Joseba Achotegui’s 6 research works with 27 citations and reads, including: Joseba Achotegui has expertise in Psychology and Computer. Dr. Joseba Achotegui, Ph.D is a professor of the University of Barcelona,. Director of SAPPIR (Psychopathological and Psychosocial Support Service for. List of computer science publications by Joseba Achotegui.

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Not so the refugees: Sense of belonging and indicators of social and psychological functioning.

Otherwise, healthcare systems will once joeeba be left with the task of treating the health consequences of political decisions.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License http: During my career as a cultural psychiatrist, I have been fortunate to work in collaboration with the psychiatrist Dr. The need to belong: The study was subsequently published inby the University josfba Barcelona Press, under this same title. We have made a personal commitment to the often difficult, and sometimes tragic fate of millions of immigrants in the 21st Century.

Just as a sense of belonging is necessary for physical and mental wellbeing, being able to access healthcare without barriers indicates a sense of belonging. I studied medicine at the University of Barcelona, where I obtained the title of specialist in psychiatry, with top honours.

Settling Ulysses: An Adapted Research Agenda for Refugee Mental Health

Crawley H, Skleparis D. The example of Germany. Both authors read and approved the final manuscript. Refugees, migrants, neither, both: From a public health and epidemiological perspective, it is difficult to establish the contribution of policies and politics to the trauma symptomatology observed in refugees and asylum seekers because of the different levels of analysis when the exposure is a national policy and the outcome individual health, only between-country comparisons can be informative; these, however, are likely to suffer from confounding by differences between respective political systems as well as refugee populations.


“Ulysses Syndrome” Lecture by Dr. Joseba Achotegui at the CBS – Basque Books and More Blog

The migratory process is, for millions of people, a process that brings with it a level of stress that supercedes the capacity and processes of adaptation of individuals to deal with it. Again, like Ulysses, refugees and asylum seekers have encountered ambivalent and at times hostile reception in Europe. Level of access to healthcare across Europe varies considerably.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It definitely gave a perspective of how previous and current immigrants struggle for survival and integration in their new host countries.

The Network is an initiative of various institutions with a long history of experience in the work of immigrant mental health, which include the Ulysses Syndrome Programme of the University of Barcelona, and the Health Initiative of the Americas of the School of Public Health at achotegji University of California at Berkeley.

dblp: Joseba Achotegui

He argued that even though Ulysses was a demigod, he barely survived the terrible adversities and dangers of his journey. He explained how migrating today is becoming a process that is so intense and stressful for millions of people that they are unable to overcome these difficulties.


Both authors conceptualized the perspective. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Accessed October 17, Namer Y, Razum O. Ascher H, Hjern A. From a clinical perspective, developing intervention programs to counter traumatization due to national policies, or treating what could have been prevented, creates multi-layered ethical issues.

We believe that one indicator of congruency, that is a sign of inclusion, is being able to receive treatment for health problems with the same degree of access as all members of the community. The UK-based mental health charity Mind specifically recommends the incorporation of refugee community organisations and mental health advocacy training. The concept of the Ulysses Syndrome, that I first described inhas led to the following works since its publication in the book Depression in Immigrants:.

Competing interests Authors declare that they have no competing interests. Impact of immigration detention and temporary protection on the mental health of refugees. There is of course substantial heterogeneity among tales of migration.

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