Caveat: iText may swallow PDF bookmarks. But Jens Stavnstrup tells us in issue FOP that this doesn’t happen if you use iText’s PDFStamper. Here is. I have a requirement to present a PDF on demand in a web application injecting user specific data. I’m looking at both Apache FOP and iText. Dear Author: We have been using Apache FOP to generate FDP files. How does iText compare to FOP? Thanks.

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No, iText is a developer’s library, not an end user tool.

Java Revisited: Open source Java Libraries to Create PDF documents – iText vs Apache FOP

iext We’ve also found the following comment on this article: Post process with iText. There are a lot of pdf libraries out there like pdfsharp. Sign up using Facebook.

It fo two completely different products. And then you can use it where is appropriate. I have to prepare PDF document with images generated by servlets, so it seems that iText is a good solution.? First you see a raster image, but when you zoom in, the document switches to a vector image.

It doesn’t have a visual tool. The primary output target is PDF. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Open source Java Libraries to Create PDF documents – iText vs Apache FOP

If your project is already using iText then paying this license fee seems to be better option than migrating your PDF processing code to another Java library. I have used almost all of them and itextSharp is unbeatable. Below is my short comparison on when to use which, Apache FOP If you want to iext a fine grained control over the presentation and the layout of the PDF. Check out the http: If you guys can talk more.


October 23, at 2: These PDFs had ‘optional content’ layers.

I have to prepare PDF document with images generated by servletsso it seems that itxet is a good solution.? Other Open Source Projects. IText has its own free 1 day conference http: Well, I work for iText as QA Engineer, and we compared performance and feature sets with several competitors, and we should probably put our findings online, including the full source code of the tests, because it’s actually pretty favourable for us I have the xlsx with the results open right now.

Comparing Apache FOP with iText

The prefix “x” for element “x: You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is free and fairly simple to use.

Why is this important? You can’t drive to work with only a BMW engine. February 7, at Your email address will not be published. Writing thd XSL can also be a challenge. But please please please don’t take my word for it! However, none of them could solve the problem eventually. I irext to generate a itexg PDF document from a little java batch Java 7.


Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Might be following article can help a bit.

Its simple and free! You can keep the style sheet xsl: It is pretty complete but has holes that have tripped me up frequently. Thanks very much for sharing your insight into this matter! XML reporting and look query.

Comparing Apache FOP with iText — Xebia Blog

When extending this concept to different layouts and different formatting and conditional logic … It is a balance between writing XSL to create FO or writing ietxt Java or C to create specific documents. To see complete code, click http: Difference Between Abstract Class vs Interface in From the iText mailing lists it does seem to me that people use both libraries together.

Simple PDF generation via Java batch: I have used iReport to design the report with placeholders and Jasper with Java to fill in dynamic content into the report.

To use those parameters passed in, you fpp to declare it first in your FO file. It is sorta covered in the JavaRanch Style Guide.

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