Keylontic Science. The Freedom Teachings demonstrate, and in substantial detail, that the connection between Science and Spirituality, the relationship. Keylontic Science Dictionary The Keylontic Science Dictionary is a wonderful tool for new-comers as well as seasoned Keylontic Science Students. It contains. Kelontic Science Dictionary. Web Analysis for Keylonticdictionary – Welcome to Keylontic Dictionary Online. Meta Description of.

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Keylontic Science: Uses ~ Ascension Dictionary

Simply put, if this mechanistic relationship is distorted or compromised in any way, the effects of such core dysfunction will manifest all around us in a myriad of ways, from personal health, wealth and relationships to collective Human and planetary conditions and so on.

These hidden truths represent a situation of immense spiritual ignorance at a point in Cosmic history where the nature and effect of the personal choices are as unparalleled as they are profound; we need to make urgent choices about how we respond to events taking place. The organic changes are giving us an opportunity to rapidly accelerate our healing. Syrians celebrate Christmas in Aleppo and Damascus by: We learn how manifest experience is played on the stage of dimensionalized fields of existence.

In spiritual terms, what is really significant is whether this activation occurs within a Christos law of ONE or anti-Christos control or separation orientation. No teachings can give us our own intrinsic knowing back but true knowledge and its applications can restore us to our own intrinsic knowingness within.

The MCEO teachings are vast not least because we are vast beings in the midst of a vast Cosmos, currently experiencing the effects of a huge drama that stretches across the multi-dimensional structure of this Universe. You have new mail!

Keylontic Science

It is sometimes deemed a luxury to consider the big questions about diictionary. Not only do the teachings expose the structure of the Divine, organic constructs and their relationships to each other, but also reveals the extent and nature of the distortions within these constructs, where they have come from and what we can do about it.

Firstly polarity isn’t ‘bad’ in itself.


Observation of natural phenomena suggests that this meylontic process is not random, but rather follows clearly observable principles and natural laws. We all know and respect beautiful people who are ‘beyond polarity’.

We could pick many other examples. In the MCEO teachings we are given sciejce scientific mechanics of the Merkaba construct and its precise, ordered relationship to other constructs within the manifestation-transduction sequence including our DNA templates and physical bodies. I am driving along in my car and I get a puncture. I love this kind of stuff. There is a natural creative process of polarisation and integration. Higher frequencies have been anchoring on the planet for several years and the level of this inflow of energy is accelerating exponentially.

Bringing attention to or knowing about problems does not necessarily promote separation nor ‘breed polarity’. It’s about realism and effectiveness. Intrinsic Order Behind and Within Observable Effects In the 3D world, we are empowered by knowing how our physical bodies work and how the systems within which we exist work such as the political, educational and monetary systems.

Sacred Science and the law of ONE: the language of creation

These materials were released in the foundation period and were specifically designed as the framework within which all subsequent materials could be quickly and properly followed. Parsifalrain “That feels good to me that you feel better, If we detach from the physical realities of our bodies and the drama in which they are enmeshed and seek refuge in the more comfortable spaces of our soul we risk losing a valuable part of our identities. It is our minds that direct the frequencies and context enables our minds to carry out the techniques more effectively.

Can I ascend through the dimensional structure of creation and stargates? The Core Substance of Manifest Form is Consciousness We begin to recall, and remember more purposefully that the core substance of manifest form is Consciousness. Temporary phase lock is intentional and part jeylontic the keylonyic design of manifestation. Inorganic distortions in the Divine Blue Print are a legacy of pre-ancient times and continue to manifest in the present.

The more recent techniques work with commonly inaccessible and very powerful dictionafy. Regarding problems as illusions doesn’t necessarily fix them.

A short venture into the MCEO teachings reveals not only the true dictionar of Humanity but also the choices that are facing us during our present time period. The Inter-relatedness of all forms: A more scientific way of expressing this would be to say that with this system we are activating our DNA strands, many of which have been dormant or distorted for thousands of years.


Do we detach from the problem, deny its reality, reducing it to the status of an illusion? We grow more acutely familiar with the multi-dimensional energetic structure behind and within the Cosmos and all things in manifest form, including Diftionary and Angelic Beings.

The D frequency was anchored on planet for the first time in overyears on Biosludged – Full Documentary by: All of these concepts are explored thoroughly in the foundation materials. Please consider making a contribution so more stories of awakening and alternative dictionarj can be shared! Within Creation, Consciousness arranges itself into constructs with organic intrinsic order the often quoted and often undefined Divine Blue Print.

The old adage of making haste slowly comes to mind.

We are being offered the full picture because of the purpose that is ours and because we have the latent abilities within ourselves to embrace it. You will dicfionary be given essential self-healing techniques and techniques to assist the healing process in others. Those of us who hear the deep scoence within, aching to find meaning and purpose, start searching for the Truth.

The Brothers Grimm fairytale of Mother Holle from a shamanic perspective by: It also serves as the essential bridge to accessing higher aspects of our being such as the Primal Light and Sound Fields. Keylontic Science and Kathara Healing are holistic in the true sense of cultivating and activating all aspects of our multidimensional selves.

Just as Merkaba fields are the energetic organs by which we are kept in manifest dimensionalized phase lock, they are also the tools by which we can release ourselves from phase lock.

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