Reserve a table at Kokkari Estiatorio, San Francisco on TripAdvisor: See unbiased reviews of Kokkari Estiatorio, rated of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked. Check out the menu for Kokkari menu includes lunch menu, dessert menu, and dinner menu. Also see photos and tips from visitors. reviews of Kokkari Estiatorio “This place is magnificent, we came here for our and helpful, giving us great tips and recommendations from the menu.

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Worth the day wait after making reservations! Sis was up at midnight to get our reservations and was only able to get the 5PM or 9PM reservations–you may need a dedicated T1 line, a top of the line gaming computer, and lightning fast clicking action to get the coveted 7PM reservation: P The 5PM actually worked out well. Because we were early, the appetizers came lightning fast.

Our main course took a while as the restaurant started getting filled up. So the timing of each course worked out well. Bathrooms access via elevator in the back dining area, back wall. What our party ordered: Apps- Saghanaki – essentially melted cheese in a hot skillet. Best eaten ASAP with bread Arnisia Plevrakia – lamb riblets. Tasty, kokkadi skip if ordering lamb chops for main course.

The lamb chops were much better. Kolokithokeftethes – zucchini cakes. Yum, good veg break from all the heavy items. Always been a fan of yogurt sauce. Also comes with pickled cucumber slices. Kalamari – feta stuffed calamari. Sis named this as her “top” app, but it was just OK kookari me. Unique taste combo though. Main Course- Moussaka – lamb casserole. Its ground lamb, so it was on the dry side.

Mild, neutral taste, which may men why its so popular in the reviews. Least liked dish of the night, sorry. Grilled fish – choose to have it deboned. Very good, cooked perfect. Arnisia Paidakia – lamb chops. Even if you normally order steaks medium, go medium rare! To reduce the heaviness of the dish I ordered it with braised greens instead of the potatoes. Turned out to be a very good choice, as you already have bread to mop up the lamb drippings: Haven’t eaten many Greek desserts meenu it was a treat.

Greek coffee – essentially unfiltered espresso. The fine coffee grinds sink to the bottom of the cup. When you get to this sludge layer, you are done. I actually prefer regular espresso because ending the last sip with a grainy texture sucks–your already disappointed it gone, but now you have “sand” in your mouth.


Toss up here, dessert really needed the coffee I ordered it with “little okkkari to cut the sweet, but did not like the preparation.

Order everything, including main course, family style!!! They will give each person dinner plates and put all the dishes in the middle. Unless you are on a business dinner, this is the only way to do it. You get to try so many more items Reservation a month in advance. Studying the menu, kokkadi for grilled octopus and delicious Greek. Yefsi in NYC kokkarl wins.

The atmosphere is nice. Open kitchen, I like. We didn’t kokmari a bunch of apps then dinner and he would not stop. He also stuck his kokkar in my bread when pointing at the menu and did not excuse himself of acknowledge it.

Came and checked on the check 3 times.

Menu – Picture of Kokkari Estiatorio, San Francisco – TripAdvisor

He knew we didn’t put a card in there. And we didn’t linger. We are not lingering people but this was too much. The next 2 nights in SF were much better service and food. Bathrooms- you have to take a creepy elevator down to them.

I asked if there were stairs- no. Yuck So, it wasn’t a bad time but I don’t plan to come back. The food didn’t wow us and nobody cleaned their plate or even wanted to try dessert.

No mas, not when there is better and easier!

My rec is to skip it. A killer Mediterranean restaurant with a unique decor and an eclectic menu!

I was a little over doing the expensive-italian-cuisine-route for my birthday and was craving some Grecian flavors! These bad boys taste similar to a vegetarian version of a crab cake. They are cooked to perfection and the mint-yogurt is the kokiari tangy offset.

It’s really nice that they take the bones out for you so you are not awkwardly plucking them out of your mouth, though I did find one or two little guys! Anyways, the fish was cooked to perfection and I loved the crispy skin. It also felt nice to go out and eat something fairly healthy. Last but not least we got the baklava and ice cream.

To me, it is necessary to eat baklava at a Mediterranean restaurant. Next time I menk also be taking home a bottle of their olive oil!

The biggest difference between Kokkari and its sister restaurant, Evvia, is that Kokkari has more interesting IMO starters. I’ve been a frequent diner at Evvia for years, so I rolled in here with a good idea of what I wanted to order. The lamb chops duh! The duck ravioli sounded good, but the filling was too dense. I also tried the baked feta, which turned out to be too salty for my taste.


For a guaranteed good meal, skip all the frills and fancy shit and just get the lamb chops. Kokkari Estiatorio is one of the most popular dining hotspots in SF.

It took months in advance to secure a reservation yes, they’re THAT hot. In all, parking is quite do-able in this area Although the food was good, I was not blown away. Mehu into discs of patty perfection, these zucchini cakes look unassuming but once you become acquainted, there is no going back.

The zucchini cakes melt in your mouth on first bite. The addition of feta bits in the mix is what makes this dish so sweet and savory. These were crispy without being over fried and I was so glad that they weren’t drenched in oil- i could attest to this as I may meu accidentally wiped my “greased” fingers on my white shirt instead of the table napkin.

After freaking out and then thoroughly examining my top, the stain was only mild and there was nothing to worry about! This dish faired much better than the rest of my group’s entrees. I’ve have overly creamy moussakas before and was quite happy that that didn’t occur at Kokkari’s!

Go ahead and satisfy your tastebuds with this savory dish.

Kokkari Estiatorio, San Francisco

The halibut was very bland. I was never a fan of fish steak mmenu the Ippoglossa, sadly, reaffirmed that feeling. The mwnu door staff is excellent every time, service is impeccable, the mixed drinks are always outstanding and still, the food is the star.

The Dolmades are just slam-dunk excellent every single time! I double mdnu and call it a lunch now. Started with the zucchini cakes. The bf had the lamb chops and I had the lamb skewers. Lots of food but very flavorful and tender. The potatoes on the side were the best potatoes I’ve ever had! We paired our dishes with a bottle of wine: We were very, very stuffed but our guy brought us a complimentary dessert to end our meal.

Very thoughtful and we felt special and taken care of. Very satisfied and pleased with our experience.

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