The Komnas Lansia cooperates with the stakeholders such as government agencies, social organizations, experts, international organizations, and/other related. Memperjuangkan Kesejahteraan Lansia. To address the issue, in the government established a special national commission called Komnas Lansia to improve the elderly’s.

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Saat ini ada, 3 tamu 0 member yang sedang online. Silakan daftar di sinigratis! Welfare is a social life both material and spiritual that encompassed the feelings of safety, morality and happiness both physical and mental that enables every citizen to fulfill their physical, mental, and social needs optimally for themselves, family, and community with high regard to human rights based on Pancasila.

Older persons is an individual who has reached 60 sixty years and above. Non-Potential older person is an older person who is unable to work for livelihood so that their life is dependent on other assistance.

Social Assistance is efforts to provide temporary assistance so that potential older persons can improve their social welfare.

PSTW Budhi Dharma Bekasi – Press Gathering Komnas Lansia

Social Welfare Maintenance is efforts to protect and provide services continuously so that older persons can fulfill and enjoy a normal life. Health is a state of welfare related to physical, mental, and social that enables every individual to komnaa a productive life socially and economically.

Empowerment is every effort to improve physical, mental-spiritual, social, knowledge, and skills capacity so that older persons are prepared based on the respective capacity.

Article 3 Efforts to improve older person social welfare is directed so that older persons may komns empowered to have a role in development focusing on function, wisdom, knowledge, expertise, skill, experience, age, and physical condition, as well as maintenance of older komnad level of welfare.

Article 4 Efforts to improve social welfare objective is to extend life lansiq and productive period, establishing independence and welfare, preserving cultural value system and family ties of the Indonesian nation as well as to be near to God the Almighty. Older person have the same rights in the community, nation, and state. As respect and award to older persons they are given rights to improve their social welfare including: Older person has the same obligation in the community, nation, and state.

Beside the obligation as stated in verse 1 based on their role and function, older person has obligation to: Article 8 Government, community and family are responsible for efforts to improve older lajsia social lansoa. Article 10 Empowerment as stated in Article 9 is directed to potential and non-potential older persons through efforts in improving social welfare. Article 11 Efforts to improve social welfare for potential older person includes: Article 12 Efforts to improve social welfare for non-potential older person includes: Religious and mental-spiritual services for older person objective is to raise belief and submission towards God the Almighty.

Religious and mental-spiritual services as stated in verse 1 is organized through increased religious activities based on respective religion and belief.

Komnas Lansia is Delivering Active and Lively Elderly People

Health services objective is to maintain and improve level of health and capacity of older person so that their physical, mental and social condition can function properly. Health services lznsia older person as stated in verse 1 is implemented through increased: Job opportunity services for disadvantaged potential older person objective is to provide opportunity for empowering their knowledge, expertise, capability, skills, and experience.


Education and training services objective is to improve potential older person knowledge, lamsia, skills, capability, and experience based on their respective potential. Education and training services as stated in verse 1 is implemented by education and training institutions both organized by the government as well as community based on current legal regulations.

Access to public facilities, and infrastructure objective is to show appreciation and award older persons. Access to public facilities, and infrastructure is implemented through: Access to public facilities, and infrastructure objective is to provide accessibility especially in public places that may inhibit older person mobility. Access to legal services and assistance objective is to protect and provide feeling of security to older person. Access to legal services and assistance as stated in verse 1 is implemented though: Social protection objective is to provide services for non-potential older person so that they can live in dignity.

Social protection as stated in verse 1 is implementation through maintaining their social welfare level organized both inside and komnaw nursing home. Social assistance objective is directed to disadvantage potential older person to improve their welfare. Social assistance as stated in verse 1 is temporary in the form of material, financial, service facilities, and information to develop their independence.

Implementation of stipulation as stated in Article 13, Article 15, Article 17, and Article 29 of the law momnas be implemented through a Government Regulation. Government provides guidance on implementation efforts in improving older person welfare. Community has the right and wide opportunity to have a role in efforts to improve older person welfare.

Government provides award to community who have role in effort to improve older person welfare.

Type, form, and procedure of providing award as stated in verse 1 will be arranged lannsia Government Regulation. Policy on effort to improve older person social welfare is formulated by coordination between related agencies, both Government and community.

Coordination as stated in verse 1 is established in a body that is non-structural and its members are appointed by Presidential Decree. Method of administrative sanction as stated in verse 1 enacted by the Government. Article 30 All activities related to improving older person social welfare currently being implemented will conform to the stipulation in this Law.

Additional Stated Letter Number is hereby canceled. Article 32 This Law is in effect on the date it is enacted. Thus every person knowing will instruct the enactment of this Law and its placement in the Republic of Indonesia State Letters. Conveyance of religious and cultural values should always be nurtured, maintained, and developed. Effort to nurture maintain, and develop cultural values is implemented among others through efforts to improve older person social welfare with the objective of realizing older person independence and welfare.

So that improvement of older person social welfare can be effective and efficient as well as comprehensive and sustainably implemented, a law is required as a strong legal basis and provides directives to both Government bureaucracy and the community. In general the substance in this Law, among others includes: Task and responsibility of Government and community to realize older person social welfare in the community, nation, and state. Efforts to improve older person social welfare is implemented through services: Efforts to improve older person social welfare is implemented by Government and community.


Stipulation on Penalty and administrative objective is to provide law enforcement on services to improve older person social welfare. Stipulation on coordination objective is to synchronize law and implementation of Government policy in improving older person social welfare.

Geriatrics is a branch of science that studies disease in the elderly degenerativewhile gerontology is the science that studies aspects of ageing physical, mental, and psychosocial. Terminal illness is disease that is not curable such as terminal stage cancer. Article 15 Verse 1 This stipulation besides providing opportunity for older person to work based on their knowledge, expertise, and capacity, also the objective is that older person can transfer their expertise and capability to the next generation.


Verse 2 Formal sector in this verse is a productive activity resulting in products and or services regulated normatively. Non-formal sector is a form of activity that is independent and not related to formal normative regulation.

In this verse administrative services is access provided to older persons in matters related to public administration such as life-long identity card, tax, paying assistance, cash transfers, and health service. Services and discount is a reward for older person to fulfill their needs both transportation and accommodation such as tickets bus, train, plane, ship, and lodging. Access in travel is the provision of facilities for older person in the form among others special counters, special seats, special travel coupon, so that they do not have difficulty in traveling such as performing religious rituals, cemetery visit or tourism.

Recreational and sport facilities objective is an effort providing happiness and fitness to older persons so that they can enjoy their pastime through specific recreation and sports.

Verse 3 Accessibility in this verse is the availability of public infrastructure that enables mobility of older person in public places such as access for wheel chair, passage using walking stick, door, stairs, special lift for high rise building, and cross road for pedestrian.

Verse 2 Maintenance of social welfare level is an effort to maintain non-potential older person comprising of physical, mental, social, health, and religious services. Maintenance of social welfare is organized, both inside and outside the social homes by Government and community within unlimited time until the elderly is deceased.

Article 20 Verse 1 Quite clear Article 21 Verse 1 Quite clear Verse 2 Guidance as stated in this verse is in the form of policy, coordination, promotion and guidance, assistance, license, and supervision. Article 22 Verse 1 This verse means that the community role is related to their function as partner of the Government in scrutinizing existing stipulation of the law, guide and Government policy guidelines so that there is no deviation from the objective of improving older person social welfare.

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