KRPANO: Tutorials: Strana 3D Virtual tour (spherical panoramas °) around the world. If you have never used KRPano you can download the trial version from Then follow the KRPano tutorial to quick learn and practice how to. Krpano Panorama Viewer is a commercial panorama engine, you should buy license for using it. This license is required.

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Your email address will not be published. For deleting this logo you should have krpano license, which you may purchase on krpano.

KRPano Tutorial: How to Create a Panorama or Virtual Tour with krpano

Transition Click on the hotspot loads another panorama. Delete them and the tour will work again. If you click on active point, then corresponding panorama is loaded. Some symbols should be used in html code form instead. The trial version adds watermarks to your images but aside from that, it includes all the features and abilities of the registered version so that you can try it out fully and decide if it is something you wish to purchase.

Each of these styles of projection can be manually configured and a transition effect implemented ttuorial. But there is also krpano watermark in the center of the screen – “krpano demo version”.

Advanced Tutorial: How to make a virtual tour with MakeVT

There is a common action for all types of hotspots – when the mouse pointer hovers the hotspot area, its hint appears as a text at the top of the screen. It is possible for KRPano to encrypt tutroial content so that if someone attempts to pirate your work it will just be a jumbled mess and unusable.


The technical name tutorlal popcorn planet is stereographic fisheye projection. Using this method you can implement very high resolution gigapixel images with little resource cost to your end user.

For all paragraphs the default font is Verdana. In addition to this, the program supports different 3D projections. You will switch in the “Adding mode”, in which you can create polygonal and point hotspots; Click on the panorama on the ,rpano you want to place the image hotspot.

This will automatically start the. Hotspot is tutoriao area on a panorama, which reacts on mouse hovering or clicking. I will not dig onto parameters details at this point, this is just a basic example. Link Click on the hotspot opens the url in a new browser window.

File format – jpg. Creation of a polygonal hotspot is similar to creation of a point hotspot and all steps are performed in the same order.

Dimona can be reached at Dimonauk camerasandfilm. Hotspots What is a hotspot? Adding plugins in your tour Combobox Options Types of panoramas In current version of MakeVT supported spherical kepano cylindrical panoramas. How to create a polygonal hotspot Polygonal hotpost – is a polygonal area on a panorama which is a hotspot.

– Documentation – Tutorials

This method can be used by using the multi-resolution droplet. See more combobox pluginloadscenelookat. You no longer require your original files so if you want you can move them to somewhere else or delete them. There are two kinds of hotspots: Its variables within the program can be edited through using the XML scripts. Types of panoramas Hotspots What is a hotspot? In the hotspot editor select a panorama at the list at the left side of the screen and click “Add hotspot” or just press “space” on keyboard.


You can enter videoid in the field, or the whole link: Shorten links like https: You can close the window by click on the standard x ,rpano at the right corner. You will switch to the Hotspot settings window, where you can: Repeat this process until you have tutoria your way through all the images in your tour. You can format the text by using HTML. Polygonal hotpost – is a polygonal area on a panorama which is a hotspot. Make Pano Flat — This will create a cube based panorama out of flat images.

Upload the image in. To make KRPano start processing your panoramasimply drag your image s onto the desired droplet option: This example creates a small button in the right top screen corner. A spherical pano must have aspect ratio 2:

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