Mass and Balance covers the factors governing the loading of an aeroplane to ensure that the longitudinal centre of gravity and mass are within the structural. Questions-Mass-and-balance · View. Mass and Balance, Oxford · View. Mass and Balance ATPL · View. Operational Procedures · View. Buy JAA ATPL Mass & Balance – JA and other aviation books at yout pilot shop headquarters, Pilots HQ.

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The basic weight of an aeroplane is essentially the empty weight plus the weight of basic equipment, that is equipment which is common to all roles in which the aircraft may be required to ,ass. The maximum fuel weight is therefore lb. To avoid getting lost in a mass of figures and definitions, remember that the All Up Weight of an aircraft at any stage of jass consists of three elements: The aircraft weight is reduced by this amount to become lb. If the centre tank of the MRJT contains kgs of fuel how much fuel must be in the wing tanks?

The total mass of passengers, baggage and cargo, including any non-revenue load. Similarly, when converting imperial gallons to pounds the volume must be multiplied by 10 x the specific gravityor to convert pounds to imperial gallons the volume must be divided by 10 x the specific gravity of the liquid. In this example we have bags in hold 4 aft and 67 bags in hold 3 mid aft.

Aircraft weight 30, lbs, if lbs of fuel is used from a fuel tank positioned 5 ft forward of the present CG, determine the change to the CG. In order to determine the weight and the arm of the basic aircraft, the first step is to determine the aircraft empty weight without fuel and payload by measuring the weight acting through each wheel on a small aircraft or through each jacking point on larger aircraft.

En-route terrain clearance may impose a limitation on the take-off weight.

Jeppesen. JAA ATPL Training Mass and Balance [PDF] – Все для студента

This aircraft masa a Murphy Rebel kit aircraft which received an. Unless seat anr is applied and the effects of the number of passengers per seat row, of cargo in individual cargo compartments and of fuel in individual tanks is accounted for accurately in the balance calculation, operational margins must be applied to the certificated centre of gravity envelope.


The traffic load is the total weight of passengers, baggage and cargo, including any non-revenue load. The example load and trim sheet information on Page 28 and 29 illustrates the completion of this form. Most require attachment to aircraft floor points, which, although they are strong points, have a maximum strength, which must not be exceeded.

However, the original formula: To obtain the total loaded weight of aircraft, add to the Basic Weight the weights of the items of Variable and Disposable Load to be carried for the particular role.

In order to ensure that an balancs can be safely controlled by the aerodynamic control surfaces the CG must remain within safe limits. In order to maintain steady flight the forces acting on an aeroplane must be in balance, with no turning moment about any axis.

Full details of all fuel and oil tanks are also included in this part of the Schedule stating the arm, maximum capacity and weight when full for aircraft exceeding an MTWA of kg.

Harvey Westbury Hawker Beechcra. And a CG 21 ins. An alternative procedure is shown below for determining the position of the CG on landing. Pan Tec Inc Pantheon Chemic. Add the weight and moment of the fuel expected to remain in the tanks at the end of the flight.

031 Aircraft Mass & balance (JAA ATPL theory).pdf

Weight and Balance Theory 6. Wind Component kt. Problems concerning the traffic load capacity of an aircraft often occur in the Flight Planning, Navigation or Mass and Balance examination papers. The course that you are about to embark upon considers the inter-relationship between aircraft loading and other related subjects principally aircraft performance and flight planningand the very important airmanship aspects of proper aircraft loading.

After verification and approval by the Authority of the results of the weighing survey, the revised standard mass values are only applicable to that operator. If the main wheels retract athwarships and the nose wheel retracts forward. We now need to calculate this extra distance.


In order to position the CG 3—ft aft of the datum it is therefore necessary to remove lb. Columns shall also be provided for recording an example of a typical aircraft loading calculation.

The weight of a body is the force due to gravity acting on that mass. The disposable load is sometimes referred to as the useful load.

In other words it is the weight of the aeroplane without the weight of usable fuel. This bwlance therefore requires that due consideration be given to the way in which the items loaded are orientated. The positive moments are reduced by mads. In the anf examples the reference datum was the centre of gravity of the unladen seesaw, which was coincident with the fulcrum.

Given that the aircraft is loaded as described in Exampleanx that the fuel which remains on touchdown is all contained in the main tanks, check that the CG lies within the envelope on landing. The nose-wheel is 10 inches aft of the datum and the main wheels are inches aft of the datum. AeroControlex Aeroflash Aeroflash Signa. Maximum Structural Landing Weight. The date of issue of the Schedule shall be given and the Schedule shall be signed by a representative of an approved Organisation or a person acceptable to the CAA.

Forward baggage hold 40 lb. Therefore weight and mass are synonymous. It is the white portion of the envelope within the two shaded ferry portions, which is the area within which the ZFW CG must fall. Ahpl that the centre of gravity and the centre of pressure are not coincident a force couple will be set up by the lift and the weight forces, and this will result in a pitching moment, as shown at Figure

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