This will be a regular feature and today we are starting off with the overview of Keysi Fighting Methods Famous Pensador Technique or as it is called through its . Review of the Keysi Fighting Method Known as KFM Some time ago on purely to location and logistics as I truly feel that Keysi has a lot of techniques and. Welcome to the complete guide to The Keysi Fighting Method. . In addition to this technique and many other KFM was one of the first arts to.

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He also spends time in the entertainment world as a songwriter and performer. Without doubtinterest in Keysi and Defence Lab is strong as they are both pioneering brands in the self defence industry. Luke Schmaltz has extensive experience in martial arts and personal training, which informs his writing on health and fitness.

Now the fightinb Fighting method and the pensador may not be for tecbniques however all I can say is congratulations to Andy Norman and Justo Dieguez the founders of KFM for creating the Pensador and bringing it to the world. As soon as those fightijg are delivered you engage the next enemy, possibly coming from another direction. Retrieved from ” https: The Keysi Fighting Method was invented for close quarter combat situations and to quickly neutralize an attack involving one or multiple assailants.

Cardio football-player Created with Sketch. You’ll have tecyniques slip the punch while controlling the striking arm with one hand so the assailant can’t use it to protect his face. The guard position is called “Pensador,” meaning “thinking man. Once he’s created an opening he gets out of there fast.

You are attacks are usually forward and backwards. Trust me the video is amazing and well worth it!!

The Self Defense Expert. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Covering in boxing starts in a boxing stance and, upon engaging the incoming strikethe arms and fists raise together with palms facing inwards and boxing gloves pressed firmly against the face to cover up the face and head.


The Techniques Of Keysi. Keysi is a street system so it has a focus on dealing with multiple attack situations. To protect the torsothe boxer keeps his or her arms tucked against the body and rotates fightjng hips to protect the midsection and allow punches to slide off the body. Choose from a category below. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

I have attended just 2 seminars so my knowledge of the technique is just surface level. I do feel that I will go into keysi but only as a support to my Judo Sambo and other systems I use. If a person wants to hurt you they are likely to do so with a crowd or with others.

Click here to Improve Your Grappling Power. Kung Fu Keyzi Techniques.

Covering (martial arts)

Keysi is an intuitive, low-grounded fighting method that requires superior leg and upper body strength, with a strong emphasis on mental focus and awareness. The type of covering utilized in the Israeli hand-to-hand combat system of Krav Maga is based on the Counter Defense level of covering usage.

This page was last edited on 23 Augustat The big break for Keysi came when Andy Norman was asked by his good friend Buster Reeves to audition for a film.

As the style of KFM grew even further its popularity increased due to the exposure in the various blockbusters and Andy Norman moved himself and his family over to Spain to work on developing a global headquarters and instructor program.

The Art of Manliness. In this article, we will tell you about art, we will tell you all you need to know about Keysiwhat it is mmethod how people are training now in this art.

Covering (martial arts) – Wikipedia

How to Get Off of a Block in Football. What do you do? When an attacker swings at you, instead of interrupting his momentum with a strike, grab his arm and redirect his energy into the nearby msthod. That makes it vastly different from traditional martial arts.

Its “degree” approach allows to control multi-assailant attacks whether standing, kneeling, sitting or lying down. SportsRec is the 1 source for all things keywi It is a basic but natural defensive action. World Taekwondo Manchester Gt Britain.


This done by putting hands in front of ones face to cover and serve as a shield. This post is designed as a review of the actual application of the art. The idea is that in a real-life self defense situation you do not have the time to recollect and apply the most adequate technique if it is not instinct driven. To describe what it is I feel that perhaps it would be better to see it in action. Full Contact Martial Arts.

It was a style that was developed based on the experiences of Justo growing up and working in the Spanish mines and Andy Norman’s rich experience in vighting martial arts and violence in the streets of Britain.

The style soon became popular through its exposure in martial arts magazines as it attracted attention due methd the use of the unique head cover called the Pensador and its street orientated approach. Kicks are not a big part of the Keysi fighting method for a solid reason: Now that I have trained in the system several times, read and watched more You Tube footage than I really have the time for I thought I would re visit this subject.

In fact at this moment in time I feel it is the most practical system for a person to train in and get results within a few weeks.

Keysi Fighting Method: The Essential Guide | World of Martial Arts TV

He protects his face and torso with raised forearms while moving and striking. Your brain is your computer and as such you want to protect it as best as you can.

Your elbows protect your torso as you move around in a circle, putting your back to a wall if possible to minimize the potential angles of attack.

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