Strategikon of Kekaumenos The Strategikon of Kekaumenos (Greek: Στρατηγικὸν τοῦ Κεκαυμένου, Latin: Cecaumeni Strategicon) is a late 11th century. Kekaumenos, Consilia et Narrationes The Kekaumenos family; 3. . Lemerle suggest that it was he who entitled our text ‘Strategikon’ (Prolégomènes 9). of a rural aristocrat known as the Strategikon of Kekaumenos. Written ca. Savvides, A. “The Byzantine Family of Kekaumenos (late 10th early 12th Cent.).

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The Strategicon of Maurice, a kskaumenos Byzantine manual of war The Strategikon of Kekaumenos, an eleventh-century Byzantine manual of war Strategicon, a series of gaming conventions held in California Earlier in the campaign ofhe came over to Basil at Skopiabringing an important body of troops; Basil responded by making him protospatharios and strategos: Renumbering of transposed sections 6.

Strategicon disambiguation topic Strategicon may refer to: This name is less widely attested than Kekaumenos, and only in the western part of the empire. The book is valuable to historians for its portrayal of the mindset of the Byzantine provincial aristocracy in the closing decades of the 11th century, and especially the social relations, as revealed in the third part. A crucial element in the maintenance and spreading of this military know-how, along with traditional histories, were the various treatises and practical manuals.

Views Read Edit View history. The Roman spatha was used in war and in gladiatorial fights.

His advice, for example, to an intellectual 8. Otherwise, the individuals mentioned below provide the only other examples of the name currently known. This is a timeline of Romanian history, comprising strtaegikon legal and territorial changes and political events in Romania and its predecessor states.


He had since been a Byzantine governor, until when he led an unsuccessful revolt that landed him in a prison at Constantinople.

Strategikon – Wikipedia

During most of its existence, the empire was the most powerful economic, cultural, several signal events from the 4th to 6th centuries mark the period of transition during which the Roman Empires Greek East and Latin West divided. These continued a tradition that stretched back to Xenophon and Aeneas the Tactician, and many Eastern Roman military manuals excerpt or adapt the works of ancient authors,[1] especially Aelian[2] and Onasander.

Katakalon Kekaumenos was born in Koloneiaand although apparently a member of the noble Katakalon family, according to John Skylitzes he was not of aristocratic origin.

One such lacuna is apparently indicated by the space left at f. The term Vlach was also used for shepherds, like in mountains of Herzegovina region stategikon Bosnia.

Volume 50 Issue 2 Janpp. Poliorcetica topic Use of a portable Byzantine flamethrower for Greek fire from atop a flying bridge against a castle.

The Stgategikon family Several active individuals of this name are mentioned in the 11th – 12th centuries. The absence of the final chapters from the Pinax could indicate the loss of part of the Pinax; but it could indicate that the scribe who copied the Pinax from the rubrics, confused strstegikon the change of subject matter in this part of the MS, simply ended the Pinax here.

Volume 99 Issue 2 Aprpp.

But this is a normal way to present gnomai, and an entirely appropriate way of presenting advice: In the next year, he defeated the Rus’ raid against the imperial capital, and was named vestes and archon of the Danubian cities. Of these, 2 and 3 were probably contemporaneous; 5 need only be supposed if we assume that Sections V or VI did originally fill the lacunae in the numbered text; and 6 should perhaps be attributed to our scribe.


Shrategikon Nikoulitzas heard this from his spies[4] he went to Constantinople to warn the Emperor Constantine X Doukas, but the Emperor dismissed him and no measures were taken. strategikkn

The book is valuable to historians for its portrayal of the mindset of the Byzantine provincial aristocracy in the closing decades of the 11th century, and especially the social strztegikon, as revealed in the third part.

None of these links are very strong. The history of Thessaly covers the history of the region of Thessaly in central Greece from antiquity to the present day. Of this family we know almost nothing. This article is about the 11th century book.

Byzantinische Zeitschrift

But there are dangers in reorganising the material into an order which is closer to what we think suitable, and it is probably most prudent to present the material in the way in which it is found in the manuscript.

It may also be of significance that the patriarch John Xiphilinos, who compelled Constantine X Doukas to keep his oath to Nikoulitzas and his companions Like the empire it served, it was a direct continuation from its Imperial Roman predecessor, but played a far greater role in the defence and survival of the state than its earlier iteration.

In order to establish the reason for such a reprimand, stratetikon may recall that it was probably in that Kekaumenos II, the strategos of Larissa, was recalled by Basil.

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