Unit List WIP; Special rules Kroot Mercenaries WIP Greater Knarloc Maw, Melee, Melee, x2, -3, 2D3, This weapon may only make one attack per fight . Include Knarloc Rider series and Kroot Master Shaper in upcoming Codex Great Knarloc variations, Kroot Master Shaper and Anghkor Prok of the Kroot Army in are petitioning to have rules in the upcoming codex () for the said Kroot. After hearing that, my friend agreed to let me alter the rules. Greater Knarloc[ pts] – Heavy Support (Requires a Kroot Carnivore Squad).

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Most units do not have a points value jet but do have a power level this is A because balancing is hard and B this fandex is for friendly and narrative games not competitive.

This fandex is not ready for playtesting Units marked with WIP are not tested at al and will break the game’s balance harder then GW smelling money! If you want to help edit see the top part of the talk page.

No Macro weapon may be used to make Overwatch attacks. Most weapons can be found in the codex tau. If a weapon can be found in imperial armour xenos or is custom made it will be noted on the sheet.

Small, telepathic snake like creatures, when the the Tau Empire first encountered the Nagi both races were on the cusp of war, thankfully the danger of another pointless war was averted and the Nagi brought in to the Greater Good where they now serve as advisors to the Ethereal caste, both grwat and on the battlefield.

A Nagi Advisor may be taken as an upgrade to an Ethereal Codex: Tau Empire for 30 points. The Nagi makes the model a psyker. Matched play rule Earth cast gules A unit with this keyword may only be included in your army once. Only a single unit with this keyword may be present in a detachment. Even though your armed forces have laid waste to our systems, bombarded our cities and slaughtered my fellow Tau, we are not here for revenge.

We are here to offer you grear share our culture and profit from our technology and protection. We are not here to take your homes, your families and your beliefs away from you. You can even continue to worship your Emperor-god if you want, you must only swear fealty to the advancement of the Greater Good, which will benefit all members of the empire alike.

We are not here to turn you all into soldiers and demand of you to fight against your former kin. Some of you will be asked to join our armed forces, in return for the protection that we grant to your planet. But if you are unwilling to fight against Humans from the Imperium, you will not be deployed against them.

We are not here to enslave you, but to welcome you into our empire, the empire of the Knarooc. The Por’Vre Liaison is not equipped with any weapons. Each scout speeder is equipped with a plasma rifle and a Markerlight.

A Drone Hanger is equipped with 1 burst cannon and 2 gun drones Wargear options.

You have blow up ,narloc ork transport but now you have to deal with 3 ork hordes! We have the solution Stingray Cluster Missile Gunship! The Stingray missile gunship is a Tau vehicle that serves as a potent ranged anti-infantry weapon.

Warhammer 40,000/Chapter Approved/Kroot Mercenaries

The vehicle was developed to break up the waves of Orks rampaging through the Tau region of space in the wake of the Damocles Gulf Crusade. A single large warhead, similar to the simple shell used by Imperial Earthshaker Cannons, was first considered by the Tau as a possible solution to the problem of dealing with massed infantry assaults. However, this was determined to be less effective than a modified Seeker Missile, with a large number of Smart Missiles loaded into the payload bay.

The resulting weapon was first fielded on modified Sky Ray air defence tanks.

Codex – Tau Auxiliary 8th edition – 1d4chan

The first field tests proved promising, but revealed shortcomings in the vehicles used for the test. First among these was the sheer knarlloc of the new missile, which made the carrier vehicle extremely dependent upon resupply during extended combat. A new turret was then greay that could carry more missiles, but this required changes to the basic hull such as the reduction of protective armour plating to allow the unit to keep up with Devilfish and Hammerhead formations.


This new version of the vehicle that would become the Stingray was significantly less dependent on resupply during battle, and the larger turret allowed refinements to the missile itself, increasing the number of Smart Missile submunitions. An altered pattern rulfs the Orca AX Dropship, designed for active insertion into hitspots, rather than rapid transport flexible deployemt. The Orca AX loses a chunk of its transport capacity in the name of improved armour and fire-power.

The Scorpionfish super-heavy missile gunship is a Tau super-heavy skimmer first deployed in the wake krooh the Damocles Gulf Crusade. Lacking any other large vehicle as a basis, the Orca dropship design was modified with additional heavily armaments and armour, effectively reducing its mobility to that of a surface-bound skimmer.

Ynnari Kroot Mercenaries (Female Kroot August 29) – Forum – DakkaDakka

This variant was to become the Scorpionfish missile gunship and it carries no less than a full complement of Submunition, Seeker, Tracer and Smart Missiles, as knaroc as direct-firing Missile Pods.

It has no single main weapon, but rather acts as a platform for a number of smaller systems, enabling it to engage any kbarloc of threat it encounters. This flexibility has proven to be a major asset in recent Tau campaigns. Whilst the Scorpionfish may be slower than the majority of Tau units, its skimmer capabilities mean that negotiating difficult terrain normally is not an issue. In battle, Scorpionfish normally form part of a stout firing line at the back of a Tau force, anchoring its defences.

This variant was to become the Megalodon gunship and it carries no less than a Heavy rail cannon and 2 compact heavy burst cannons. It has one single main weapon, a Heavy Rail Cannon that can kill small titans in one shot if it successfully hits, it may also exchange the Rail Cannon’s solid shot for a fragmentary round that is designed to explode when fired above large clusters of enemies, raining dense fio’tak projectiles down in a shower of devastation that can bypass any cover the enemy hopes to hide behind.

Whilst the Megalodon may be slower than the majority of Tau units, its skimmer capabilities mean that negotiating difficult terrain normally is not an issue. In battle, the Megalodon may normally be found engaging super-heavy enemy armour in places where the T’au’s regular anti super-heavies can not function. If you give your Astra Militarum models the Gue’Vesa regiment Knarlov then the following conditions ruels. While the Gue’vesa have long since left the bleak and overly draconic dystopian authority of the Astra Militarum behind, they did not forget the beneficial teachings of their stints in the Imperium’s grand forces.

Instead blending and refining the lessons they had learned with the combat style of their new T’au allies. These new regiments form the heart of the Gue’vesa fighting force, and are often seen battling alongside similarly specialised T’au Hunter Cadres.

The regiment names are often taken from the warzone in which the Gue’vesa found themselves defecting to the T’au empire. Mont’Ka Pattern Lasgun One of the many hidden concerns of the Ethereal caste when the Gue’vesa deserters were folded into the Tau Empire’s Warforce was that rulez held no certain guarantee that they would not turn traitor on the Fire Caste during any battles in which they were deployed. Eventually it was decided, in order to counter this potentially diasterous scenario, that every Gue’Vesa weapon would be outfitted with a Kill-Switch that would cause the equipment to malfunction explosively without appearing to be intentional sabotage.

In order to make sure this plan was possible every single Gue’Vesa soldier was given a Mont’Ka Pattern Lasgun, modelled after the Triplex Pattern Lasgun, to replace their old imperial models, under the guise of an upgraded arsenal to help them fight alongside the Fire Caste.

Most Mroot soldiers can go their entire careers without realising they are holding a bomb designed rule kill them should they ever choose to betray their new culture, but, as the Ethereal Council decided “Such is the cost of treachery”. Despite this, he is seen as a valuable ally. Retaining all the speed of the Piranha it’s based on, the Sawfish High-Altitude Shielded Personal Carrier is a high speed transport, capable of zooming across the battlefield in a matter of seconds, deploying its cargo, before picking up another load of troops, and moving them to where they are needed most.


The only problem with its current design, is the lack of armament, in order to make space for the improved Skimmer Engines, Shield Generators, Hand Holds, and Runner strips, the Sawfish can only mount a Single Burst Cannon or Fusion Blaster, making it unsuitable for duties outside of troop transport. The Valkyrie’s Mark falls upon my prey. Forgive me God Emperor, for I shall take the life of one of your servants. Mathis slid on his belly across the surface of a rock, gently crawling forward on the tips of his fingers and toes.

A rifle was cradled underneath his belly, and held in place with elbows. With the full cover of his cloak, the sniper probably looked more akin to a bush than a six foot, one inch tall human.

Mathis scanned the battlefield going on below, from his perch inside of a cliff facing.

Codex – Tau Auxiliary 8th edition

To his sides, five of his brothers in arms were setting up the scopes for their rifles. The Squad leader quietly rubbed sand directly into the lense of his scope, then unzipped a freezer-bag full of crushed ice, to place directly in his mouth. With his rituals complete, Mathis scanned the battlefield for his Quarry, and surely enough the space marine commander was engaged with a crisis team. Several Valkyrie’s Marks were held in place on his armor by forward spotters, which he pointed his uplink towards to gain targeting data.

He tapped his toes into the sand, once, twice. And thrice as all six rifles kicked in unison. The heaviest of the rifles made the most noise as their plasma bolts split the air, and thunder responded as it rushed back into the brief void. Their quarry looked surprised for a moment, as if the unthinkable happened.

His Arm had been vaporized at the shoulder, with only a sliver of metal still holding the rest to his body, and a krak-grenade sized hole was present in his lower torso. Mathis stood and signaled his squad to get moving, when he noticed a splattering of greatt on his legs.

Jonas; the sniper beside him, was bisected from his forehead to crotch by a still-burning slug embedded in the cliff-wall. While the Fire Warrior caste prefers more mobile warfare. Some Tau commanders have started to use Gue’Vesa in a sniper role.

Infiltrating the battlefield days before the battle, these men wait for the shots that can change the course of the battle. Equipped with Longshot Pulse Rifles normally equipped on sniper drones, they can take out most of the knzrloc that greatt Tau face, for the heavier foes the Sniper Teams sometimes will be issued Tau Rail Rifles.

May take upto 3 additional Gue’Vesa La Wargear: Shas’O, we will take the pressure off of your men! John Mather relaxed his legs while the ground rushed up underneath him, as he trusted the altimeter to deploy the chute at the absolute last second. The man drew up, and swung his body forwards to gain more momentum, knzrloc suddenly the chute jerked his entire body back.

The ground came and he ducked into a roll with a carbine tucked horizontally over his torso. The whole world then rotated around him twice before he could break the motion.

He came out shooting, three seconds before he took aim. The snap-fires caught a guardsman right between the dules of his flak armor, and incinerated his guts. John leaped over the tumbling guardsman corpse, and four shots climbed the torso of a second guardsmen, with the last one knaeloc bone fragments from his chin in various directions.

Two more of his brothers dropped to the ground firing, just in time to catch the third gunner as he took aim greaf John. John kept moving rkles as more men fell to the ground. We’re on a hunt! An elite team forged by some of the most skilled Gue’Vesa in the septs. Often drawn from former drop regiments, or their decendents. Gue’Vesa strike teams are all equipped with the same Grav-chutes that they trained as in their former regiments, which these teams utilize to make hot-drops into fortified positions.

It may take 5 additional Gue’Vesa’Ui Wargear: Let’s teach those damn orks the meaning of Dynamic Entry!

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