Crimson Sunrise (Crimson Trilogy, book 2) by J A Saare – book cover, description , publication history. Crimson Moon, Paranormal Romance. Read the prologue from the continuation of the Crimson series, Crimson Sunrise. Purchase at {Kindle}. Crimson Sunrise Genre: Paranormal Romance Crimson Series: Book Two More Info, The Renfield Syndrome Genre: Urban Fantasy Rhiannon’s Law: Book Two.

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The story line was boring, the characters were cliched and the writing was dull. The love triangle was pathetic – What was the point of it when it was obvious Emma only wanted Caleb? It will be crimwon interesting ride to see where Saare eventually takes these characters. She even tells him she loves him. They schedule time away, just the two of them, but their trip is short-lived when they receive a call saying his sister Sammie disappeared. H start off with Emma recently being rescued from Scotland from the reigning prince who wished to enslave her.

At the end of Crimson Moon, Emma made a huge life decision. A kidnapping puts the pack on high alert, and Emma is sure the trueblood vampires are involved. They want to go spend some alone time together, and get some things straight in their life. It continues with Emma and Caleb getting ready shnrise be together finally. All in all, i liked this book, was intregued crimmson even liked the irritating parts.

Crimson Sunrise (Crimson Trilogy #2) by J.A. Saare

If you do, I won’t be able to let you go again. No trivia or quizzes yet. When Caleb’s sister goes missing, personal issues are forced aside, and he and Emma are faced with a past threat that has come knocking at their door.


Open Preview See a Problem? The heroine hasn’t even had the chance to try out Guy B so there’s no bloody competition is there?! Emma knows that Trent loves her, so calling him for help while Caleb is out looking for Sammie will have the reader wondering WTF.

The ending was rather interesting. Caleb and Emma are finally bonded and back in the States. They are seldom alone together due to all the commotion like his sister going missing and When they finally get some alone time, Caleb re claims her as his mate I know, I know.

She was a bit selfish keeping him around knowing that it was hurting him- but at the same time I could understand why she didnt want to let him go. Saare is at her best when she merges emotional turmoil with cutting action scenes.

The Bookshelf

When the dew from the night causes the ground to freeze, the crisp blades of grass turn white and shimmer as the sun appears in the sky, sparkling in shades of gold, green and white. Those set apart from commons by right of blood.

I had forgotten a lot of the story and it took me some time before I remembered enough to enjoy its sequel. They had a young adult quality to them but had mature content so I didn’t feel like I needed to be 15 to read them. That said, the second half ditched the love triangle bit and focused on Emma and Caleb working together to fight the big bad.

Very good and will definately be reading the next one. And adjusting to their nature — and not being around her trueblood vampire parents — makes her a bit antsy. Jan 04, Bookmom rated it really liked it. These two are a great couple, if somewhat tame by J.


Emma and Caleb are soul mates and although she cannot imagine life without him she still has residual feelings for Trent who fell in love with her when Caleb relinquished his claim to her. The ending sets the stage for book three and some big-time drama while still giving closure.

The latter half of Crimson Sunrise brings this repeatedly in fresh ways that make your heart break for some characters and want to hug others. I think Emma grew up a bit at the end of this book and I hope that it continues in the third book. The air smells crisp and blisters your lungs in the best way imaginable, reminding you that each day is a precious gift.

Walk out the door and don’t stop, don’t turn around, and don’t look back. Caleb and Emma are back in the U. Yea, I hated her. I found the book easy to read in one sitting. A war will be declared and sides must be chosen, I look forward to the next instalment in due course.

There was nothing exciting or remotely interesting about her, I didn’t mind her so much in the first book but she really grated on me in this one.

Very odd,this book is almost a carbon copy of Crimson Moon with small alterations

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