demand to be treated the same just like any other Kenyan in Published by Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC), Kenya. Kenya TJRC Report Volume 1. Document. Pages. Notes. Text. Zoom. CLOSE. Previous for “” Next. p. 1. Loading Loading. p. 2. Loading Loading. p. 3. Loading. One year after its release, ICTJ presents a critical overview of the Final Report of Kenya’s Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission in a.

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The statement taking process provides victims with the opportunity to tell the truth about their experiences and those of close friends and relatives.

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya

Tensions in the Rift Valley have caused violence in several previous Kenyan elections, most notably in the Kenyan Elections. Individual hearings will focus on individual cases, and the experience of individuals with respect to violations within the mandate of the Commission.

Although the elections passed off with less violence than had been the case inevents in January put paid to any hopes that political violence might be a thing of the past in Kenya. It is expected that more judges will be removed from office as the investigation continues.

The closely contested presidential election was characterised by unrealistic promises, fragmentation, balkanisation, media hype and strong expressions of ethnic nationalism. Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan arrived in the country nearly a month after the election, and successfully brought the two sides to the negotiating table.

The commissioners of the TJRC are both local and international, and there has been controversy regarding the legitimacy of the commission kenta to its commissioners. These clashes pitted these groups along ethnic lines as well as on political lines.

Some of the commissioners and people involved with the commission were involved with the previous government, and, consequently, people question the impartiality of the commission. I have also included here a list of hyperlinks that are mentioned in the book so that the reader can click on the link rather than type in the URL to access the document. Despite Kalenjin attacks on Kikuyu making up the majority of the ethnic violence in Kenya, ethnic conflicts between tribes remained much more complicated.


In addition, the Electoral Commission was made up of presidential appointees whose loyalty to the incumbent was never in doubt.

Institutional hearings will focus on the role played by an institution or institutions with respect to violations within the mandate of reporg Commission. By 11 March, police reports were estimating that at least people had been killed since the ‘clashes’ had begun in January.

Kenya Government and Parliamentary Inquiries. Archived from the original on 29 February Victims may apply for reparations if they qualify.

The Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya has the ability to investigate, analyse, and report on what happened between and in regards to gross violations of human rights, feport crimes, illegal acquisition of public land, marginalisation of communities, ethnic violence, the context in which the crimes occurred, and educate the public about its work.

Just after the links you will find a brief summary of the types of documents provided in each section of the website. Truth and reconciliation commissions Human rights organisations based in Kenya. Some of the transcripts of our public hearings are missing here, and I fear may be lost forever.

This post election violence took the lives of over people and displaced at leastCritics also question the credibility of the commissioners because of their connection to Moi’s regime and its gross human rights violations. This violence persisted long after the election with postelection violence reports in, and Academic and Civil Society Analysis The Academic and Civil Society Analysis section includes the academic and civil society publications that are cited in the book.

Specifically the US criticised the use of local courts to try suspects accused of perpetrating violence. Reportt the night of 11 Januarysome members of the Pokot and Samburu ethnic groups raided the home of a Kikuyu widow at a place called Mirgwit in the Laikipia District of the Rift Valley Province.

The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission of Kenya – Wikipedia

Violence ensued as Kalenjin supporters of Moi raped, killed, and displaced Kikuyu opposition supporters. He was opposed to the introduction of multi-party politics in the country and the existence of opposition political parties particularly in the Rift Valley. Some of the Kikuyu also engaged in retaliatory violence against groups kkenya of Odinga, primarily Luos and Kalenjin, especially in the areas surrounding Nakuru kemya Naivasha. Ina Government appointed Task Force recommended establishment of a Truth Justice and reconciliation Commission.

  ASTM D4737 PDF

Kenya TJRC Report Volume 1

These courts, the US argued, had a backlog of hundreds of thousands of cases and a reputation for corruption. The incumbent, then President Daniel Arap Moicampaign freely all over the country while other party leaders could not. I have also included a version of the Act that I created for my own purposes, that reflects the substantive changes made to the Act and that except for the various extensions we received is the Act that substantively governed our operations.

A full copy of the Final Report, including the dissent submitted by the international Commissioners, can be found at https: It is telling that most Kenyans support the ICC and have little faith in their own judiciary, which is widely perceived as corrupt. Statements recorded from victims across the country are the main source of information for the TJRC on gross human rights violations suffered by them during the mandate period 12 December and 28 February Moi won the elections but many doubted the legitimacy of his victory.

One of the many suggestions in the official report that the Waki Commission made was that the Kenyan government establish a tribunal of both international and national judges to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of the gross human rights violations. Police shot a number of demonstrators, including a few in front of TV news cameras, causing more violence directed toward the police.

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