Kerfol has ratings and 20 reviews. Tom said: This story is not exactly what I expected going in. Even so, it is a great example of gothic horror and. It is one of the many ghost stories Edith Wharton wrote and was also included in the collection Ghosts published in Kerfol. cover design. Edith Wharton aimait les chiens, et elle a exprimé la force de ce sentiment dans deux passages-clés de ses écrits autobiographiques. «Kerfol» est la seule de.

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New Critical EssaysNew York: I was curious about this story when The Ghosts of Kerfol came out. I had supposed the place to be familiar to her.

The present people are dead broke, and it’s going for a song — you ought to buy it. Some people said he had never looked at a woman since his wife’s death; but such things are hard to prove, and the evidence on this point was not worth much.

They shut her up in the dungeon at Kerfol where she dies many years later, having gone mad.

She shut the dog in a chest and went down to receive him. He had married young and lost his wife and son soon after, and edihh then had lived alone at Kerfol.

Wwharton, the door at the bottom wgarton the stairs was ajar, and the key in the lock; and it was noticed by the chaplain an observant man that the dress she wore was stained with blood about the knees, and that there were traces of small blood-stained hands low down on the staircase walls, so that it was conjectured that she had really been at the postern-door when her husband fell and, feeling her way up to him in the darkness on her hands and knees, had been stained by his blood dripping down on her.


The narrator fails to meet the keepers of the place, but instead sees a host of oddly silent dogs of every description. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Poor Herve de Lanrivain: III It was in the year 16 — that Yves de Cornault, lord of the domain of Kerfol, went to the pardon of Locronan to perform his religious duties. One of the surgeons called in had spoken of marks that looked like bites.

And as a edoth who loves dogs, she is marked as doubly childish. For the Prevention of Cruelty: The first years of her marriage had been lonely; but her husband had not been unkind to her. My sense of the pressure of the invisible began to yield to my architectural interest.

Pickering and Chatto, The halls of Kerfol hold many secrets and mysteries. Amber rated it really liked it Oct 21, On God and Dogs: Anne de Cornault, when whartno as to her reason for going down at night to open the door to Herve de Lanrivain, made an answer which must have sent a smile around the court.

He was a rich and powerful noble, then in his sixty-second year, but hale and sturdy, a great horseman and hunter and whraton pious man. Her husband kegfol away at the time. She also continued to write, lying in her bed every morning, as she had always efith, dropping each newly penned page on the floor to be collected and arranged when she was finished.

Part of her tragedy, as critics have noted, is that not only her husband but her society and its legal system too associate her with her dharton in a less-than-human category: I was unaware of them myself until very recently….

She had no desire for the pomander, and did not know why she had bought it.


Kerfol, and other Edith Wharton ghost stories « Versailles and More

At first I thought of translating the old record literally. It was not with the least idea of living up to the character my friend Lanrivain ascribed to me as a matter of fact, under my unsociable exterior I have always had secret yearnings for domesticity that I took his hint one autumn afternoon and went to Kerfol.

Sorry to hear about the blog troubles. Before I read this I never thought dogs would scare me.

Kerfol, by Edith Wharton

It was his wife who found him and gave the alarm, so distracted, poor wretch, with wdith and horror — for his blood was all over her — that at first the roused household could keefol make out what she was saying, and thought she had gone suddenly mad.

Inwardly I was thinking: I said to myself: He was shivering a little, and his expression was more timid than that of the others. My friend evith motoring over to Quimper on business: Behind me I found the rest of the pack, with a newcomer added: Later on, as it happened, it was produced at the trial, and appears to have struck the Judges eeith the public as a curious and valuable jewel.

The whole place is a tomb! Anne is of course the prime suspect, and she stands trial for the murder of her husband, another area of great interest to the lawyer in me. It was a winter evening when he rode up to Kerfol and, walking into the hall, found her sitting listlessly by the fire, her chin on her hand, looking into the fire.

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