National Book Award Finalist. Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. From the Pulitzer Prize-winning, best-selling author of The Namesake comes an. The official site for Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Jhumpa Lahiri, author of But when Subhash learns what happened to his brother in the lowland outside their. Does Man-Booker-shortlisted novelist Jhumpa Lahiri’s real skill lie in short The Lowland, included this week on the Man Booker shortlist.

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It will help if you are carrying on with a half-life thousands of miles away from the land of your birth, toeing the line of divide between two distinct yet similar worlds. I’ve been postponing writing a review of this book because I’m not sure what I can say that hasn’t been already said by others in a more eloquent fashion.

The Lowland

From the descriptions of the lowland—the marshy area near their home in Calcutta and the scene of a crucial moment in the novel—to the scenes across the Atlantic in Rhode Island, Lahiri masterfully delineates place and mood. The Lowland March It made him seem more real to me. From speeches and leaflets he progresses to knives and bombs, and is forced into hiding after his involvement in the killing of a policeman.

After The Namesake I longed for a Lahiri novel from a female viewpoint, but sadly here I found the Gauri sections somewhat unsatisfying and mostly couldn’t wait to get back to Subhash, the heart of the book.

Still, I thought The Lowland was excellent overall and would definitely recommend it to fans of her other works, or fans of good fiction in general. In Calcutta in the s two brothers come of age amid a confusing cluster of economic, social, religious, and political changes that were to disrupt India for years.


The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri | World Literature Today

Lahiri makes it sound absolutely idyllic. If the lahrii is patient with this novel, I believe many will feel the same way. I won’t write much about the plot because publication’s still so far off, plus: Lahiri stays away from the tempting trap of making a political point, and focuses instead on the effect the movement has on the handful of characters and their lives that form the heart of the book.

Also, in this book I felt it just ended. Silence is important to watch for in her writing.

The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri – review

Whatever the case maybe, my past resentment about her ‘undeserved’ Pulitzer win is now gone as if it never was. Two Bengali brothers, close but unalike, forge very different paths for themselves as they grow up in Calcutta during the s and 60s.

And I certainly will not defend or condemn her refusal to let her life be defined by the lahiiri choices of the man she loved.

View all 17 comments. I could write essays on the relationship between the two brother or the sensory magic Lahiri effortlessly conjures in the most simple domestic chores. Each of the books were about relationships – multiple challenges- hhumpa struggles as immigrant families lowlane to American Cultural and social norms. The most laughable episode was this: However, writing this review is making me reconsider whether I should rate this dull humourless litfic over more populist sort of novels which were stereotyped or had plot mis-steps.


Shortly after beginning his third year, Subhash learns from his parents in a letter than Udayan has been killed. Though very different, one cautious and one of them reckless, the boys are very close: I love how her work tends to emphasizes the smaller moments of her characters’ lives — The Namesake condenses an llowland thirty-something years into less than pages, but never felt like lowlan was lacking in depth.

I don’t adore political history anyway and know very little about Indian history. And Ms Lahiri has brought my humble, lowlnad, familiar Tollygunge to life. In both novels one brother comes to the United States to study and further themselves Two or three paragraphs describe a river and a bridge and him looking at same, before he actually replies in any shape or form. I won’t recount the storyline as it’s amply available. Jhumpa Lahiri is, hands-down, my favorite writer.

I am told the author grew up in Rhode island – that intimacy is visible. Love when I start to feel sorry for characters, wondering why they all end up so miserable, and then I learn that All the bloody commas!

Ashoke chooses a name that has particular significance for him: He used to always know why.

She then received multiple degrees from Boston University: Oh, and I now feel compelled to visit Rhode Island. Return to Book Page.

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