Deschooling Society () is a critical discourse on education as practised in modern economies. It is a book that brought Ivan Illich to public attention. Deschooling Society: Ivan Illich: In Deschooling Society (), his best-known and most influential book, Illich articulated his highly radical ideas about. School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.”.

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Does anyone believe that in today’s world, the abolition of shcools would not result in immediate increases in business activity which would take on many deshooling the schools’previous functions? The most radical alternative to school would be a network or service which gave each man the same opportunity to share his current concern with others motivated by the same concern.

It would be interesting to see more of how Illich envisages technology being used by convivial institutions.

Deschooling Society

It is a call for a profound revolution in how we think and how we live our lives. Deschooling Society is a collection of essays based around the author’s idea that society might be better off without the formal schooling system that is prevalent in most industrialised countries. He sees schooling, the mass, compulsory, public schools as providing an induction into a way of life which is consumerist, packaged, institutionalised and impoverished.

Inexorably we cultivate, treat, produce, and school the world out of existence” p. Illich was also critical of the power of dechooling professions. It has never illic to me to question the basis of socoety.

This is a modern form of colonisation. School is an even more outrageous one. Ivan Illich is a writer who has really spoken to me in trying to unpack and understand the reality of our government-mandated system of public schooling.

Deschooling Society is a seschooling discourse on education as practised in modern economies. He actually opposed advocates of free-market education as “the most dangerous category of educational reformers. Chapter 5 Irrational consistencies A key theme in this work is the criticism of the idea that learning is the result of teaching.

Deschooling Society – Wikipedia

Toward a History of Needs also initiates a project in the history or archaeology of ideas that takes sociehy first full-bodied shape in Genderan attempt to recover social experiences of female-male complementarity that have been obscured by the modern economic regime. Nor should the public be forced to support, descholing a regressive taxation, a huge professional apparatus of educators and buildings which in fact restricts the public’s chances for learning to the services the profession is willing to put on the market.

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He notes that rigorous drill instruction can be a very effective way of learning a new skill; such as leaning how to speak a new language. He also, as we have seen, argues that his call for deschooling is a more primary call than Marxist calls for social change, which do not call into question the idea of school, because without deschooling the alienation which he is averse to and which schools are the training ground for will continue to exist.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The fact that education is still institutionalized thus makes me wonder how feasible his alternatives to this model are. We need counterfoil research to current futurology.

Feb 08, Aya Al-Oballi rated it it was amazing.

His imagination is “schooled” to accept service ivn place of value. School is robbing us of our humanity more and more everyday.

He points out that free-schools still ultimately support the idea of schooling as the not a, the way of inducing children into society. Illich is concerned with human relationships at a fundamental level. Chapter 1 Why we must disestablish school As already mentioned Illich sees schools as one case of modern institutions which persuade people to exchange their real lives for packaged substitutes.

He argues that we have come full-circle.

In the UK at the moment far from de-schooling we are seeing an extraordinary increase in the schooling of society. I don’t like what state schools in Russia represent nowadays. Seventy years of utter failure is a blistering reality for Seattle’s schools. Social constructs are changed day by day as people modify their understandings. Illich’s overall solution is more complex than this and it unfortunately does raise many questions of sustainability ilich effectiveness, but I assume it can just be used as a template of a future society.

The majority will pay for schooling through tax but only an elite will truly benefit; schooling paid for by tax is regressive. Deschooling Society Quotes Soviety of Ivan Illich has a grudge against institutions.

She read it decades ago and found it life-changing. Jan 06, Michael Nielsen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Most high-school teachers of Spanish or French do not speak the language as correctly as their pupils might after half a year of competent drills.

He suggests that such a network of educational resources could be financed either directly by community expenditure in effect say part of a local authority budget or by a system of vouchers which could be societg on free-market providers of this kind of facility.


Morticians formed a profession, a dominant and disabling one, when they acquired the muscle to have the police stop your burial if you desdhooling not embalmed and boxed by them. The ethos of nonsaity is thus at the root of physical depredation, social polarization, and psychological passivity.

May 12, E rated it really liked it Shelves: Illich, who was a great opponent of institutionalization, offers thought-provoking alternatives and suggests to informalize education in order to have a better functioning society.

And the university system, while a significant improvement for me as a self-directed learner, was still ivsn by many of the same institutional problems. In such a society ivxn value has become constantly self-transcendent. By designing and packaging knowledge, schools generate the belief that knowledge must be acquired in lllich and certified sequences. One problem the left has always had is that while people may be united in descchooling objection to capitalism they may also have divergent view on what to replace it with and even when they agree about that may disagree about the means.

Yet, upon reading Illich, one is often shocked at the resonance of the problems in his time with those of descooling Illich’s basic premise is that school is a degrading institution wh Since the initial publication of “Deschooling Society” in there has been little change to the structure of public school and centralized institutions, at least in the United States.

The free school movement is simply focusing on the free association element in this. Under the most recent government Britain has seen a huge growth in manipulative institutions together with an upsurge in the belief that human ills can be solved by social engineering. Born in Vienna inIvan Illich grew up in Europe. If such never existed they certainly could. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

His greatest prophecy for today is the school’s growing inefficiency to make students learn despite growing costs. He presents illidh coherent programme; but it just seems unlikely to this reviewer that government will ever be persuaded to enact the necessary legislation.

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