in each university. The results showed that Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) had significant .. Jurnal Manajemen dan Kewirausahaan, 6(1), Organizational Culture, Organizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). This study aims to finding out and analyzing the influence. Peran organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) dalam peningkatan kinerja individu di sektor publik: Sebuah analisis teoritis dan empiris. Jurnal Borneo.

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Surya Timur Sakti Jatim. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 16 2. Religious affiliation and mental health. Kcb regression in behavioral research: Sampling conducted using non probability sampling. The Leadership Quartely, 15 A critical review of the theoretical and empirical literature and suggestions for future research.

Workplace religous expression, religiosity and job satisfaction: A cultural analysis of justice and organizational citizenship behavior in Chinese society. Explanation and prediction second edition. Organizational citizenship behaviors in small and medium enterprises in the context of leadership behavior. Home Vol 6, No 2 Budhiarti. Dimensions of transformational leadership: Alat ukur yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini mengambil dari tokoh Huber untuk mengukur religiusitas, Rafferty dan Griffin untuk mengukur gaya kepemimpinan transformasional.

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of intrinsic job satisfaction on organizational citizenship behavior OCB.


Journal of Management, 26 3 The influence of ratee gender on ratings of organizational citizenship behavior. Abstract Abstra ct This research was conducted kcb find out the significance of the influence of religiosity, transformational leadership style and demography occb organizational citizenship behavior OCB on state-owned employees in PT.

Dimension of religiosity and their relationship to lifetime psychiatrice and substance use disorders. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal, 3 7 Thus, the resultsconfirm previous researchers’ findings.

Organizational citizenship behavior; Its nature and antecedents. Construct redefinition, measurement, and validation.

Jurnal Ilmu Manajemen (JIM)

Transfomational and transactional leadership effects on teachers’ job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship behavior in primary schools: Pengaruh kepribadian dan komitmen organisasi terhadap organizational citizenship behavior. Hubungan Religiusitas dengan OCB.

Psychology applied to work. Individual- and organizational-level consequences of organizational citizenship behavior: Abstract The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of intrinsic job satisfaction on organizational citizenship behavior OCB.

Psychiatric, 3 This researchaims to explain the relationship between OCB, service quality, and patient satisfactionin hospital setting. The effect of leader-member exchangeon employee eny and organizationa citizenship behavior.

We use the perception of costumers in explaining the threeconstructs used in this research. The potential influence of organizational and personal variables on customer-oriented selling. The respondents are 30 full time nurses and hospital inpatients of private hospitals Sage Publications, 42 3. Path goal theory of leadership.


Its nature and antecedents. International Journal of Hospitality Management, A multi-level study of transformasional leadership, jjurnal peceptions, and organizational citizenship behavior. Jurnal Psikologi Undip, 7 1 Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 31 12 As a distinctive employee behavior, organizational citizenship behavior OCB plays an important role in shaping the quality of service provided by nurses tofurther enhance the feeling of satisfaction experienced by customers.

Academy of Management Journal, 37 4.


The result of research conducted is the behavior of citizenship organization OCB Y has increased one unit, then job satisfaction variable X will automatically add 0.

The role of religiosity on organizational citizenship behavior employee of Jurhal banking. American Psychological Association, 79 3. Jurnal Manajemen Universitas Udayana,

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