James Blish was a popular science fiction writer and critic who began his literary career while still in his mid-teens. Not yet out of high school. City Fathers by James Blish: A set of computer systems which run every mechanical system in a city. Cities in Flight deals with long-term space travel. Cities in Flight is an omnibus, first published in , that collects together four novels by James Blish. Those novels themselves were.

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In some ways Blish is trying to convey a time course of centuries through actions of the moments. For some reason I sort flght lost the thread, and, though I got a lot of Heinleinism out of Blish’s style of writing, wasn’t overly impressed. For citeis that can stomach this a nice Although I bought an omnibus edition of the stories, this, the first written although chronologically the third bookis somewhat of a standout.

suggested order – James Blish, Cities in Flight series – Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange

It seems a fertile ground for story clties though, so I’m excited to read the other two books well, one ja,es and 3 short stories tied together as a book. Cover of the first omnibus edition, It was like a bunch of episodes of Star Trek mashed together as mayor Ckties leads the Okie city, New York, on various adventures, from one narrow escape from disaster to another. I think I should’ve read these as separate books. And how many SF writers even think about serious navigation issues when crossing the galaxy at many times light speed?

For example, Star Wars and Star Trek gave us noisy explosions in space, ships and people rocked flibht shimmied in zero gravity. She was portrayed as fairly intelligent, but unfortunately she never seemed to do anything with her intelligence. Named after the migrant workers of America’s Dust Bowl, these novels convey Blish’s “history of the future,” a brilliant and bleak look at a world where cities roam the Galaxy looking for work and a sustainable way of Originally published in four volumes nearly fifty years ago, Cities in Flight brings together the famed “Okie novels” of science fiction master James Blish.

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It is a story of the human condition, as told by one of the grand masters of science fiction. In this type of world, only the elites have access to their salvation, only they are smart enough to understand. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

jame In some ways it resembled Asimov’s “Foundation” series as the city had to face and overcome a series of crises. Chris Gorman rated it it was amazing Nov 11, I read this quartet as separate books, not as an omnibus, but I read them in order.

For those that can stomach this a nice balance is reached-the story is never lost track of, but at times it is not the focus. But, as executed, I didn’t like them either. Rodders -O- -O- -O- Aug 27, Much more than spaceships and aliens, these novels dig deep into our culture, our sensabilities, our fundamental attitudes. It is also an introduction to the “Okie” city of New York and it’s mayor Amalfi on which is the central focus of the next two books.

It wraps up super quick, though, and comes across like a “young adult” novel which maybe it’s supposed to be, I don’t know.

Published by Avon in Additional resources – This is an interesting early look at the idea of intelligent computer systems. Jan 29, Joe Santoro rated it it was ok Shelves: Trivia Tlight A Life for the St From Wikipedia, the free fflight.

That’s one of the disadvantages of scooping up a whole lot of ebook titles at once; if you don’t examine the cover art, you’re just going on author and title unless you take the blisg to look up the blurb.

But most of their ti It is now just over years since fligt first discovered the Spindizzy – the antigravity drive that enabled their exodus to the stars.

Is it important to read the four books in order? Blish has mapped out years of future history. Earthman, Come Home is set a few vities years after the previous novel. Now, the earth’s cities are able to abandon the worn-out homeworld f Science has come to humanity’s rescue with two crucial discoveries – antigravity devices that enable whole cities to be lifted from the Earth to become giant spaceships, and longevity drugs that allow their inhabitants to live for thousands of years – lead to the establishment of a unique Galactic empire.


It would be futile to send out generations iames people through space, even to the nearest star, with no possible life other than breeding and dying.

Cities in Flight

This series is nearly great. It’s thus better to take the drugs at a younger age, obviously. No trivia or quizzes yet. Books by James Blish. Each of the nine chapters is more or less a self-contained short story, giving the novel the episodic feel of a pulp serial. The protagonist, Chris moves from one city to another as the cities exchange portions of their population and other resources.

The great manufacturing cities equip them selves with blsih anti-gravity and shield generators called Spin-dizzies and leave the doomed planet to find materials and fliyht like high tech roaming tinkers. I’m not sure if it was intentional on Blish’s part citiies carelessness, but the combination of characters that do not age, extreme speeds and distances, and lack of an explicite account of the passage of time sometimes had me wondering if days or years had passed between two paragraphs.

It’s not that I dislike hard sf. The second book does take place several hundred years after the first so they are just that by then – established technology. Mayor Amalfi comes out of retirement to ctiies a final challenge, one that will have significance for the entire universe. It starts in the not too distant future and assumes the cold war situation in the 60s doesn’t improve.

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