All the content from the JACT Reading Greek Grammar and Vocabulary books in the order it is introduced. Why ‘hardcore’? Well There is strict typing requiring. Vocabulary from the Reading Greek Text and the follow-up JACT volumes, “A World of Heroes” and “The Intellectual Revolution.” Verbs are listed with principal . The JACT Reading Greek Course has just released its second edition, and, if you are going to be doing a self-study program, and do not mind.

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Any vocabulary can be easily found in the small LSJ, so I have no problems there. I had mono during one of teading semesters, and though I made it through ok, I didn’t have it down firmly.

The English translation of each Greek word can be hidden or shown at will, great for self-testing. And memorization requires drilling oneself on words. I was supposed to be reading Xenophon – a good place to start, by the way, with straightforward Attic syntax, and a good learning edition – but I’d come into second readig Attic with some problems, namely:.

Neither of these, however, follows the same intuitive method of Lingua Latina, but they do get you reading Greek from the start. I’ve edited this post at least twice so far. Information Seller Matt Neuburg. So we English speakers are left in mact awkward situation where the foreign edition is superior so I’d argue to the original, but without hope of seeing a translation of it.

Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

The Athenaze Italian edition books sound like they would be useful to me jaact reading, as in any case I am getting my grammar from Mastronarde. Add a separate field that could be used to enter the declension of nouns, as the JACT textbooks do. I’m losing my perspicacity! Excellent way to learn and drill ancient Greek vocab. Kudos to Jcat Neuburg for a great app that eases learning a classical language, helping to bridge the ancient world with the modern.


Or on nouns of the declension 3c. Pick a section or sections to drill in random order. They’re arranged in the order you meet them in the text, and all jacf other words are core vocabulary that you’re meant to be practicing.

Do you recommend Athenaze or Reading Greek? Since when do you alphabetise words starting with “the” together?

Or, look up any word in alphabetical order. This would help the student learn the class to which the noun belongs as well as its meaning.

An Intensive Readijg on the side of “Reading Greek,” or is it fine by itself? The knowledge never seems to be taken forward either; some words appear once and never again so you may well be wasting your time learning it. It seems calculated to make looking up words more of a pain that it would otherwise be. My recommendation would be: Want to add to the discussion? I came into second year Attic with shaky Greek. Realistically, you’re not going to read through the 60 entries of story vocab grsek reading the 20 line story.

Easy to use and accurate. And what is worse, for the first six or so chapters and sporadically as late as chapter 10entries in the story vocab are listed along with their definite article, alphabetised according to their definite article, and inflected according to how they were inflected in the text.

User can now drill selected cards in random order. However, some brilliant Italians who idolize Hans Orberg’s method and rightly they do refashioned a new edition in his gfeek. Also, I have another question. I studied Attic Greek some years jzct through a grammar-translation method, and while I’ve been able to read real classic texts and the NT as long as I have a vocab ‘crib’ nearby, I wanted to have a refresher course in the fundamentals and to build up my core vocabulary through graded readings and flashcards.


Philologic Logeion Other related subreddits: Look at the image on this page, for example: You don’t have to buy the books to learn from this, but I do recommend the books also.

But since it’s technically just a foreign language ‘edition’ of Athenaze I don’t think there is any demand to translate it back into English. The text could have been organised more efficiently.

Frustrated with JACT “Reading Greek” : AncientGreek

This would be feading if you will be getting your grammar explanations elsewhere, which seems to be the case. But to read and re-read sections looking up vocab as you go. The signifigance of this is that the book has been substantially rehauled to follow the model of Lingua Latina. And to make this more powerful, allow some sorting capabilities on parts of speech and, following up on the suggestion above, sorting on noun classes.

You can skim some of the earlier chapters, and start digging in more deeply once you get to some of the tougher stuff: Horae quidem cedunt et dies et menses et anni, nec praeteritum tempus umquam revertitur nec quid sequatur sciri potest. It’s done wonders for my progress compared with my stints at traditional grammars.

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