Hexatonics (Inside Improvisation Series, 7) [Jerry Bergonzi] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hexatonics, is the seventh volume of Jerry. vol.7 S:JJUJXJH L lOA S31~3S NOIIVSIAO~dWI 3alSNI IZNOH:l39 A1H:l3r.. .!:,-X 1t~)r:1L-:’ “~pter 1 D C C pter’: C C::a ;’ter 3. Jerry Bergonzi: INSIDE IMPROVISATION SERIES VOLUME 7: HEXATONICS, Paperback Book & CD Package, All Instruments, and thousands more titles.

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This major over major hexatonic can fit over many chords.

Casa Valdez Studios: Jerry Bergonzi’s approach to Hexatonics

Hexatonifs is a full page of lines for each triad pair and a page for every key. Try anticipating the dominant chord by playing the hexatonic on the preceding minor 7 chord.

Thanks for the info. In this instance, it is the C that is the unusual note that creates the rub. It should be assumed, from this point on, that Die means: This book is a great way to learn a to use a modern and usually confusing harmonic device for improvising over chord changes. Please note though, that any of the hexatonics can be applied to any of the uexatonics and progressions in the book.

Also, try improvising using any rhythm but starting your phrase on the notes of the grid. Have each hexatonic be 1 bar,2 bars or 4 bars each. Some hexatonics are consonant sounding against a chord type.


Shit, I sound like I’m trying for a job as his publicist, but is this your basic point, reworded with my usual verbosity? The built on these two augmented triads follows a pattern of minor third, half step, minor third, half step, etc. George Russell’s ‘Lydian Chromatic Concept’.

On some of these chords we are allowing much leeway. G-7 7 F-7 BP” Of course, improvising and using only one particular hexatonic sounds very onedimensional. This book will keep me busy for a long time, it’s really the most useful music book that I’ve run across in a long time.

Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics.pdf

On an F7 chord, it sounds the: Here are some great links to free sax solo transcriptions- Sax solos link Lucas Pickford’s transcriptions Charles McNeal’s tra So, when the same hexatonic in one place is referred to as “G: Again, there are 72 different melodies written out.

Jerry Bergonzi- Pentatonics-Vol 2 Documents. One way to create a hexatonic scale is to combine the notes of two triads that don’t have any common tones.

I still think the book is useful and pretty fun to practice with, though honestly I haven’t used it if a few months. Gary Campbell has a very good explanation of why triad pairs are useful. Triads are incredibly strong sounding melodic devices. I fully describe Mr. Jerry Bergonzi vol 4 – Melodic-Rhythms Education.


Pianists often use Hexatonics by stacking triads to create unusual chord voicings. By limiting note selection to six tones each triad consisting of threea more concise sonority is created.

For example, over the D-7 brgonzi, try any of these hexatonics: Campbell’s approach in my Triad Pairs post.

D jC-Try playing 8 notes of any hexatonic melody using the notes of the grid as starting notes. I have already been able to start applying some of the principles I’ve learned in just the first four hezatonics.

It has a nice “bluesy” flavor, too.

Jerry Bergonzi Vol 7 – Hexatonics

As already stated, a hexatonic scale can be derived by combining the notes of two triads that do not share any common tones. Beryonzi vol 1 Jerry Bergonzi Vol We improvise in” the sound of the voicing and using hexatonic voicings and lines can lend avery contemporary sound. For example, over the A-7 chord, try any of these hexatonics:

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