Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind is a non-fiction book by American psychologist Gary Marcus. A “kluge” is a patched-together. May 30, Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind by Gary Marcus pp, Faber, £ Why do I find it so difficult to remember a string. Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind. Gary Marcus. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, pages, ISBN: (hbk); $

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Interesting theory that could have been examined in a longish magazine article.

Trial-and-error evolution

So when the book concludes with 13 tips on how to bypass our kluges and find “true wisdom”, hyman may be forgiven for thinking that the spirit of Samuel Smiles has taken over Marcus’s keyboard. This turned out to be a wonderful little book which surveyed many of the ways in which the human brain doesn’t function rationally or ideally.

Another day, another gripe about irrationality and cognitive deficiencies. Instead God desifned man with contextual memory which has us retrieve memory by thinking of something related to what we want to remember. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. These are not ‘rules’ but suggestions. Computers are designed, minds have evolved.

Marcus provides two examples: Honestly, the jury is still out. It’s my second favorite organ! All these are well-known human traits, and they shouldn’t really cause Marcus, a social psychologist, as much surprise as he feigns, as he races the reader through example after example of the ways that humans fail to live up to the expectations of logicians.

All of these are kluges: Marcus is not shy about highlighting the fact that klugey nature of our minds does not bode well for arguments in favor of intelligent design. Our memories are weak, we are credulous and easily led to believe improbable or impossible things, our language is not optimally constructed.


In this context, mid, this work can also be considered as a demolishing of the belief that human beings are ‘perfectly designed’ mechanisms.

Kluge (book) – Wikipedia

With these types of elements interspersed throughout the book, this reader found it to have a quality of an entertaining professor giving a lecture who perhaps would be popular with students because of his style and idiosyncracies, but at the end of the lecture haphszard leave the hall feeling entertained but somehow wondering what the substance was.

Marcus shows his incredible ignorance on why our memories and languages are maximally effective, especially in that they can be adapted to new contexts immediately. At the end, Marcus explains successfully how the science of evolutionary psychology roundly tbe intelligent desi The Good: Well, if you have academic credentials and you write in passingly clear prose, publishers will take a chance mindd you, I guess.

The three layers indeed communicate, but sometimes badly.

When tired and stressed we fall back on the reflexive system, which is why we are susceptible to choosing unhealthy foods when tired. He makes the case that a lot of the annoying things about our minds how easy it is to get distracted, how hard it is to stick to our goals, how forgetful we are, etc.

Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind by Gary F. Marcus

The ideal of ‘perfection’ is our greatest illusion. Not that I mean that as a bad thing — quite the opposite. This wonderful book confronts a truth about evolution as it relates to biological science. Those who firmly comstruction they are in perfect control of their mind and in what happens to them and their bodies and who expect others to be the same might find this ‘message’ disconcerting.


You know, perhaps anxiety and depression are bad side effects of a haphazardly put together brain — perhaps homosexuality is due more to people being more interested in the pleasure that might be derived from sex you know, like Why do I find it so difficult to remember a string of eight numbers, when my pocket calculator can do it without hesitation or error? Relies on classic old behavioural experiments.

Nov 15, Melody rated it really liked thee.

Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind

The best explanation why and what to do with our brain glitches. Deep Blue could beat Kasparov at a game demanding cognitive strategies, but ask it to escape from a predator, find food or a mate, and constructon the complex interactions of social life outside the chessboard or express emotion when it lost a game, and it couldn’t even leave the launchpad.

This is the very crux of the problem, according to Marcus. In some ways the start of this is just The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making put into chapters and continuous prose.

I’m considering how I can make my home desk more like my work desk to maximise recall – at work.

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