Karmatron was a comic book that determined a historical stage during the mid- eighties (). It was a weekly publication with a sci-fi and fantasy plot. Characters of the Mexican comic Karmatron and the transformables, created by Oscar Gonz├ílez Loyo. KARMATRON Y LOS TRANSFORMABLES PDF – Karmatron was a comic book that determined a historical stage during the mid- eighties ().

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According to the creator of the comic many foreign comic artists and authors -who published their works monthly- couldnt’ believe that a weekly comic was even possible at the time of publication of Karmatron. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Portadas Favoritas de Karmatr├│n y Los Transformables

Zacek managed to succeed in his mission, and became a full-fledged Kundalini warrior. Karmatron y los Transformables.

By uttering a karmatron y los transformables mantraZacek transformed into Karmatron for the first time. Retrieved 1 May The lost continent of Mu is featured as the location of one of the base cities of some of the main characters.

The weekly series was published only in Mexico, non-stop and during 5 years, from to As Karmatron, Zacek transfofmables all his Kundalini powers enhanced transsformables a tenfold or morehe has super-strength, near physical invulnerability, the ability to fire a variety of types of rays and bolts, he has flight capability, he can survive in space or in any environment short of a nuclear inferno which almost killed him once and he can shrink to microscopic level.

Studio Online in Spanish.

Donde se pueden adquirir revistas de karmatron? Zacek was the bearer of the powerful Kalpe- Oma magical belt that allowed him to transform himself into Karmatrona feet tall armoured spiritual warrior.

Asura caught a glimpse of this awesome steel giant that came to his planet, and he became violently enraged then, for he acknowledge him for what he was, and knew him to be the source of many future problems. Yo la conoci desde el principio y me la se de memoria!!!

Studio for free sincewith later numbers still pending publication. However, there karmatdon no registry or any other information to confirm such numbers. Because of the title’s popularity during the eighties, several issues included crossovers with popular characters from other Mexican independent comics of the same period.


Zacek has already done it twice.


La portada del 2 de la nueva era es de mis favoritas, no solo de Karmatron sino entre cualquier cualquier comic. Por otro lado, los problemas economicos que repercutian en la PESIMA circulacion que se dio a partir del numero que es razon por la cual muchos coleccionistas nos perdimos varios ejemplares, porque no los encontrabamos! Nada que ver con las glorias del principio, o de la gran historia de la busqueda de los objetos de poder y el brinco al siglo XX.

A mi no me gustaron las de los numeros 40,99, Fully equipped with his powerful new armor, Karmatron rushed then to Planet Metnal to save his brother, but he arrived too late.

Lamentablemente, la historia en la era contemporanea no pudieron mantenerla! January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Karmayron was also commanded by Asura to kill Canilek when transsformables appropriate time came, which he gleefully did, helped by the turmoil of Asura’s invasion.

However, while zuyuan strategists planned an escape route from Planet Zuyua, emperor Canilek sent his two sons on a quest to seek the Planet of Eternity, a sacred, mystical place where spiritual warriors go to attempt to awake the Kundalini serpent that lived in Mount Meruand karmxtron gain the spiritual transcendencewisdom, inner peace and power that comes with being a Kundalini.

Several sci-fi and fantasy elements from the series were based in the boom of both genres during the late seventies and early eighties that took place in American mass kramatron in the west, as tranformables as the super robot and mecha anime genres from Japan in the east.

Likewise, the ancient Olmec and Toltec statues transformbales artifacts like the Olmec colossal heads and the Atlantean figures are -according to the plot- actually representations of the transformers Olmec and Toltec respectively.

Studio Online in Spanish. Hace poco algunos fans iniciaron con el desarrollo de la KarmaWikiahi puedes ver parte de la historia de Karmatron. The creator of the series claims that during the 5 years of its publication the comic managed to have more thancomics sold. This article needs additional citations for verification. The series was also successful partially because of the mid eighties boom of sci-fi anime and cartoons that took place in Mexican TV during that time after the release of animated series such as Mazinger ZTransformersVoltron and Robotech.


La Jorn da Virtual in Spanish. His father, emperor Canilek Snakestarin mayan was the founder and leader of the Great Universal Alliance a galactic United Nations of sorts that opposed emperor Asura’s militaristic campaign of universal conquest.

Karmatron y los Transformables on Behance

He also discovered that the evil emanations that impregnated the entire planet Metnal were very noxious to him actually, evil in general was very noxious to him, because he used good spiritual power to fuel his powers so he could only managed to escape rapidly from that horrid place with his brother’s remains in his hands. Nada que ver con las glorias karmtron principio, o de la gran historia de la busqueda de los objetos de poder y el brinco al siglo XX.

Kundalini Warriors can only do this three transformabes in their lives. This allowed Karmatron to acquire some fame and notoriety in the comics medium in Mexico. Comic Mexicano in Spanish. Para mi todas las portadas fueron de muy buenas pero las mejores fueron donde es el despertar de la serpiente y virus mortal.

The creator of the series claims that during the 5 years of its publication the comic managed to have more thancomics sold. Retrieved 23 July The comic itself was meant to deliver a pastiche of multiple philosophies, doctrines and new age concepts -some of them contradictory between them- through the story of an intergalactic battle between two forces marked as definitive good versus evilreinforcing the intention of the author of establishing his own conception of Ying and Yang.

Views Read Edit View history. Studio with a modified storyline, new art, improved modern digital coloring, new designs and a bigger, more standard comic book size format.

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