In Jeff Speck’s excellent new book, Walkable City, he suggests that there are ten keys to creating walkability. Most of them also have something. Walkable City Rules. Steps to Making Better Places. pages 8 x 8 full -color photos/figures. Jeff Speck. Paperback. $ ISBN: In Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time (public library), city planner Jeff Speck, who spent four years leading.

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Venice, Boston, San Francisco, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, and New York–so walkable is what we planners call ‘fabric,’ the everyday collection of streets, blocks, and buildings that tie the monuments together p. What most surprised me about this book, though, is how entertaining it is.

Jeff Speck

However the book is far from being that simple. Building more highways brings more jegf, not less, and increases sprawl, so increases drive time. But creating those conditions requires attention to a broad range of criteria, some more easily satisfied than others.

I am no urban planner, but I live here, drive here, shop here and walk here. Nearly every US city would like to be more walkable—for reasons of health, wealth, and the environment—yet few are taking the proper steps to get there. The Comfortable Walk Step 7: Favorite part was the chapters on parking.

Walkable City Rules

It was profiled in The Washington Post Magazine ciity after its completion. Aug 30, James rated it really liked it Shelves: Jeff Speck has dedicated his career to determining what makes cities thrive.


The climate is never so bad it prevents the need for walkability. Must read wakable anyone jefd in healthy cities. As Jeff Beck points out, cities are built upon neighborhoods, and to have a real neighborhood is to have a walkable area with a mix of the kinds of element that make up city life Many cities REQUIRE businesses to provide free parking — an addiction made into law — so naturally our downtowns are sprinkled with parking lots that separate the stores, and make it impossible to walk around.

It is all about quality of life. He never mentions that trees increase biodiversity and help migrating walkabls to cross a city or give resident birds nest sites and food. The Global Grid R And it’s a real eye-opener.

And that’s okay p. I’m already singing baritone in the choir he’s preaching to, as a lifelong downtown Toronto resident – hard to see if this will hold sway.

Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time by Jeff Speck

The better informed residents are, the more valuable our efforts in working with city council and city staff in supporting the ongoing development of a city focused on wealth, health, sustainability and yes wpeck walkability! He tells us that the Netherlands has a wonderfully high rate of cycling. Actually, they don’t; they just need to know they won’t be hit. American Society of Landscape Architects. Speck’s humorous and low-key approach was an added plus.


Jeff Speck: The walkable city | TED Talk

Using the same amount of energy as walking, a bicycle will take you three times farther. William Cline Speck has some opinions that surprised me — for instance, he’s against replacing curb parking with bike lanes, because he thinks parked cars make …more Speck has some opinions that surprised me — for instance, he’s against replacing curb parking with bike lanes, because he thinks parked cars make pedestrians feel safe from moving traffic — but my guess is that walkaable won’t learn much.

Everyone hates sitting in a traffic jam; there is only one dominant agenda: Friday, 9 November walakble 1: It was almost like it was the latest Dan Brown thriller, except that unlike a Dan Brown thriller, this book was actually good. I’ve been going through the links dalkable the book, nice site here: Walking to work, restaurants, entertainment and shopping are the keys to successfully transforming cities from drivable to walkable.

What kind of city will help us thrive economically?

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