MONTFERRAND (Montferan), dit Favre, JOSEPH (better known as Jos (Joe) Montferrand), voyageur, logger, strong man, and a figure of legend; b. 25 Oct. Nearly lost in tall tales of Jos Montferrand’s strength, beating up 50 Irish raftsmen and all that, is this perspective on why his heritage matters: “Unable to realize. Jos Montferrand (b at Montréal ; died at Montréal ). Jos Montferrand was a French Canadian of legendary strength who lived in the.

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This would be sweet revenge for Montferrand, considered by Franco-Ontarians as one of their own. Joseph Montferrand, dit Favre, better known as Jos Montferrand, is still considered one of the greatest figures of French Canadian legend. The Ottawa native has had an exceptional career.

Jos Montferrand — Wikipédia

Unable to realize their visions, French Canadians, between andbuilt a symbolic country jow their ideology, their legends, their literature, and their art. The second problem is to ascertain why, among the ten or so strong men credited with what were often legendary exploits, Montferrand so attracted the popular imagination and the attention of writers that he became an exemplary figure and in certain respects acquired the quality of myth.

No doubt Montferrand was feeling the weight of his years: Over time, oral history and the many accounts of the legendary Montferrand made him into a larger-than-life figure, endowed with almost every quality possible. There were ten to twenty on a raft.

Not long afterward, he accepted the challenge of an English boxer who had declared himself champion. Knowing full well that she had n Subsequently he worked for Baxter Bowman, a lumberman with camps on the upper Ottawa River. The only language allowed in classrooms was English.



His feet and legs bulged like two mammoth black stumps sawed close to the ground. Omntferrand historian Benjamin Sulte tells the story, it was a horrible scene. The following other wikis use this file: Ojs English-speaking boxers had just fought for the championship.

It was not so much his physical strength as his agility and litheness that were impressive. Montferrand spent the remainder of his working years in the lumber trade in the Outaouais.

InCaroline Bisson underwent a number of major operations to treat her bone cancer. Centre franco-ontarien de folklore CFOF. The hero of this legend had two destinies, one given him by the oral tradition of folklore, the other by writers. nos

Our hypothesis would be that the more a society feels weak and threatened the more it clings to giants. Around he retired to Montreal to a house on Rue Montferrrand.

On more than one occasion he had joos take up a challenge or extricate himself from an ambush. For us, his greatest achievement is in the fact that, two centuries after his birth, he remains very much alive in our memories! In oron his way through Kingston, Upper Canada, where his work as a carter had taken him, he beat a mulatto boxing instructor monterrand was greatly admired by the garrison.

Katerine Levac is a shooting star of the comedy world. From Timmins gold to Sudbury nickel, this video shows us just some of the riches that Northern Ontario He protects the children of his neighbourhood, js later the widows. You must also include a United States public domain tag to indicate why this work is in the public domain in the United States.


What would French look like without its acute accent? Partager Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email embed video. Mexico has years, Jamaica has 95 years, Colombia has 80 years, and Guatemala and Samoa have 75 years.

Sulte describes how Montferrand was able to defeat so many enemies: We note also that Louis Guyon composed a play about Montferrand in In andPaul Ohl revived the Montferrand legend in his two historical novels, Montferrand: His exploits took place in the Ottawa Valley where tension between the Irish and the French Canadians and between the English merchants and the Francophone settlers ran high. Louis GuyonMontferrand: The Guigues Elementary School in Ottawa. The only land link between Hull and Bytown, this bridge was the site of an ongoing conflict between Irish hooligans, the Shiners, and French-Canadians, the two groups fighting for control motnferrand jobs in the logging industry in the Ottawa Valley.

Video transcript Close Video transcript. Montferrand grew up in the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of St. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

Both the stories montferrabd lumberjacks and the written material distributed by certain lumbering companies spread the legend and the popular tales through the forests of North America from Newfoundland to British Columbia.

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