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If at all possible, a statistician should review the test results after each shot in order to advice on the end point. Requirement documents or the test plan usually list the desired ito.


Given the typically small size of Recoilless rifle munitions it is almost always best to do this test on a package to assure that the shaped charge jet strikes the energetic material.

It is possible that the detonation of the donor round can start a delayed reaction of acceptor rounds through such effects as smoldering, heating, ignition of tracers or self destruct elements, etc. If the assessed value is 11 TOP 22 September higher than that actually obtained, the difference shall be added to the values of subsequent test rounds.

Testing is done at extreme temperatures; test items may not be required to be functional at these temperatures. The output of the gage is then translated to the pressure in the chamber. These tests relate to the interaction of the projectile with its target.

Determine if any identification markings, such as lot numbers, have become illegible. Either packaged or unpackaged munitions may be tested.

This test is for unfuzed ammunition. This test simulates the exposure of ammunition to static electricity discharge itol handling and transportation. Do not replace containers and packing material unless failure to do so would cause an undue safety hazard in subsequent testing.

Table A4 gives the minimum test frequencies for each frequency range. There is no corresponding hazard classification test; however, the data from this test may be useful for that purpose. Sample sizes are difficult to determine due to the commonly large shot-to-shot variability of results.


However, the likelihood of rieoehets ean be a serious range safety eonsideration. Use the guidelines from paragraph 4. Ammunition selected for this test should be representative of production. This test is done with unpackaged ammunition 4-2–602 simulate transportation as loose cargo. Apply the required superelevation to obtain the desired muzzle elevation above the aim point. The propellant in each cartridge case must be uniformly positioned from shot to shot.

The lists below show specialized items that are used ktop the test procedures.

All fuze eomponents sueh as eleetro explosive deviees EEDstab detonators, ete. Also reeord any diffieulties in operating the support weapon with the 4–2-602 ammunition such as excessive force required to charge the weapon, difficulty clearing stoppages, etc.

The support ammunition used must be fully identified; record the full nomenclature. In all cases the data must be sufficient to address the test criteria and to assure that the test can be reproduced in the future. The ammunition must remain safe and serviceable in the electromagnetic environment and it must not adversely affect neighboring systems. This velocity will vary among ammunition lots and weapon barrels.

ITOP | Rough Handling Tests, Final Report | Document Center, Inc.

The outgoing elevation and azimuth of the projectile can be determined by tracking radar preferred method or by witness screens as described in ITOP Each individual test will include exposure to at least 10 HEMP pulses.

For longer ranges, determine if the impact angle is to be measured from the line of sight or from the actual trajectory of the projectile at the target distance. Additional information is contained in the individual test procedures since requirements for accuracy and precision of a given measurement may vary among the procedures.

Position a video camera behind the weapon in line with the weapon itp so as to photograph the target as would be seen by the firer. Minimize safety hazards 4-2-6002 using cartridges irop explosive charges and propellant.

Do not wipe or clean the ammunition. Projectiles typically do not have any sustained propulsion or flight control. The contact surface of the gage is curved to conform to the cartridge case. However, tests are done on -42-602 fuzes to assure their safety and robustness for interplant shipping before being assembled to the final cartridges. Steel targets that do not physically interfere with the bullet trajectory are preferred. The marking will be used to identify the conditions to which each individual cartridge has been exposed.


The depth of immersion is one meter 39 inches and the ammunition is immersed for 30 minutes. The inspections must be carried out in an approved facility by personnel certified in ammunition handling. For the Malfunctioning Parachute Delivery, inspect the ammunition and fire any 4-2-02 appears to be undamaged or minimally damaged.

Therefore, testing should be continued even in the case of initially negative results; for example, even if the first five rounds of a series against sand imbed themselves, the test should be continued as there is no guarantee that the sixth round will not ricochet. Maintain a record of chamber conditions and test item temperatures. The pressure is held for 60 minutes before the test sample is removed.

The minimum number of units required for a Sequential Life Cyele Series is All fuze components itoop as electro explosive devices FEDstab detonators, etc. The TOP also provides the calculation methods to determine the recoil in terms of momentum and kinetic energy. Itoop weapon may also be mounted -42-602 a test fixture placed on the back of a truck; in this case the weapon will have to be manually aimed using suitable instruments boresight, weapon sights, etc.

The test represents the free fall possibilities of ammunition during handling from dock to ship, or the possibility of between deck falls on shipboard.

Some exterior ballistics tests require the use of physical or electronic targets; this allows the collection of dispersion data along with the data from the radar.

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