A big thanks to Keeks and the Future Pro Goalie School crew for their knowledge and welcome this week. They run a well seasoned, modern and jam-packed. In the instruction section of the site you can tune in to weekly podcasts where Keeks interviews a goalie or a coach, as well as see video clips of. The vast majority of men and women who coach minor hockey in this country don ‘t know the first thing about coaching goalies.

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The provinces top goalie coaches should come together each year to work on and improve the goaloe program. Naturally, the organizational body needs funds for start-up and administration of the program but goalie coaches can be volunteer or can receive a small fee.

CHL Considers Euro Ban to Fix Canada’s Goalie Problem

Having a team CGC will be great for young goalies. At least we finally admit there is a problem! As others before me have stated, many people may have the qualifications, but do not have the ability to teach the skills. Many have commented on the fact their young goalies have little or no attention paid to them.

However, as a student of the game I think that being armed with some tools can fill the gaps and prevent our young players from ekeks being shooter tutors. It’s a rough draft, but the information is first rate.

One of the unfortunate aspects of hockey culture is the mentality that has every team doing its own practice instead of sharing resources. Prayfully it will work and goalies will begin to have someone out on the ice instructing them.


However, in the spirit kewks the the league being the Canadian Hockey League, perhaps all players should only be Canadian to keep it real. At least, this is a start by Hockey Canada, and if all goes as planned, we will expand this program. How did this turn into rocket science? Howeverthe past year at rep level this was not allowed.

I have read many other talented authors on the subject who could add valuable insights. Goalies are taught at goalie schools to track the puck after the shot has been made and then reset for the next.

After all we pay the same price as every one else kesks get nothing in return. If Canada wants high level goalies, Canada has to mandate a high level program early on, otherwise, status quo for Canada while other nations get even better.

These levels could be achieved by a similar format that Hockey Canada has established for its standard coaches program.

New to Goalie Help Please! – Goal Equipment – ModSquadHockey

Guest article by Jack Hartigan of FinnGoalie. Moreover, I think that the teams are not too keen on using their precious import picks on goaltenders.

Again, we have found lots of good goalie instruction.

Your email address will not be published. As you know very well, the parents of a goalie pay the same amount for their child to play hockey but in the past the goalie hardly ever got proper instruction unless a parent came out and helped, as you have done. He would continue to develop in Lukko for another eight years, until he posted a 2. keeke


Page 1 – Goaltending Essentials

If Canada wants to be competitive at the international levels look in their own backyards at the players that are selected from their individual hockey associations to represent them in the first selections for team Ontario.

This would result goalis optimum development in young goalies as they go through the minor hockey program.

Trevor Green on May 30, at 2: If you are keeks to do the job right then you should do the best you can at that job. The level 1 clinic has been offered every year in our province sinceand at least twice in our local region. Who will get the ball rolling and get everyone working together? The bottom line is the cream always rises to the top.

Our camps include drills, fitness testing, and a report card. As a goalie parent myself for a girl in Ringette and a son who plays part time in hockey due to his age I hear a lot that goalies are a breed of their own.

A good program would include: So what if we amend our limits. There seems to be a lack of serious, consistent and accessible high level training for young goalies novice-peewee.

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