Sony Grand WEGA KDF-E60A20 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Sony Grand WEGA KDF-E60A20 Operating Instructions Manual. Lcd projection tv hd-tv operating instructions • Read online or download PDF • Sony KDF-E60A20 User Manual. Kdf-e60a20 • Read online or download PDF • Sony GRAND WEGA KDF-E60A20 User Manual.

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Record these numbers in the spaces provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Important Safety Instructions 1 Read these instructions.

Antennas Outdoor Antenna Grounding If an outdoor antenna is installed, follow the precautions below. An outdoor antenna system should not be located in the vicinity of overhead power lines or other electric light or power circuits, or where it can come in contact with such power lines or circuits.

Watch your footing while installing the TV. Carry the TV in the Specified Manner If you carry the TV in a manner other than the specified manner and without the specified number of persons, it may drop Accessing the Setup Settings Instructions in this manual are written for the remote control. Similar controls are also found on the TV console. Allows you to navigate a list of up to sixteen favorite channels without leaving the current channel.

V-Chip technology allows parents to block unsuitable programming from younger viewers. Introducing the Sony TV When the projection lamp wears out, the screen goes dark. Replace the lamp with a new Sony XL replacement lamp not supplied. The light emitted from the lamp is quite bright when your TV is in use. To avoid eye discomfort or injury, do not look into the light housing when the power is on. Do not hold by the pedestal or the front panel of the TV.

Doing so may cause these parts to break off. When lit, indicates one of the timers is set. Connects to the left and right audio inputs of your audio or video component. Introducing the Sony TV Continued. To display clear crisp pictures, you must connect your TV correctly and choose the correct display format see Wide button on page It is strongly recommended to connect the antenna using a ohm coaxial cable to receive optimum picture quality signal.

Basic Connections The way in which you connect your TV will vary, depending on how your home receives a signal antenna and satellite, cable, cable box and whether or not you plan to connect a VCR. Cable Box and For best results, use this connection if: Use the cable box Set up the TV remote control to operate the cable Activate the remote control to operate the cable With this connection you can: Satellite Receiver Disconnect all power sources before making any connections.


Connect red to red, white to white, etc. Equipment with Use this hookup if: The HDMI jack provides both video and audio signals, so it The Initial Setup screen appears when you turn on the TV for the first time after hooking it up. If you choose to set up the channels at a later time select the Auto Program option in the Channel menu to scan available channels see below. This section provides some of the individual connections you can have.

For multiple connections please refer to the Quick Setup Guide. Connect the CATV cable to the single input jack of the splitter. Connecting the TV Cables are often color-coded to connectors. Coaxial cable Splitter CATV cable If you are connecting a digital cable kdf-e60s20, you will need a special bi- directional splitter designed to work with your cable box. Using Disconnect all power sources before making any connections.

Sony KDF-E60A20 User Manual

Cables are often color-coded to connectors. Connecting the TV Camcorder or Disconnect all power sources before making any connections. Disconnect all power sources before making any connections.

Watching the TV Overview The table on the next page describes the buttons on the remote control. Use the dot as a reference when operating the TV.

By pressing this button alone will start the Record Buttons recording. Remote control operation tips are provided below. The Guide also provides information about the current program being shown on each channel. Make Way for Ducks! Series follows the aquatic misadventures of Henry and Riley, two wayward ducks on a unique mission.

When the TV receives a p or i signal that is in 4: It enables you to perform a variety of tasks intuitively with a control panel on the screen rather than using complicated remote control button presses.

Icon Description The Favorites feature lets you select programs from a list of up to 16 favorite channels that you specify. For details, see kdf-e602a0 Favorites The Cable feature takes you to the most recently viewed channel on the cable input. You can create a list using the Add to Favorites option. When tuned to the channel, the Program Banner and Channel number will be displayed.

Using the Settings Overview The Settings gives you access to the following features: Depending on the signal tuned, you may see a different Setting options on your screen. Settings displayed here are with the p signal.

To highlight an option and to change settings, press V v B b. Press to confirm the selection. Option Description Sharpness Adjust to sharpen or soften the picture. Option Description Select to give sound more impact by compensating for phase effects in speakers.


Select for normal stereo or mono reception. Stereo Select for stereo reception when viewing a program broadcast in stereo. Enjoy stereo, bilingual and Auto SAP Select to automatically switch to second audio mono programs when a signal is received.


To show or hide an individual sub- channel within a digital channel, you must individually select that sub- channel to show or hide. Adult to help simplify the rating selection. If you selected Canada, see To ensure maximum page Canadian custom rating options If you selected Canada as the country of residence on page 67, the Custom Rating menu includes the following options. If you selected U. Option Description English Rating All children. Children 8 years and older.

SONY KDF-E60A20 user manual – Limited Warranty (U.S. Only)

To exit the Setup, press Selecting The Setup settings include the following options: Setup Options Option Caption Vision Language Select to display all on-screen menus in your language of choice: Power Saving Standard Reduced CC1, CC2, Displays a printed version of the dialog or sound effects of a program. Press to select To highlight an option and to change settings, press V v B b. To exit the Applications, press Selecting The Applications settings include the following options: Select to turn off the Timer.

Your previous settings are saved. Optional Accessories Index Contacting Sony If, after reading these operating instructions, you have additional questions related to the use of your Sony television, please call our Customer Information Services Center.

Electric appliances can cause fire or high temperature, resulting in injury or death. Be sure to follow the instructions below. Use a Sony XL replacement lamp not supplied for replacement. Use of any other lamp may damage the TV. Do not remove the lamp for any purpose other than replacement. Doing so may manuwl injury or fire. Loosen the screws on the rear side panel. Remove the front panel. Pull out the lamp.

Loosen the right screw on the cover with a coin or similar object. Remove the screw from the lamp cover. Pull down the cover toward you.

Unscrew the lamp and pull out the lamp kdfe60a20. Never touch the glass portion of the lamp or the surrounding parts. Never put the used lamp into a plastic bag.

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