ww2dbaseKarl Maria Wiligut was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary in His father was of the Roman Catholic faith, but was also a follower of the German. Karl Maria Wiligut was born in Vienna on December 10, , son of Franz Karl Wiligut, Budapest in both his father and granfather were. Of all the strange personalities in Adolf Hitler’s entourage, Karl Maria Wiligut was certainly the oddest. Wiligut was born on December 10, in Vienna, then.

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Thomas rated it really liked it Oct 06, But age had finally caught up with the old warlock. Can’t pass an ancient monument or ruin without checking it out. Kark marked it as to-read Oct 27, They founded the city of Vilna as the center of their Germanic empire and always remained true to their Irminic faith.

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Five years later, inheeding the call of “the Higher Powers,” Wiligut emigrated to Germany and settled in Bogenhausen, a suburb of Munich. The Wiligut family were supposed to be sages of Irminism who were driven into the northern European wilderness by rival sorcerers in 1, Wiligtu. Martin rated it really liked it Oct 14, Sighthor rated it liked it Jan 14, According to Wiligut, Germanic culture and history reached back toWilgiut.

But in the end this msria was responsible for the design of the SS Honor ring, had a major role in the takeover and redesign of Wewelsburg castle which would be the epicenter of the SS ideology, and designed or at least amended the runic alphabet utilized during the period. Wiligut’s wife remained unimpressed by her husband’s claim to kingship; blaming him for their destitution, she pushed for his committal to a mental hospital.


Karl Maria Wiligut

Wiligut was baptised a Roman Catholic [1] in Vienna. After almost 40 years in military service, he retired on 1 January [2] with an impeccable record, and moved to Morzg near Salzburg where he dedicated his time to occult studies. Robert Jarrell rated it it was amazing Sep 05, The shape of Wend-horn is similar to Tvimadur.

Money was no obstacle.

Greg Mills added it Dec 04, When he left the lodge inwiligur held the rank of knight and the office of chancellor. Mark Mirabello rated it liked it Jun 02, Wiligut claimed to be in the tradition of wiliyut long line of Germanic mystic teachers, reaching back into prehistoric times. Aikibrewer rated it liked it Sep 26, Leaving his family in he moved from Austria to Germany and through mutual contacts is introduced to Heinrich Himmler at a conference of Nordische Gesellschaft a group operating to strengthen German-Nordic cultural cooperation, and would later be taken over by Alfred Rosenberg.

Wiligut’s friend Manfred von Knobelsdorff attempted to practise Wiligut’s Irminism on the Wewelsburg. He was declared legally incompetent by a Salzburg court and committed to a Salzburg asylum, where he remained until His God was “Krist” and believed Krist was bootlegged by what we know as “Christ” in the form of Christianity in later years.

Wiligut’s convictions assumed a paranoid trait in the s as he became convinced that his family was the victim of a continuing persecution of Irminists, at present conducted by the Roman Catholic Church, the Jews, and the Freemasons, on which groups he also blamed the defeat of World War I and the downfall of the Habsburg Empire.

With his newest disciple, Gunther Kirchhoff, he sent archaeological teams to investigate prehistoric sites at Gaggenau inGermany’s Murg valley in and Glozel, France in Millions were spent on the tunnel, and work continued until Novemberwhen the lack of supplies forced the SS project to close. Open Preview See a Problem? Wiligut claimed to possess ancestral-clairvoyant memory, which enabled him to recall the history and experiences of his tribe over thousands of years.


You know your editor. Using a newspaper he founded called Der Eiserne Besen he went about marl pamphlets pointing to a world wide conspiracy of dark forces in the form of Catholics, Jews, and Masonic order.

Czepl invited Wiligut to join “an mariw circle in Vienna, whose members included Willy Thaler, a cousin of Wiligut’s, his wife, Marie Thaler, the well-known stage actress, and several ONT brothers.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Never before have source documents of this nature been made available to the English-speaking world! B rated it really liked it Feb 16, Karl Maria Wiligut claimed to have ‘ancestral’ knowledge that allowed him insight Runic Key to decipher hidden messages. Chilling and thought provoking: Raul marked it as to-read Nov 11, Nikolay rated it really liked it Apr 30, Aly marked it as to-read Sep 13, Jared rated it it was ok Feb 05, A twin brother of one of the girls died as an infant, a devastating tragedy for Mxria, who was desperate wiliguy a male heir to which he could pass on his “secret knowledge”, which estranged him from his wife.

Karl Maria Wiligut

He was briefly detained and questioned by the British Army at Velden, but then was allowed to return to Germany. Inwhile stationed at Znaim in Moravia, Wiligut became intrigued by karrl curious prehistoric menhir called the Rabensteinthe subject of much local folklore. Jacob Senholt marked it as to-read May 24,

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