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How to Make & Use Talismans

The astrological symbol, the geomantic and geometric symbols, regardei Hebrew letter, the appropriate divine names from the appropriate Sephirah on the Tree of Life, etc. Talismanx time, let us retain the English letters and name, using the above Western or Pythagorean system.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The magic squares of the planets found in the appendix of this book are an important part of the science of talismanic structure. The fundamental rules are still traditional isral classical of course, but the method of application may be found more direct, and less arduous and obscure.

Hebrew Names as a rule represent the operation of certain general forces while the names on the Enochian or Angelical Tablets represent a species of more particular ideas. Instead of selecting a verse from the Bible as previously might have been the case, I am reminded of two separate verses which would be considered appropriate.

Power, dominion, authority, prestige, etc.

Prithivia yellow square. For example, the following is an example of a talisman using exclusively geomantic symbols that I made many years ago.

The opening phases of this process consist in highly charging the aura or sphere of sensation of the student with energy. Lists with This Book. This table, found also in the appendix, provides most of the basic information relative to the elemental hierarchies that is needed in order to draw, talusmans, or otherwise create any talisman in terms of the five elements, as already described.


For many years, when experimenting with talismans, I followed the ancient rules. Bokeshi rated it it was ok May 14, This name is converted into Hebrew, which again will be found in Volume I of The Golden Dawn reyardie, so there is no problem here. The final and finished copy, before being wrapped in a pocket of silk, should look something like this: In order to have as many sides as possible on which to draw as large a variety of symbols as I possibly can, it is decided to use a double sphere connected by a tab, thus: The size of the silver crescent, Apas, will be determined mostly by convenience, first in working with it on the drawing board, and secondly as to whether it will fit into my wallet.

Moreover, phrases and sentences were extrapolated from both Old and New Testaments to provide authorization and power.

By making it carefully and artistically, by charging it in due ceremonial form, and wearing it on my person at all times, the intention is that the constant sensory stimulus it affords may evoke out of the unconscious depths of my psyche the latent potencies of the pleasure- principle which have been suppressed by virtue of early puritanical training. Alan rated it really liked it Nov 14, Let this be done several times, as if you breathed upon the Tablet pronouncing them in the vibratory manner.

His very attempt to gather israek and to draw them will, of itself, invest the talisman with energy and force that will tend to bring about the results desired. The first step would be to collect all the symbols of Saturn that would be available. Health, sickness, disputations, trouble, etc.

Some of the symbols on the Tarot cards could be reproduced to great advantage on the talismans, if the student wishes. This sigil should then be most carefully drawn talissmans the centre of the circle. There are many changes to be rung on this simple schema.


There are no established rules as to how this should be done. Having collected them, think of some phrase, scriptural or otherwise, which correctly summates the idea involved – stability.

How to Make & Use Talismans by Israel Regardie

Each number total then becomes a name as, for example, in the case of Mercury, which represents the eighth Sephirah of Hod. Tapismans student will find himself amply repaid by experimenting with the drawing of sigils of every conceivable type of name on this Rose of twenty-two petals.

In the last resort, let me assert here that rituals and talismans and all ceremonial magic become effective not only because of isarel employment of the trained will and imagination, but primarily by virtue of the affective arousal of which he is capable. Enthusiasm or a divine frenzy is talismzns primary productive factor. The so-called twelve single letters, referred to the twelve signs of the Zodiac, were placed in the outermost circle of rose petals.

It also contributes the necessary data for use in any ceremonial ritual undertaken to consecrate the resultant talisman. Talizmans sigil would appear thus: Liberties or artistic licence can be taken with the shapes, depending on the number and size of sigils or barbarous words of power or phrases that one wishes to use.

The sole requirement is that the student should be emotionally moved by or involved in the quotation employed. It is the third Sephirah on the Tree of Life, Binah, the symbol of which is the triangle, the basic geometric figure representing harmony and order. It related to the old symbol of a Rose upon a Cross – not necessarily a new symbol in itself.

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