Dr. Jamie Koufman of the Voice Institute of New York is a, if not THE, pioneer in treating respiratory reflux, also known as LPR. Download the eBook for Dropping Acid by Jamie Koufman, Jordan Stern. Read excerpts, book reviews, & watch videos at Simon & Schuster. The Hardcover of the Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure by Jamie A. Koufman, Jordan Stern, Mark Michel Bauer | at Barnes.

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Fingers crossed and off to the grocery store. Her books have helped me stop a mysterious six-month cough! The speech therapist went to speech therapy, yadda, yadda, and things moved along pretty smoothly. One thing marring the information section was an underlying tone suggesting that the rest of the world has it all wrong and the authors are the only ones who truly jqmie this condition.

The authors do acknowledge that people vary in which foods are the worst triggers, so there is some leeway for experimentation once the GERD symptoms are reduced. Koufman’s The Chronic Cough Enigma and this book are instrumental in making me feel so much axid as I use their day induction diet that I’m eager to try the recipes in this book and adapt favorites of mine.

Dropping Acid

Simple explanations, common sense approach to cure on of Silent Reflux. Dropping Acid offers a dietary cure for acid reflux, as well as lists of the best and worst foods for a reflux sufferer. Published September 1st by Katalitix first published January 1st Sep 05, Meladmin rated it really liked it. I recommend this book to anyone with a chronic cough related to laryngopharyngeal reflux, anyone with acid reflux, anyone trying to stay on an alkaline diet or a low-fat diet, or anyone who wants to try some new recipes.


That was the main reason I got it — I found all these lists on the internet of what I wasn’t supposed to eat, which all happened to correspond exactly to my usual diet. In the end, I still eat with the Dropping Acid lessons in mind and it has helped ease my symptoms dramatically.

ETA update March My dietary changes resulted in improvement in one symptom. There are some good ideas and several recipes are fine as-is, but I expected something more sensitive from Dr. You may have it. My preliminary rating is three stars. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It also explains how and why the reflux epidemic is related to the use of acid as a food preservative. The Silent Reflux Story I had some high hopes that I’d get some new variety in my meal options through this book.

But I’m still having a tough time and am looking into other approaches. To make a long story short, I was finally finally! The recipes need to be rewritten so they’re clearer, but for the most part this book was very helpful.

I came across this cook book while reading another book on silent reflux. They also didn’t seem that difficult or confusing to me, but then again, I cook a lot.


Dropping Acid: the Reflux Diet Cookbook and Cure by Jamie Koufman – De Gustibus Cooking School

The recipes looked OK, but most people should be able to find similar ones on-line working from a solid list of which foods are problematic and which are not. Dec 21, Adam Escobar rated it it was ok. I couldn’t sing soprano anymore because my voice would crack or no sound would come out at all. A useful reference for me as I’m diving into some heavy diet and lifestyle changes. Maybe not, but I wish they had covered more, especially spices and seasonings. There is a blog site as well where they answer questions and add new information – I will check that on a regular basis.

Unlike some other reviewers, I haven’t found this too off-putting because I do enjoy experimenting with new foods.

Some of the recipes seem to be high in sugar and simple carbs. I already know how to cook and manipulate recipes; what I wanted was information. My ultimate goal is to completely stop taking PPI’s and manage my reflux with diet. To ask other readers droppibg about Dropping Acidplease sign up.

The diet is easy to understand, and the authors give a good explanation for their theory.

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