x ^-^ J ^ A -% A -AAAAAM M ini MJIM& KNOW THYSELF By NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. MIND PRODUCTIONS Mind Productions & Associates N. Copeland. Know Thyself by Na¶Im Akbar. What distinguishes human life from all other animals on earth is the ability to acquire knowledge. Knowledge is the capacity to . KNOW THYSELF. BY. NA’IM AKBAR, PH.D. KNOW THYSELF. EDUCATION AS . When you understand that we are all people of a sim- ilar destiny, fate and .

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Since our being nwim in chains to the shores of America, our brain power, labor, skills, talent and wealth have been taken, given and spent toward building and adding to the civilization of another people. The name usually identifies the family or direct teachers from whom we have come. The ” The landmark Supreme Court decision of Brown v. The power to influence the environment is the most tangible outcome of t education.

The African worldview does not approach the study of God as some kind of force independent of the human reason and physical reality.

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His edu- cation makes it necessary. The fact that our personal history has been shaped by certain kinds of factors, we have devel- oped certain kinds of habits and certain attitudes, which are a result of some very unique influences. An effective education should serve to make us feel good about ourselves. Whether they are studying the laws of physics, the patterns of the plant kingdom, or the movement of the planets, they must maintain a respect that these things are a part of the human self and must be interacted with appropriately.

With no evidence beyond the projection of their own conduct, European critics assume that Africans will systematically distort history not only for the corrective telling of their own story, but will necessarily exclude the contributions of others. To allow these teachings is to guarantee our liberation and to guide us toward our divine destiny. However, the approach to learning about our physical being must keep this relationship in mind.


We must remember that without land there is no production.

In fact, those who carry these social infections in their cultural practices would not only exclude, but also actively oppose the transmission of such information about these diseases to their potential victims. Beware of punishing unjustly. They become the voices who tearfully join in any memorial to the suffering of other groups but accuse African-Americans ol being preoccupied with their own victimization when they attempt to understand the consequences of years of slavery and oppression.

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It is this common ancestral heritage that ties the tribe albar in akbwr the same way that the family is tied together through its shared parentage. This miseducation actually maintains the men- tal enslavement of people. Nutrition, exer- 48 cise and rest are principles necessary for the proper development of the body, but they are also lessons for how we must develop our minds and our spirits.

All men are not alike and all women or not alike. There are gifts of physical strength, artistic talents, and intellectual capabilities that all represent qualities of our personal self that are important to understand.

Know Thyself by Na’im Akbar. If you are a man who leads, a man who controls the affairs of many, then seek the most peifect way of performing your responsibility so that your conduct will be blameless.

Understanding the essential nature of the human being and our relationship to the rest of the cosmos thysef the major objective of this premiere educational system in the Nile Valley. Perhaps, even moreso, there is a fear that the structuring of an educational system for African-Americans that is rooted in their identity may violate the identity-based education for European-Americans.

The model that we are presenting already assumes a spir- itual or divine core in the make up of the human being. Imhotep lived many centuries before Hippocrites and the medical ethics and tech- niques that Imhotep had developed no doubt influenced Hippocrites. The growth, maturation and transformation of our bodies is aobar important teacher about the processes of spiritual transformation that we cannot see but guide our spiritual progress in a similar fashion.


The laws gov- erning effective cooperation require a moral responsibility to consider the needs of those who share your cooperative unit. A criterion of education then is not how much money that you make, but how effective you are in gaining inde- pendent mastery of this power to influence. We dis- cover, for an example, that our spirit is the most powerful force thysself our make up.


The desire for immortality ranks high in the religious beliefs of people because they seek to presen e and extend their influence. Overcoming failures has often been thyseof by admiring the greatness of those who have avoided certain errors. The Oldest Book in the World 14 edited by Dr. Each family and all families of the African-American tribe must incorpo- rate rituals that educate us about this crucial part of our self.

Power then has to do with the relative effectiveness that we have in get- ting from the environment those things that are in our self-interest.

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Growing numbers of African-Americans have made pilgrimages to the slave dungeons thyselt West Africa where the captured Africans were retained while waiting to be shipped to America. This definition of power has implications for the domination or mastery of our needs. If a group of people only study their own achievements then they will engage in a kind of repetitive self-murder that makes them perpetuate the same errors without correction.

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