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Salah, who has been closely monitoring Israeli excavations in the Old City of Al-Quds for over 25 years, says Israel is paying no attention to protests by Arab and Muslim countries over the perils its digging poses to Islamic holy places.

In recent years, the Israeli government, in coordination with powerful settler groups, began digging an extensive tunnel network throughout the Old City.

Israel describes the tunnels as “tourist projects” that pose no threat to Islamic holy places. However, Palestinians and some Israeli organizations, including the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition, believe that the ultimate goal is to create a subterranean access route to attack Al-Aqsa and other Islamic shrines in the area.

Last year, an Israeli lawyer representing the anti-settlement group, Ir Amin, revealed that government-funded settlers were trying to establish “irreversible facts” as part of a takeover scheme.

We have already jakjuj holes and cracks all over the area. The collapse happened near the Qaitbay fountain in the western section of the mosque. The one-meter deep hole was viewed as an ominous harbinger for things to come. A school in Silwan neighborhood also partially collapsed due to Israeli excavations in the area.

Salah says that Israel has a “diabolical plan” and is acting on it while Muslims are still just watching and contenting themselves with verbal protestations. Muslims must send an unmistakable message to Israel and its supporters that Islamic holy shrines in Al-Quds are maijuj lines. Israeli religious leaders, including Knesset members, are making no secret of their schemes regarding Al-Aqsa.

The Temple Mount Institute, another extremist Jewish society, had prepared detailed plans for the rebuilding of the alleged Solomon Temple on the rubble of Al-Aqsa. It has a large prototype of the temple, special clothes for its rabbis, special places for sacrificial offerings, incense chalice, copper vessels for meal offerings, silver vessel for wine libation and other offering implements. In recent years, the Israeli occupation authorities have allowed Jewish extremists to pray inside the Haram al Sharif esplanade.

Muslim Waqf religious endowment officials have warned that allowing Jews to pray at the Haram is only part of the larger scheme to usurp the Islamic shrines. Yajuj Raed Salah, who has dedicated himself to exposing Israeli schemes in Al-Quds, says Muslims around the world should realize that his repeated warnings are not at all exaggerated.

When the Mosque is destroyed kosah the news of its destruction appears on Al-Jazeera? Ketika mana umat Islam disibukkan dengan perselisihan sesama sendiri. Kita perlu bertindak sekarang sebelum kita terlambat bertindak dan hanya menangisi nasib Masjid Al-Aqsa yang semakin bahaya dan terancam sekarang dan saat ini.

Menyingkap misteri kisah yakjuj dan makjuj – Iqra’ Al-Firdaus – Google Books

No Exaggeration In recent years, the Israeli occupation authorities have allowed Jewish extremists to pray inside the Haram al Sharif esplanade. Yakjuu dan Makjuj Sudah Muncul? Demikianlah keadaan mereka hingga apabila terbuka tembok Yang menyekat Yakjuj dan Makjuj, serta mereka meluru turun dari tiap-tiap tempat Yang tinggi. Maka Allah mengutuskan Yakjuj dan Makjuj, dari setiap tanah tinggi mereka turun bergegas, kemudian mereka melalui Tasik Tabariyyah lantas mereka minum airnya.

Kemudian datang pula segolongan yang lain dari kalangan mereka lalu mereka berkata: Dalam riwayat Muslim yang lain —selepas mereka berkata: Kemudian mereka berjalan sehingga berakhir di bukit Al-Khamar —satu bukit di Baitil Maqdis- lantas mereka berkata: Lantas mereka Yakjuj dan Makjuj bergelimpangan mati seakan-akan mati dalam satu nafas.


Kemudian Nabi Isa a. Untuk rujukan dokumentari mengenali siapa Yakjuj Dan Makjuj. Dab scholar Imran N. Hosein spent yqkjuj years studying the subject of Gog and Magog. Despite the fact daan he earns his modest livelihood from the sale of his books, he promptly put the entire text of the book on this website for free download around the world.

As a consequence thousands appear to have already read and benefited from the book during the three weeks that it has been available on the internet. The book will soon be printed in Malaysia.

Readers can show their appreciation for the value of his scholarly work by ordering copies of the printed book. Just send an email address with a request to be contacted and we will contact you for your order as soon as the book is printed.

No price has as yet makjj fixed for the book. My subsequent public lectures on the subject never failed to provoke keen interest from my Muslim audiences in several parts of the world. Yskjuj my best efforts, however, I failed miserably, again and again, to convince my learned peers, the scholars of Islam, that Gog and Magog were even released into the world. Download Ebook PDF 1. One people today totally dominate and control the entire world, its politics, economy, culture, news, sports, entertainment, fashions, travel, etc.

They possess absolute power that no possible combination of rivals can now challenge. Moreover, there yskjuj no secular evidence to suggest that their powerful grip over the amkjuj world can ever be successfully challenged. They do much more than control the world. They change, unfold and reinvent themselves, and then change the world as well, until it becomes their carbon copy.

They have broken down all the barriers that have for ages separated people from each other, and a single global society has emerged for the first time in human history with a single language, English. They are the Judeo-Christian Euro-world-order i.

Gog dan Magog

But mkajuj those European people who would live lives of piety, faith and righteousness are not spared. They use their absolute power to corrupt, to oppress, and to engage in acts of injustice and wickedness with no parallel in history. Their greed is indescribable. They suck the wealth of all of mankind through legalized theft, and they even take from the poor the little that they possess. Eventually they imprison all of mankind in a new economic slavery. Finally, they are a world-order that is strangely and mysteriously obsessed with liberating the Holy Land.

In fact the crusades will not end so long as Muslims resist oppression in the Holy Land. He was not Israelite. Yet yqkjuj European Jews successfully led the way, employing means more crooked than straight, for the restoration of a State of Israel in the Holy Land. They used the same means to literally force the Israelite Jews, long resident in the Muslim world, to migrate to that secular State of Israel.

The Judeo-Christian Euro-world-order has protected and strengthened that Israel to such an extent that it has now become a super-power. Can all of this be an accident of history? Can it be something without meaning and explanation?


There are scholars and writers who might shrug their shoulders and dismiss all of the above as mere chance. In the end they will face the Messiah they had rejected, and whose crucifixion they had demanded. A Muslim army would then attack and destroy the Euro-Jewish State of Israel, and makhuj Jews in the Holy Land would then face, at the hands of that Muslim army, the greatest of punishments. Surah al-Kahf has described how they were contained behind an iron barrier because they used their power to commit acts of Fasad acts of wickedness, oppression, corruption.


The Surah also implied that they would use power to wage war on those who lived lives of faith and righteousness, and that they would act malevolently against those who lived the primitive way of life, or who eked out a bare subsistence living as in Haiti. Thus the picture emerged of an absolutely godless and ruthless people maknuj had the hearts of beasts. But since that world-order would witness oppression and war on religion, it would be in total conflict with the heavenly order above.

They were then banned from returning to it to reclaim it as their own. Today they have returned and have reclaimed it as their own. But they have done so while riding on the backs of an essentially godless people whose power is such that they have taken total control of the whole world, and they relentlessly use that power to oppress mankind, and to wage war on Islam in general and on Arabs in particular.

From the time of medieval Euro-Christendom to the age of secular western civilization, Europe has progressively displayed the characteristics of the world order of Gog and Magog, and has also fulfilled their basic mission. They use power to oppress and to corrupt. They liberated the Holy Land, and brought the Jews back to reclaim it as their own. It is an indication of the utter spiritual blindness of the non-European Jewish people that they allowed themselves to be deceived and led down the road to their final destruction by Gog and Magog.

Prophet Muhammad, peace yakjij upon him, has provided additional information on Gog dna Magog. Orang Yahudi melalui kafir Quraisy Makkah bertanya jakjuj Zulqarnain pemilik dua tanduk dalam rangka bagi menguji kenabian Muhammad.

Allah pun menjawab pertanyaan tentang Zulqarnain dan sekali gus menjawab kaitan Zulqarnain dengan bangsa Yakjuj dan Makjuj. Kisah tentang hal ini terdapat dalam al-Quran surah al-Kahfi. Dengan pertanyaan yang diajukan oleh para pendeta Yahudi ini, dapat diduga orang Yahudi cukup arif tentang watak Zulqarnain.

Adakah di dalamnya terdapat kisah tentang Yakjuj dan Makjuj serta Zulqarnain? Buku ini mengupas tentang bangsa yang terkejam dalam sejarah.

Mereka sudah wujud sejak zaman Zulqarnain lagi.

Sebelum tembok Zulqarnain dibina, bangsa ini sudah memporak perandakan pentas dunia dengan serangan demi serangan ke atas beberapa tamadun dunia. Nabi Muhammad meramalkan bangsa ini akan muncul lagi pada akhir zaman nanti. Persoalan tentang Yakjuj dan Makjuj sudah kedengaran sejak di bangku sekolah rendah lagi.

Ketika itu, ustazah bercerita tentang 10 tanda-tanda besar hari kiamat. Salah satunya adalah keluarnya atau terlepasnya Yakjuj dan Makjuj daripada tembok tahanan mereka. Kemudian ustazah menambah, daan dan Makjuj sentiasa kksah mengorek dan menghakis tembok tersebut.

Tetapi apabila azan berkumandang, kissah itu akan kembali pulih makjuk. Sehinggalah ketika azan tidak lagi dikumandangkan. Atau azan masih berkumandang, cumanya suaranya tidak sampai hingga langit ke Maksudnya, muazzin bilal ketika itu tidak lagi mempunyai hati yang bersih.

Bencana Di Sebalik Gunung, karya Muhammad Alexander atau Wisnu Sasongko ini merupakan suatu kajian persis sebuah tesis yang meneroka sejarah melalui kitab-kitab samawi dan al-Quran serta Hadith.

Penulis membuat kajian di atas kerangka penulisan orientalis dan Yahudi. Penulis cuba menafikan tuduhan-tuduhan liar pihak berkenaan terhadap Islam. Setiap kenyataan dicatat dan direkodkan dengan teliti. Ia disertakan dengan carta, gambar, dan grafik. Setiap rujukan disertakan dengan notakaki di bawahnya.

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