crosswinds, runway condition and aircraft equipment capability. The intent of this provision is to ensure the operator provides wind component limitations for the phases of flight specified in the body of the provision e. Air Data Computer The operator may provide tables, charts or other means to address potential errors in altimetry.

Such guidance shall be published in the OM and, if applicable, be in accordance with the requirements of the Authority. The intent of this provision is to josa that a meteorological visibility to RVR conversion is not used checklits calculating any required approach and landing RVR minimum less than meters, and that for approach and landing operations below meters RVR reporting is required.


Specifications in this provision apply to candidates for the position of PIC, to include SIC upgrade candidates and pilots hired directly into PIC positions in operations for the operator. The intent of this provision is to ensure that the specified responsibilities are assigned to the PIC and such assignment is evident in Operator policies or procedures.

Training and evaluation is applicable to all flight crew members that would be assigned duties and responsibilities as specified. Auditing is typically a preferred process for the monitoring and control of external organizations. Iosq intent of this provision is to address pilot flight crew member duty assignments or pairings for international operations when the flight crew includes at least one pilot that has attained 60 years of age.

IOSA Checklist – Aviation Quality Services

The specification in item i can be satisfied by equipment that protect the eyes, nose and mouth such as a smoke hood, full face oxygen mask or combination of smoke goggles and oxygen mask. Additionally, the provision ensures the operator provides wind component limitations under the conditions specified in the sub-specifications e.

An evaluation in conjunction with Initial Type Qualification satisfies this requirement. Engraving metal foil and photographic film are obsolete recording media and are no longer acceptable for use in FDRs.

The specifications of this provision do not apply to the aircraft interior. Such evaluation of proficiency is expected to be part of the flight crew selection process, but may occur during initial training or at any other point prior to ioas individual being assigned to duties as a flight crew member, instructor or evaluator for the operator. Refer to ORG 1. The specification in item ii requires a system or device s for use by the cabin crew or other authorized persons to notify the flight crew of any security compromise in the cabin.

As a minimum, the OM shall define the content of the onboard library and be in accordance with specifications contained in FLT 1. The specifications of this provision also require descent rate guidance be provided for other descents where terrain closure rate could significantly reduce recognition and response time.

The specification in item iv refers to the designation of crew duty assignments as specified in the AFM or by the operator e.

The specifications in item i and iv might require guidance in the OM that addresses the proper use of restraint devices, unless such devices are prohibited by the Authority or their use is impractical due to lack of appropriate crew members.


IATA Operational Safety Audit – SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Such tracking might be necessary to conform to State requirements when a pilot crew member changes position or reaches a mandatory age limit. IATA handles all requests in a secure and confidential manner on behalf of the auditee airline. The oxygen supply to satisfy the specifications in item i may be portable or provided by the supplemental oxygen system present onboard the aircraft.

An applicable authority is one that checolist jurisdiction over international operations conducted by an operator over the high seas or the territory of a state that is other than the State of the Operator. Mark Tischler presented an overview of activities in flight control at. Conversely, any passenger, cargo or combi aircraft equipped with less than hcecklist seats, including a cargo aircraft without provision for any passenger seating, is subject to the specifications in item ii.

A smoke barrier or curtain is not acceptable for addressing the specifications of this provision. The ioas of variant within type is within the domain of the State as part of checjlist crew licensing. Life-saving rafts shall contain: Guidance for the development of language proficiency plans and associated interim risk mitigation measures related to delayed implementation may be found in ICAO Resolution A dated 26 October The responsibility of ensuring that electronic navigation data is assessed for integrity and is compatible with its intended application rests with the operator.

Flight altitude is equivalent checklidt cabin pressure altitude for the purposes of unpressurized aircraft oxygen supply calculations. High-level Class Diagram Deliverable.

This provision is not intended to preclude the flight crew from determining the absolute landing capability of the aircraft during emergencies or abnormal configurations.

The descent specified in item ii is in accordance with emergency procedures specified in the AFM to a safe altitude for the route to be flown that will allow chfcklist safe flight and landing. The specifications in item ii of this provision are satisfied by the application of tolerances to normal and non-normal maneuvers during training and evaluations for the following flight parameters: For the purposes of route, area and airport qualification, the PIC has a level of knowledge of terrain, minimum safe altitudes, seasonal meteorological conditions, communication and air traffic facilities, services and procedures, search and rescue services and navigational facilities and procedures, including any Long-Range Navigation procedures, required for safe operations.

The specifications in items vi:

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