The gospel message is not impressive on the surface. But don’t let the form fool you—in these words are the very power of God. Gospel Partners are part of our team at Summit Life as an integral piece of boldly proclaiming the gospel through radio ministry and online and print resources. Can’t Believe: Gospel of John. Sub Menu. Latest Message · Watch Full Service . The Skeptic: John · J.D. Greear – January 13, | John

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You can pray each morning for four hours like Martin Luther.

Let it inspire you to God-centered, death-defying dreams for His glory. This book should be read by every person breathing, whether believer or not, whether ‘leader’ or not. Every week I smack them back into spiritual orbit. Dwelling on the gospel will release in you new depths of passion for God and take you to new heights of obedience to Him. His ability to communicate the gospel in a fresh yet faithful way perfectly positions him to speak the life-giving message of Jesus into you in a way that you have never experienced.

And in a way that will change your life forever. Great spiritual movements like Great Awakenings or missionary movements have at their center the recovery of the gospel.

Gospel Quotes

Greear is one of the greatest men of God I know. Then it floats on its own, no smacking required.

Get to know afresh the God who saves by reading this book, and find rescue for your soul. Thanks for telling us about the problem. He holds an M. Perhaps the most poignant and central truth for me is ‘being gospel Centered is not moving past the gospel but continually swimming deeper into it.


Trade paper Page Count: Recovering the Power of Christianity is an 8-session discipleship experience that leads group members to understand how to let the gospel work in their hearts the way religion never has or could.

Greear reminds us that Jesus and his gospel are both the means and the end. In short, he beckons us, woos us, and drives us to Christ, our great treasure and eternal joy.

Gospel Quotes by J.D. Greear

Take solace there in times of confusion and comfort there in times of regret. Participants will become more self-disciplined.

This book is a gift from God to His church and to the world. If you want to be missional and faithful, reaching out while holding fast, this gredar will encourage you.

Let me make sure that sinks in… You can gain all the spiritual gifts in the world. Greexr written a book that’s good for the Christian lacking assurance, the Christian tempted to legalism, the Christian tempted to guilt, the Christian tempted to selfishness. Run to it when your soul feels restless. He and his vospel have four children.

There was a huge gap between my intellect and my emotions. Though disciplined and intentional in all aspects, only when J. Gospel Quotes Showing of Let it be the foundation of your identity. Greear gives clarity and perspective to this growing gospel movement. I highly recommend it. Greear invites us to dive into gspel bottomless end of the gospel pool and find life that deeply satisfies.

Whether you are a pastor, have been in church your whole gosoel, or have recently become a Christian you will find this book to be helpful. But when God is His own reward, Christianity becomes thrilling.


Refresh and try again. Just a moment while we greera you in to your Goodreads account. My thirtyfive years of pastoral ministry have given me an ever-increasing love for, and deeper awe of, its power. But if what you do does not flow out of a heart of love – a heart that does those things because it genuinely desires to do them – it is ultimately worthless to God.

I appreciate how in refreshing and real ways he makes the gospel accessible to others so that they can experience its transforming power. I love this book for the blessing it will be to the body of Christ.

Greear calls us to more than accuracy and academics with the text. Fill it with helium. Or, at least I had forgotten it. I could feel His displeasure—His lack of approval. Before the Bible says, “Stop sinning,” it says, “Behold your God. BHpub follow us at twitter. When I came to church, I had no desire to lift my soul up to God. The purest waters from the spring of life are found by digging deeper, not wider, into the gospel well.

Greear, takes all that on in this book. Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary.

You can share every meal with the homeless in your city. Could the gospel be lost in evangelical churches? Greear makes that truth crystal clear. Greear, through his book, has helped us in this quest for gospel-saturated living. They will be less selfish. Ground your confidence in it.

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