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TJie light full line The dotted line.

kba 70219 abe pdf to jpg

The plan is drawn first, then the two elevations. With 9 as a center, and a radius equal to the length of two of these parts, describe arcs cutting A B in d and d’. This drawing plate differs from those previously given in that the title is placed in the lower left-hand corner.

For example, by referring to Fig.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Item location see all Item location. This is done so as not to take up too much space on the drawing.

Use the ruling pen for inking in the straight outlines of the letters, and the lettering pen for rounding the corners and filling in between the outlines. Project the points Kbx, C, D, etc. The cross-section part on the arm indicates that a cross-section taken at E F would look as shown ; that is, that the arm is elliptical.

The beginner will find that it is not always easy to make smooth lines. To understand clearly what follows, refer to Plate I. Complete the rest of the drawing in the same manner.


To draw the frustum as shown in the last figure, either the front elevation or the plan is drawn first — whichever happens to be more convenient.

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Through the center O of the generating circle draw the radius O 6. Construct the rectangle A B D C, 1. This is best done by first dividing the larger circle into the required number of parts, beginning at the center line A C, and then drawing radial lines through the points of division on this circle, to the center O of the circles, as 3 shown in the upper right-hand quarter of the figure. When he looks at oba other view, it is to find the depth of the holes and the height of the bosses.

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The side elevation of Fig. From and above the line c c’ lay off on the vertical center line a a’ a.

If sharpened to a round point, as shown at B, the point will wear away very quickly and make broad lines; when so sharpened it kbba difficult to draw a line exactly through a zbe. Pagination for search results. The screws B and B’ are made hollow to lighten them. India ink will dry quickly on the drawing, which is desir- able, but it also causes trouble by drying between the blades and zbe to flow, especially when drawing fine lines. When this is done, it is understood that the part broken away is similar to the ends of the column next to the break, which in this case is indicated by drawing a line consisting of a long dash and two dots across the column.


Placement on Vehicle see all Placement on Vehicle. The curves at A, B, etc. When held at right angles to the paper, as in Fig. Divide the drawing into two equal parts by means of a faint horizontal line. Like- wise, in drawings of objects built up of plates or rolled sec- tions, as in boiler and bridge drawings and similar work, only a few rivets, or staybolts, or similar repeated parts are usually shown, and the location of the rest is indicated by showing the position of their centers or bv a, suitable note placed on the drawing.

Plate, Intersections and Developments: It is shown in plan and section. Physicians conducting these studies may use Epidiolex in a manner inconsistent with the protocol, including in children with conditions different from those being studied in GW-sponsored trials.

Each stringer is notched 1 inch over the cap. A center line op is drawn in, however; this center line indicates to the workman, who reasons from the symmetry of the object in respect to the center line x y, that the lower half of the object is to be supplied with a bolt placed in the plane given by the center line op. All these arcs terminate at the point of tangency.

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