IT – FUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTING computing – Pervasive computing and ubiquitous computing – Ambient computing – Pervasive. Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Pervasive computing integrates computation into the environment, rather than . Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Year / Sem: IV / VIII List and explain the applications of pervasive computing.

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Explain the features of software operating system. Event detection sensor networks. What are the other terms of pervasive computing?

IT Fundamentals of Pervasive Computing Question Bank : –

An application can transmit a multiple pages called cards simultaneously in a single transmission unit Concept of events: What are hierarchical routing protocols? What is Urban Computing?

Explain the applications of pervasive computing in details. The good code can be found by two characteristics 1.

What are the two main classes of sensors networks and data gathering sensor networks? Write short notes on the following i Requirements of Computational infrastructure ii Failure management iii Security iv Performance v Dependability 6. Fundamentals of Pervasive Computing Website: Prvasive has its origin in the Latin verb contexere, meaning “to weave together.


Of sensor networks Dynamic Source Routing eliminates all periodic routing updates. Draw the architecture of WAP. Explain in detail about the pervasive web application architecture. com;uting

List and explain Technical Advantage of Mobile agents. What are Advantages of wireless LAN? All posts from kings. Chat about in detail about Mobile agent systems. List the advantages of push mode.

IT Fundamentals Of Pervasive Computing Question Bank (kings edition)

Even if the location of a terminal is known to the system, it still has to route the traffic through the network to the access point currently responsible for the wireless terminal. Explain in detail Context awareness system. What are sensor network? The main problem is to find good codes and to separate this signal from noise.

Explain Mobile computing device characteristic. Explain the applications of wireless sensor networks.

Can be read only at very short distances It may not be possible to include sensors that can use electricity for power 9. Broad casting frequently requested data items hot data items conserves bandwidth. It may have other sensors that can use electricity for power.


IT1452 Fundamentals of Pervasive Computing Question Bank :

What are the components used in IEEE What is sentient computing? Polling is a centralized scheme with one master and several slave stations. Each time a user moves to a new access point, the system must reroute traffic.

Explain in detail about the following: What are the characteristics of mobile computing devices?

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