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Used JBL Bookshelf speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. The then morphed into the L, a hugely successful home product with the cool sculpted foam grilles; and JBL developed the —an. This photo-essay details the restoration of a pair of JBL L Century, and a pair of JBL ‘s. The L’s are going to be re-veneered with quarter-sawn.

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The is one of those ones that you either like or you don’t.

Give them a shot of some good clean power, put on some music with good rock guitar in it, and turn that volume control a fair ways clockwise — I’ll bet you like them. I thought it best not to try and clean this because Jbo didn’t want to damage the woofer cone.

I think he had a lot of emails on these, even though the market around here is pretty small. The L’s are jjbl to be re-veneered with quarter-sawn sapele mahogany veneer from “Certainly Wood”. I purchased new foams for the tweeters. These are really coming together now.

Well, I picked them up. The only flaw is one tweeter has the dustcap pushed in. Definately a candidate for my own Klipsch Khorn project when that day comes. Skip to main content. Here’s the “before” shot! Glue on the strips for the front of the speaker. The tweets definitely need foam, though the existing foam is intact. It depends on the vintage of the speakers. All the components work on these speakers. I just decided it wasn’t too noticeable and not really worth getting a new tweeter for.


Please scroll thru all the pictures below as they are far better than any description I can write and I don’t want you to miss out FedallahApr 15, The L’s are quite a bit older than the ‘s I’d say.

The ‘s are sanded to grit here. Sapele veneer glued on the sides and trimmed. North Orange County California.

JBL 4311? Willi I be disappointed?

Here, the walnut ‘s are all set for finish. Discussion in ‘ Dollars and Sense ‘ started by Will V. I thought about filling the gap and painting the grain back in.

It really is a striking veneer. Local pick and inspection is free and CASH only when you do pick up.

So I’ll be reveneering these. Browse Related Browse Related. I’ll be installing new cane grill cloth on both pairs. Just another couple of photos of this most beautiful wood veneer, Quarter-Sawn Sapele. The guy was pretty nice, said if I didn’t like them, to call him back. I’m sure replacement dust covers are available, and I’ve seen tweeters for sale on ebay pretty regularly.


I’ll probably buy them regardless, it looks like I could at least jjbl my money back on CL if I want to get out of them. Will you be dissapointed? I’ll be making additional grills with plain black grill cloth, 3411 the new owners will have a choice between the two. It’s a very good deal, though. I think the light color of the grill cloth along with the redish wood tone will look very classy. If you are a big fan of the east coast sound, odds are the JBLs will not be your cup of tea.

JBL Restoration – Volti Audio – Klipsch Khorn V-Trac Upgrades

L grill without the foam. We use these in all JBL speaker restorations.

Here I’ve installed new gold-plated binding posts that will accept larger wire and connectors. The Advent wins in my book.

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