The Konica Hexar AF has many talents, most of them hidden Now, before people go and get their knickers in a twist, I do sell all of the cameras. The Hexar AF has to be hands down one of the best made 35mm film AF focusing for Infrared films — adjustable for Kodak or Konica IR films. I have now sold my Konica Hexar AF, but to be honest, I regret it somehow. Although I enjoy my new Leica M very much, the Hexar AF is just.

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Skip konicaa main content. This allows you to get accurate flash exposures with any flash, so long as you set the correct GN. The lens on the Hexat is considered to be of high quality for this type of camera and is often compared with other high-quality lenses such as those from Leica.

The Konica Hexar AF had one other thing beside that fabulous lens that made it famous. The closest modern equivalent I would say is the Sony RX1 series. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In normal operation the Hexar is very quiet.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Thanks Buz, always nice to hear from you my friend!! The Classic and the Rhodium seem to fetch more on the used market.

5 Frames with a Konica Hexar AF – By James Nguyen

There is no fog. Intuitive controls the Konoca is NOT. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Konica Hexar RF, a different camera, is an actual rangefinder.


The Konica Hexar AF is one of the greatest cult cameras of all time and justifiably so. Contents [ show ]. This camera is a joy to use.

The Hexar AF koncia capable of brilliant color capture, hedar with a film like Reala. I would have preferred a more advanced interchangeable data back fitting all Hexars, instead of a fixed databack on only one model. At the same time, there are things that heaxr drive you a bit nuts if you hecar more full control. Well done and enjoy your M4…. It can be compared to the Nikon 35Tithe Contax T2 or the Ricoh GR1but the high quality construction, the fabulous lens and the price made of the Hexar an alternative to interchangeable-lens Rangefinder camera such as the Contax G.

Personally, I always put Portra in it and shoot with no problem. Not bad, not great. Later-production examples of the Hexar supported four features not available in earlier units: The body can be held in one hand if need be thanks to a nice right handed grip molded into the body.

At f2 you obviously get the best bokeh. It is for the experts to judge. The camera is fitted with a 35mm fixed- focal length lens with autofocus and with a large maximum aperture of f2.

Vintage Camera Review: Hexar AF (A Beautiful Camera)

Not buy one, though — too rich for my blood! When you look in the viewfinder, it will tell you when the camera needs to be stopped down or have a faster shutter speed accordingly.


Automatic flash exposure is available when used with this HX unit, in variable-aperture automatic mode when set to [P]rogram mode useful for fill-flashfixed-aperture automatic flash mode when set to [A] or [M] modes or manual mode when the flash is set to “P-full”.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Whatever the case, none of the involved companies has expressed any interest in renewed production of film cameras or digital cameras based on such designs.

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The Konica Hexar AF – Camera Legend

Note the metering and AF sensors in the traditional self timer position, built in hand grip. High points include a fast sharp lens combined with incredibly quiet and fast operation — quieter and faster in operation than a Leica M6!! This article is about the auto-focus camera.

Support the upkeep hezar 35mmc 35mmc will always remain free for to read and enjoy. One notable feature of the Konica Hexar is its “silent mode”, which can be selected by a button on the camera top plate, when powering up.

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