Imet Kevin Mitnick for the first time in , during the filming of a Discovery Channel Kevin put me in touch with the agent who books his speeches. She. Kevin Mitnick was the most elusive computer break-in artist in history. I know that many people love Ghost in the Wires, but this book really bothers me. Jim Nitterauer reviews master social engineer Kevin Mitnick’s book, Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted.

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He also has a highly annoying penchant for including what seems to be every last goshdarn phone number he has ever dialed.

Kevin Mitnick

He’d call and gather a few bits of jargon he could use, or a name of someone important he could use later. I guess at one point he was on the cover of Newsweek magazine with his face super-imposed over Darth Vader’s head, and was maybe the most wanted guy in the country.

I’ve read several of the negative comments written about this book, and I don’t understand why these people read the book in the first place. How wildcard characters are explained twice in two disjoint chapters but in one between. He had many tricks. Once the actual novel started, there wasn’t another paragraph nearly as interesting as the prologue.

Ghost in the Wires is that sweet spot of books about technology. Only four days, I am on page I would definitely not call the book well written but I did find his life fascinating.

Unless you like repetition and gibberish. Since that was the object of the read, it was a success. Again, still nothing earthshattering.

Book Review: Ghost in The Wires – Kevin Mitnick

His real motivation time and time again was the sheer thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of a difficult mission accomplished. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. He claims he did not use software programs or hacking tools for cracking passwords or otherwise exploiting computer or phone security.

The story of Mitnick’s mitnidk, his two and a half year evasion wiires the police and FBI and his subsequent trial is constantly engaging and occasionally exciting, filled with tips, quirky asides, and the occasional bit of jargon pitched just above my competence. But my interest is in computers so I wanted to read more about computer hacking.


The least of my complaints is that this guy, for all his alleged genius qualities, isn’t a good writer. Mitnick shows no evidence of ever having read a book for the sheer joy of it, nor even writing a letter or a note on a refrigerator without the intention of deceiving someone.

For him, hacking was more of a “Why did I climb that mountain? Don’t worry – in wirs chapter of mixed metaphors, he also compares himself to a wirrs.

Thus, I am very impressed by this story. Even before he becomes a fugitive, there is a sense of danger always around the corner. Retrieved September 13, I think in writing this book he really tried to down play what he did and that is disappointing considering what he then went on to do after being freed from prison. I remember the news stories, I remember the whole “Free Kevin” movement on the web, I remember reading about his release in newspapers and online magazines. The book is kind of on the same lines but Kevin hacked and used social engineering for people information.

The people he social-engineered who were potentially fired or demoted for having compromised their companies?

This introduction felt almost like a betrayal of trust that as an employee I felt went both ways up to that point and Was about to give the book 3 stars, which according to Goodreads means “I liked it”, but understood that it would have been grossly unfair to judge this type of a book on the same merits I judge fiction books on. Was about to give the book 3 stars, which according to Goodreads means “I liked it”, but understood that it would have been grossly unfair to judge this type of a book on the same merits I judge fiction books on.

If you have a Kevin Mitnick is a fascinating person. I found it a little repetitive at times as we go from how he hacked into one system after another after another. These stories made me root for him to succeed.


The story behind the FBI was interesting, as they struggled to keep up with this new white collar crime they knew nothing about. Mitnick’s story of how he learned how to hack various phone systems and social engineer his way into the databases of multiple phone companies is a fascinating one.

Sep 14, Michael rated it it was amazing. At times, Mitnick is a bit short-sighted in things and that comes across. Preview — Ghost in the Wires wies Kevin D. Motnick was brilliant at this and really shows how you can pretty much get anything you want out of people by being friendly, confident and clued up on the lingo.

Mitnick says he never took money from hacking, but now of course he’s making money from writing this and other books as well as from promoting his computer security company eires on his illegally obtained skills. Hacker used to be kvin nickname for obsessive computer types that would dig into depths of systems and code looking for the nooks and crannies.

I’ve always been fascinated by the early days of computers and the internet, especially where computer cracking is involved. Eventually, he went just a bit too far and was rounded up by the FBI and tossed into jail.

Kevin Mitnick – Wikipedia

Published August 15th by Little, Brown and Company. The result is a book that is not only entertaining and historic, but highly instructional also.

I’m sure for him, the language he is using feels like “See Jane. That’s probably part of why he’s so successful at Social Engineering. I grew up as a t A few days ago I started reading this book, after reading some comments and reviews about it some time ago. In one scene Mitnick is severely critical of prosecutors who use “dirty tactics” to put him behind bars, but then he continues to use his own dirty tactics while behind those bars.

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