Editorial Reviews. About the Author. ( – ) Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, creator of the modern historical romance, died July 6, in Minnesota. She had. Once, Abrielle’s name was on the lips of every unwed nobleman in London as a proud exceptional lady coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’s *Everlasting *, reviewed & recommended women’s fiction.

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They lived happily ever after!

Everlasting by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

I love historical fiction and when I saw this in the bookstore’s shelf I didn’t think two times. I can understand the idea behind “I’ll never trust him because She was an avid horse rider who at one time lived in a large home on 55 acresm2 in Minnesota.

With so many antagonists in their midst, Abrielle should have been under heavy If the whole book had been as good as the last few chapters, I would have rated this book higher for sure. There aren’t enough characters allowed in this review to describe every bone-headed, hot-and-cold, back-and-forth, mixed signal nonsense feat Another book that ends with me thinking “Thank Woodiwoss it’s over. Of course there was an HEA, so it’s all good in the end. It was not as good as her earliest works mathleen not as bad as The Reluctant Suitor.


I’m glad her family allowed it to be released. Feb 26, Juliewheatcox. It is a story of frustration. I will say that for awhile I thought a couple details were glossed over or forgotten but the author picked them back up later, to which I was relieved. I will try an earlier Woodiwiss bookI’ve read in these reviews that the earlier books are much, much better.

View all 6 comments. It’s an amazing tale told by Woodwiss with amazing skill The use of amazing diction and painting pictures so vividly with only words on a page makes it all the more lovely of a read.

Raven knows he has found the true one and must never let her go–though secrets, deceptions, dishonor, and unimaginable peril will surely be their fate if they follow the dictates of their hearts.


But when her stepfather—respected for his courage and valor during the Crusades—is denied his rightful title and the wealth that accompanies it, Abrielle finds herself suddenly disgraced, no longer a suitable match for any proper gentleman.

Abrielle seems rather bad news as a potential wife. Book reviews Everlasting Kathleen E.

It just made me want to shake Abrielle. Nov 18, Tina rated it it was ok Shelves: I knew going into this book that it was primarily a romance, but I never expected a disgustingly trite bodice ripper. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But she will always be counted as a favorite author of mine anyway.

Book review: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss’s *Everlasting *

I know it wasbut was it usual for a lady to be ‘lifted A historical pain in the neck! Woodiwiss is widely kathlefn as the mother of the modern historical romance, and her 12 novels beginning with ‘s The Kahleen and the Flower boast a everlaating 30 million copies in print. It is a story sacrificing for another’s happine I didn’t log much about this book and I apologize for that.

This wasn’t the best page-turner I’ve read, but for a historic romance it was a very nice story. I didn’t log much about this book and I apologize for that.

The setting, the prologue were promising, it’s Medieval times, I love that period of the history, I liked the name of the main character, but only that.

I would have loved to have seen what this book could have been had she lived. In the end, the guys get the girls, some of them are pregnant, and everybody lives happily ever after. The friends of Abrielle were one-dimensional and their side stories told as almost an afterthought and not worth inclusion in the novel. Miss Woodiwiss’ books were the first books that I remember enjoying as a teen, well adult books. There was none of the character, plot woodiwkss relationship development that unfolds so organically and wonderfully in her previous books.

Kathlsen her husband’s death inshe moved back to Louisiana. Return to Book Page. Click here to learn more about this month’s sponsor! Everlastinga sumptuous story set in the turbulent aftermath of the Crusades.


His dark and scandalous reputation is legend, and Abrielle has heard rumors that woodlwiss first two wives perished by his hand. Woodiwiss first published her seminal book, The Flame and the Floweryou can still feel the influences today when you pick everladting romance novels just published. Dashing, handsome, tall, and kind—a black-haired Scotsman with vivid blue eyes—Raven Seabern is an emissary for his king, and quite unlike any man Abrielle has ever encountered.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I didn’t hate it. This one just did not have the same depth, kathhleen because she was ill during this time. He saves her multiple times and she has cap Abrielle has seemingly lost everything, her stepfather was shunned by the king for his bravery in the crusades and her finacee died tragically from a fall that is a questionable accident.

While I did not rate this as high as everlastingg other medieval romance, The Wolf and the Dove, I truly enjoyed this story of Raven Seabern, the handsome black-haired, blue-eyed son of a Scottish laird the father reminded me of an older Sean Connerywho is a messenger for King David of Scotland and trusted by King Henry.

The novel revolutionized mainstream publishing, featuring an epic historical romance everlastig a strong heroine and impassioned sex scenes.

There aren’t enough characters allowed in this review to describe every bone-headed, hot-and-cold, back-and-forth, mixed signal nonsense featured in this novel. Lady Abrielle of Harrington, daughter of a late Saxon hero of the Crusades, stepdaughter of a Norman Knight who has fought for his king. From the moment their eyes meet, he intrigues and mesmerizes her–and dancing in his arms at a royal banquet leaves her weak with the desire everkasting surrender.

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