I think that both Impossibilia and Smoke and Mirrors (The other main John Bannon book) are superb. Contained within both tomes is seriously. For the others here who are John Bannon fans, a question: I’ve been working through his books in reverse order. “Dear Mr. Fantasy” (which I. On this DVD/Video John Bannon teaches the best routines from his best selling book “Impossibilia: The Magic Of John Bannon.” The routines taught on this.

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A spectator cuts the deck into four packets.

I would recommend the DVD first. The signed selection is now found in a sealed envelope that has lmpossibilia in full view the entire time.

Thanks for that advice. It’s a impossibilis buy, but not the best. Find Out how to pay. There’s just something older and wiser yet at the same time still playful about this book.


Since it was reprinted recently, who knows Impossibilia may impossibi,ia the more popular one in the next few years if it goes out of print.

Noel D Regular user Posts. There are some real killer routines in there go through it slowly and see how excited you can get just by reading a book. Suit Cut to Orde. That way you can enjoy being fooled before imposisbilia learn the secrets. This is a more expensive hobby than golf! Routines performed and explained:.

Meir Yedid Magic

A card is selected and a photograph is taken of it. Impossibilia is a very good book, but I believe that Smoke and Mirrors is better: Fantasy” which I love first; “Smoke and Mirrors” which I like but which hasn’t killed me like “Fantasy” — perhaps because I read it second, and perhaps because I appreciate the kind of “older” POV Bannon impissibilia in imposisbilia latest book second.


Smoke and Mirrors is almost all cards, although there are a couple of coin bits. There’s a lot of premises that are similar but most are very good. Stuff is all pretty easy to do like whats been said, and I do like his coin stuff a lot.

Obviously it’s only worth what someone would pay for it, but I’m a big John Bannon fan and I’m just plain curious. Bannon’s outstanding no-sleight triumph routine where all the cards of the selected card’s suit remain face up after three fair shuffles.

Bannon is close to Harris in my book. As a kicker ending the entire deck also changes its back color. I’ve been working through his books in reverse order. It kills laypeople and fools every magician I have shown it to. Return of the Magnificent Seven: While we’re on this imossibilia, what would a first edition copy of Impossibilia be worth on eBay?

This page was created in 0. A selected card matches three prediction cards impossibikia visually change to odd backed colored cards. Think not what magic can do for you, but what you can do for magic. A quarter magically penetrates a small sealed glass bottle and is visually removed through its tiny opening.

The cups and ballls has great patter. The Impossibilia video that I saw many years ago had John performing material from both of these books. Seven duplicate cards are shown and a card is selected. I impossbilia PM you some potential resources. More material out of these two books made it into my performing repertoire than any other book except for Mike Close’s Workers series.


The Magic Cafe Forums – Impossibilia

He is looking like a i,possibilia not a magician I think. And I liked a lot that POV shift in the writing, where a number of tricks are “narrated” from the point of view of an unnamed fellow magician.

We’re proud to let you read our mail. Questions about this product. A visual flash restoration of a torn piece of cigarette paper. Apr 8, The easiest and most effective matrix oyu may ever see, two ahead is better than one and too amny other goodies to list.

If you don’t have a John Bannon routine in your repertoire you are missing out on direct, visual and impossible close-up magic.

The Magic Of John Bannon. I also really like how he describes a complete routine, impossigilia verbal touchphrases that echo back and forth throughout the tricks, and I like the obsessiveness with which he tackles his effects.

This is really “rough” compared to his other writings.

Sep 2, He’s a bit older and a bit more philosophical and questioning about what it means to do magic — or “card tricks,” as he says — and what kind of identity and persona the magician has in society.

The routines taught on this program are currently being used by many joh the leading close-up magicians. Merl Hamen Old dog– New tricks. The lace and coin are placed into a spectator’s fist and impossibly separate.

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