This special issue edited by Zuraina Majid that covers on Archaeological Research and Museums in Malaysia. Journal contents are available in English only. This article attempts to identify and compile a list of the earliest Malaysian historical journals. The study found that the earliest historical journal is Journal of. Fill Jurnal Muzium, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!.

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Questions to consider include: Toggle Sliding Bar Area. What about Sacred Objects?. Human Remains and Museum Practice.

Rees Leahy, H In the museum world ethics are generally seen as a set of guiding principles of good practice that museum professionals are advised to adopt in their various activities. A way forward may be to sensitize the public on ethical issues related to the display of human remains, and share professional concerns with them. What about those elements we choose not to mention?

Forestry Biotechnology — To develop technologies and products based on biodiversity resources for forests and herbal plantations for related industries through biotechnological approaches. This holds true for every aspect of museum work; from collecting policies and conservation to store priorities and exhibition.

Peers, L and Brown, A eds. Occasionally, labels may be even substituted with conversations on the subject on show McClusky It is the way in which all the above elements are combined and enhanced by the use of space, colour and light that creates a context for the display Swain Shall we display the dead?


Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies12 1Art. X Electronic Printed Electronic. A Companion to Museum Studies. Stone, P and Molyneaux, L eds. These decisions may range from the more mundane aspects of collections management to the heated debate concerning the exhibition of disputed material.

This is usually not understood by visitors as information presented in museums is normally perceived as accurate and true Dean The winning labels are then displayed in the galleries next to the official ones see, among others, Seattle Art Museum Criticism and debate about the display of human remains has also influenced museological practice: What Are Exhibition Ethics?

Lohman, J and Goodnow, K muaium. Human remains 1 Putting human remains on display has traditionally been seen as having considerable educational potential for the visiting public, let alone their scientific interest Alberti et al. Heritage, Museums and Education.

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Muziuk of Food Science and Nutrition. Museum and society 7 3: How are objects distributed in space? Collaborative exhibitions usually follow two models, which Phillips For instance, Lindow Man: Language Guidelines for Museum Exhibitions.

Genres like recount, narration, report, explanation, or discussion are jurnao specific and what is suitable for one community may be unsuitable for muziu.

Despite increasing criticism and many instances of bad practice involving prestigious museums, many curators and directors especially in large universal institutions still believe that museums should acquire antiquities even if they are unexcavated or have incomplete provenance.


Consider the following questions: For instance, although object A is an excellent specimen or it illustrates a desired point better, object B is exhibited instead because it is better preserved, or because it is more attractive visually.

The Crisis of Cultural Authority.

Whose voice is it to be heard? Faculty of Computing and Informatics. It is our ethical responsibility to be as honest as possible when presenting such interpretations. Who talks in museum text and what does she or he say?

Forbes Electronic Printed Electronic. In the text that follows I will try to address this issue and examine what it may entail for both museums and the visiting public. Hallam, E and Street, B eds. Yet, feelings and reactions change when it comes to displays of recent human remains as the highly controversial Body Worlds exhibition 4 clearly attests.

Federation Museum Journal Vol. 24 | Department of Museums Malaysia

Some museums apply tribal cultural practices to their collections care. How open or honest should we be about reconstruction methods or techniques used?

Another consideration is the choice of genre Ferguson et al. How, then, can museums deal with ethical issues on a global scale? It is important to remember that exhibitions create a representation system through an articulation of objects, texts, visual representations, reconstructions and sounds Lidchi

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