Get this from a library! Kamusi ya methali: za Kiswahili. [Kitula G King’ei; Ahmed E Ndalu]. Kamusi ya Methali: Maana na Matumizi ni kitabu chenye mkusanyiko mkubwa wa methali za Kiswahili. Kamusi hii imezieleza na kuzifafanua methali kwa mtindo. Kamusi ya methali za Kiswahili / Kitula King’ei na Ahmed Ndalu. Author/Creator: King’ei, Kitula G. Edition: Toleo jipya. Publication: Nairobi: East African.

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Nimekupaka wanja, wewe wanipaka pilipili. What the heart desires is medicine to it. Njia ya siku zote haina alama. Aliyekando, haangukiwi na mti.

A used key is always bright. To every child his own neck ornament.

Kamusi ya Methali za Kiswahili (EAEP)

A sickly sheep infects the whole flock. He who enjoys the first fruits of a country is a son of that country. A bee are found in flowers.

Ukiona neno, usiposema neno, hutapatikana na neno. The village cock does not crow in town. The Iabour of childbirth is known only metyali the mother.

He who turns his back on you is not your friend. Are you a duck in that your mind is with your children? Man proposes, God disposes.?? A long path has no signpost. You might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. I anointed you with perfume now you, in return, anoint me with pepper. A coconut’s water is like an ocean to an ant. Mvuvi ajuwa pweza alipo. Penye wimbi na mlango ni papo. Do not think one with a scar is healed. Where there are many present there is much said.


Water follows the current. The wailing begins for the deceased in order for those afar to join. Anayeonja asali, huchonga mzinga. A satisfied person does not know how a hungry man feels. An ear does not go to bed hungry there’s always plenty of gossip. Ndugu mwui afadhali kuwa naye.

A barber does not shave himself. He who gave you a chair throne is the one who gave me a coconut husk. Padogo pako si pakubwa pa mwenzako. To say something you may find hard to take back later or the journey may be difficult but arrival is celebration Kupoteya njia ndiyo kujua njia.

Kamusi ya Methali za Kiswahili (EAEP) | Text Book Centre

A bird that imitates others has no individual personality. One who stores half grown ripe fruit eats it rotten.

Out of sight out of mind. Scabies are given to him who has no fingernails. Penye wazee haliharibiki neno. When the Pleiades set in sunlight clear they rise in rain; when they set in rain they rise in sunlight.


Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. A chick is not taught how to scratch up the ground. He who eats with you kiswwahili not die with you only he who was born with you. Not all that have claws are lions.

Where there are plenty of trees there are no builders. I am a mud hut, I cannot stand shocks. Penye urembo ndipo penye urimbo. Dau la mnyonge haliendi joshi; likienda joshi ni mungu kupenda.

Every vessel has its own waves. Kimya kingi kina mshindo mkubwa. Blessings are better than wealth. Kilio huanza mfiwa ndipo wa mbali wakaingia. Let him learn by experience Mtoto umleyavyo ndivyo akuavyo. Mchagua nazi, hupata koroma. Mchezea zuri, baya humfika. Shimo Ia ulimi mkono haufutiki.

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